Thursday, June 3, 2010

Reporter Cabok

Our bachelorboy reporter peeling potatoes to cook all-time favourite, shepherd's pie. He's also an old hand in making pasta dishes...

It's been an eventful week thus far, tempered with some grief over the demise (two days apart) of two matriarchs (both of whom my grand-aunts); one in Rawang, the other in Narathiwat.

On the homefront, youngest daughter Nawwar who took a brief respite from her job late last year is returning to the world of advertising by mid-month.

She feels the need to earn her keep, thus the decision. Her Arabic studies will continue as and when time permits. At the moment her Arabic teacher is abroad.

The elder girl, Ann, recently received her promotion to assistant news editorship, thus joining her brother who's been a news editor for a while now. Ann is a chip off this old block; she's very meticulous as a writer.

I'm glad the kids are slowly but surely making it in their chosen profession. I can't help but smile in remembering what the late journo extraordinaire Pak Samad, with a twinkle in his eyes, used to call us; Reporter Cabok!

The lowly, useless reporter, that's what it means. But coming from Pak Samad and knowing him as well as we did, that was one hell of a compliment!

He hardly praised but you instinctively knew when he did, in his own special way, of course. But cross him, and you could hear the string of curses a mile away!

Second son Joe is down in Singapore meeting agency client. Over the weekend he was busy in Seremban for another client's event. The guy's on the move always; such is life in the world of A&P.

Last night the eldest, Naj, got me on edge when he called asking for his passport details. In the wake of what has been happening in Gaza, I was nervous as hell.

After all, he did spend almost a month in Acheh days after the tsunami, living in the rough amongst daily tremors and indescribable destruction, just so his paper could get a firsthand account of the tragedy.

"You nak pi mana pulak, mintak passport details nih?" asked Mom nervously.

"Err, nak book cheap tickets to Bangkok, now ada major promotion!" replied Son sheepishly, with a chuckle.

Laaaa ... But that's a mother for you, always worrying, always fretting, most times unnecessarily, but she'll continue to do it, regardless.


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
When he mentioned Bangkok, it should raise a red flag too. Or, is it red shirts? purrr....meow!

Kama said...

I hope the red shirt hullabaloo is over. it's so destructive to the country's tourism image. red flag? i sure hope he's got more sense than that, having been in journalism for so long ... lol

Average Joe said...

i wish i have a mom who nags, calls, worries about me...and whom i can call to ask for passport details.

how was the sheperds's pie?

Kama said...

AJ - awwww, you poor thing! One day you must taste Naj's cooking. :-) but he isn't half as good as Awwa who bakes very well.

NanaDJ said...


Normal reaction of mothers. We are always worrying about them forgetting that once we were like them, impulsive, adventurous, daredevil...

Kama said...

NanaDJ - well said, Nana, and I almost forgot you are the mother of a journalist

Wan Sharif said...

Salam Puteri,
Now I'm into it.. my son just went to MMU last weekend, first time away from the roost for more than 3 days.. My better half have been worried sick about him.. sometime I belum sempat turun kenderaan some thousands things about the son need to be answered, done etc. Now that I know from this entry.. I should be more tolerant, Non?
Thousand thanks for sharing

mamasita said...

Congrats to Nawwar and Ann.
Naj looks like a smart chef.

We moms will always be hovering on our kids..forever!

Looks like all your children share your passionate career.
Mum's the sifu for sure.

Zendra-Maria said...

Semua dah besar panjang Alhamdulillah...

bagus tu simpankan paspot dan jgn lupa sijil lahir jugak - taulah kita depa nak/dah pegi mana, dah kahwin besok kasi bini simpan (macam I lah hehehe)

Kak Teh said...

puteri, wasnt it yesterday that we held their hands to cross the road and wipe the smudge off their face? Mine celebrated his 28th last night and next week, he goes off to Portugal. Last night I was awake waiting for the arrival of the third, driving all the way from Sheffield. I didnt bargain for all these anxieties when I signed up as a mother.

Kama said...

wan - dont worry. he'll know instinctively how to care for himself.

mamasita - they two boys share an apartment in bandar utama, mamasita. on the other hand, naj suka masuk dapur, joe doesnt know where the kitchen

zendra - you are right. now biar mak simpan, at least we know depa nak pi mana. bila dah kawin wife take over.

kak teh - such ia a mother's lot ya kak teh.. a package deal, complete with heartaches..