Sunday, June 20, 2010

Awang Oh Awang!

Picture taken just after she arrived home from the vet. She looked tired and lost.

Awang with big sister, Lillie. They are the best of friends. Lillie even tolerates a bit of bullying from her adik.

Our blue-eyed girl, literally..

Awang when she first came to live with the Abus four months ago.


Awwa (face scrunched up): I think this Awang is female la Ma. There's no teloq (testicles) down there. I dah check closely.

Ma: Maybe they have not descended yet? It happens in human too, you know.

Awwa: Maaaa.. now that she's big I can tell already la. How on earth did we make such a silly mistake?

Ma: We? Eh, keep me out of it! Who was it who checked her backside and announced her gender when we first brought her home ? It certainly wasn't me and your Pa never made it his business to scrutinise pungkoq kucing..

Awwa: Ok ok.. so it was my blunder (sighhh...) but she was soo small at the time I just couldn't tell for sure. So what do we do now?

Ma: There's nothing much we can do apart from changing her name. We can try calling her 'Awana' or something, but I doubt if that helps because she's already familiar with 'Awang'.

Awwa: Yup, and not only that, even her perangai pun boisterous macam jantan, compared to Lilllie who's so ladylike.

Poor Awang was in heat for the first time last week and drove the entire Abu clan bonkers with her ceaseless howlings and overly affectionate rubbings, against our legs and the table's.

With forelegs bent and rear quarters raised, Awang had been treading all over our small living quarters with that pitiful mating call of hers that we decided it was time to have her spayed.

So off she went to Christie's Ark at Damansara Uptown yesterday for a date with our favourite vet, Dr Christine. She had to be boarded for a night and was operated on today.

Everything went well and we took her home this evening. Oh Awang.. you poor thing!

PS: This wasn't the first time we got our cat's gender wrong. We even started on the wrong foot; our very first cat was named Mimi who grew up to be a handsome young man...!


mamasita said...


Ayda said...

hehehehe.... yep such a cute awang..

Anonymous said...


Just call them curry puff.
Can be for he, for she , for he-she or she-he. Gender wise,there is a diff for the last two.

BTW, whatever happened to Pak Malim?


─╣aptop™ said...

Bedosa wei dok pi cat reengineering & meddle dengan dianya gender. Ada dapat consent dak? heheheh

Naz said...

Dok mengilai sorang sorang tengah malam ni, Kak Puteri :D

If we ever get a cat, we'll just call it Dodol. If it turns out to be Jantan (in case we can't identify the gender earlier on like you..hehe!), we'll just say that the full name is Samdol...and if turns out to be a Betina, we'll say it's Babydoll.
Memang tak mau ngaku kalah langsung!

pakmat said...

..:)..yes, it does happen in some humans..when the teloq took some time to descend to where it should be..for some it does not descend at all..thus the statement 'laki apa ntah..takdak teloq..' esp. when trying to hide a second marriage..but in the feline fraternity, it takes time to grow from an initial two pinhead size teloq....and unlike their human masters, they remain true to their gender whatever name they carry..I had a tom once named playfully Itek by my children, but was lord over all the tabbies in the kampong..I would called her Awang Juliette..:) cheers..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
You're not the only one. My Mama made that mistake with my bro Tom. He was named...(jangan ketawa, OK?)...Siti Nurhaliza... and was soon changed to Tom Cruise just because the Last Samurai was the movie to watch at that time. Hmmm...must say Awang Juliette sounds about right. Let's ask Lillie... har har har *evil laughs*

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri,

Are u guys serious u don’t know the gender of the cat when they r kittens? I don’t know much about cat, so u actually can’t see the teloq & that thing (u know what I meant) even as they grow up, weird!

