Saturday, November 8, 2008

Karaoke, Spook?

After regaling my dear readers with eerie experiences of yore for the last one week, the table was turned on me yesterday at, of all places, the Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC) in Bukit Kiara.

Pak Abu had golf at the club yesterday afternoon so we decided to meet up at the club's karaoke lounge for dinner and a couple of hours of 'keriau' session.

In any case, there was nothing much for me to do. A meeting I was supposed to attend was deferred to next week, rendering my morning free. So I took the opportunity to 'jalan-jalan' at One Utama, breakfasting at the food court, before going home at noon.

After seeing Pak Abu off at two, I settled into doing my work. The cleaner, who comes in twice weekly, went off around 5pm, leaving the house spotless. Thankfully, I wasn't in the mood to move the furniture around; somehow it didn't feel right to mess up bibik's effort.

I left home after Maghrib and headed towards KLGCC using a convenient shortcut, a private road connecting the club to Taman Tun Dr Ismail area. Guarded at both ends by KLGCC security force, the road is bereft of streetlight, thus rather spooky.

I am still unnerved each time I use that road at night. I would switch on the radio loudly and flip the backview mirror up so I am denied view from the back, just in case 'someone' is taking a free ride. So far so good, Alhamdulillah.

After parking the car next to the West Course entrance, I walked a few paces to the steps leading up to the karaoke lounge. Then I noticed Sal, the lounge's longtime waitress, sitting nervously on a wicker chair at the veranda just outside the lounge.

As soon as she saw me, she stood up and blurted, "Thank God you are here, Kak. I was so scared to go in there," pointing to the karaoke lounge. Eh, I thought, what was the matter with the lounge? I had been there countless times over the years. Takda apa pun?

She said she was alone behind the bar in the darkened lounge at 5pm when 'something' flitted by. She knew what it was, by the way, because both entry and exit to the lounge was closed and the air was quite still.

She wasn't too concerned until a nebulous shape appeared out of nowhere and whizzed past the bar counter again. Sal decided enough was enough. She fled.

"It wasn't the first time, Kak. So many of us club staff have felt or seen this thing, whatever it is, especially now that the West Course is under renovations and completely dark. But we couldn't care less when we were in a group. I