Hehehe and I like the way u describe ‘Awang’ in the heat, I wonder whether human does that too :)

Here my favourite cat song for your next karaoke session;

Year of the Cat

Meow, meow,

P/S – Say Pakmat got good eyes, can see pin head size teloq…hahaha, what were u thinking staring & studying that part of the cat :))

Kama At-Tarawis said...

mamasita & Ayda - memang cute! from one cat lover to another, eh.. :-D

Derebar - the next time we are going to talke our time with cat naming.. in the interim, panggil aja

Lap - bukan apa tu lap, ingat jantan rupanya betina walaupun perangai mengalahkan mat now that she's spayed, mesti gemuk.

Naz - i agree with Dodol.. it cuts both

Pakmat - don't we love kerenah kucing? and we have adopted your idea of Awang Juliette.. aawww, ala-ala Shakespeare giteww..LOL

Cat - a tom named siti nurhaliza? biar betul!

Tommy - actually at kitten stage memang susah to differenciate, especially because the "teloq", like pakmat says.. besar pinhead only mah! once you name the kitten, you are not likely to peer into his/her nether region anymore, until one day u ternampak what you dont expect to

Kama At-Tarawis said...

phew! I see myself 'lol'ing all over the place. must stop this 'lol' habit..

pakmat said... about TNTLOL..? sounds dynamite-related...Trying Not To Laugh Out Loud...:) and hey, Tommy..not by sight..but by pinch it gently..if it feels grainy then its male..:)

NanaDJ said...

Next time you can give a neutral name like Hitam, Montel, Baby etc then you won't get into this predicament. The poor cat, dahlah female nama langsung tak glamour.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Pakmat - pinch gently? oh dear, you cracked me up! gives a whole new meaning to 'aku picit teloq kang baghu tau!" hehehehe...

NanaDJ - i see the merit in your argument. patut stick to time-honoured names like Tompok, Hitam, Putih et al.. our jules dah jadi juliette.. :)

Typhoon Sue said...

..and that's why i named my cats with gender-neutral names like mopster, blanket and pippin.

since awang's like a boy, y don't u just add a 'b' in front, ie; bawang? like bawang putih bawang merah gitew..haha

same thing happened with my nephew's kitty. after puas belek backside dia, i confidently told the boys that it's a boy and promptly named her Bob. But Bob turned out to be a girl after all and so was renamed Bobbina

ninotaziz said...

This one had me hold-back-the-laughter-in fit of giggles.

Pinch it gently?

Wouldn't the cat claw back in outrageous dignity?

We left it to the guessing game too...luckily Cruikshanks turned out to be male, albeit an extraordinarily gentle male.

Dear Kak Kama, dear hubby just told me I seem to be spending quite a bit of time on the laptop apart from actual writing [meaning book-related]. He knows the difference. When I am writing books, I am dead serious. When I am blogging I seem animated somewhat.

Your blog is beginning to get quite addictive.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hey Puteri, we must thank curious & adventurous folks like Pakmat, like imagine the first guy ever that's game enough to squeeze the tits of cows to get milk & not to mention tasting it too...kekeke. What was he thinking?????????


Kama At-Tarawis said...

Sue - you know what, Sue? Awwa was saying.. 'yalah, maybe that blogger Sue is right. kita tambah 'B' depan nama dia, jadi bawang. after all bulu dia dah putih. jadi Bawang Putih.

And the most incredible coincidence is that this Awang loves to play with bawang putih! Dia punya habit is to kuis bawang putih from the basket (i put all my bawang and potatoes in baskets and line them on shelves) and push the bawang around the house..

Ninot - memang pun some blogs can be addictive. myself, I will visit a select few morning before checking my FB and e-mails.

Tommy - you can sense that pakmat is a very adventurous soul. anybody who pinches cat's teloq should be given due recognition! heheheh..

zaitgha said...

I am very old fashion when come to naming a cat....Black cat i called Blackie@Hitam, now ada alias ha ha ha....but the latest addition since picked him up on hubby's birthday, he took the liberty of naming him Ozzy in honor of his favorite rocker Ozzy Osbourne ......i pun bela strays jer Kak Puteri....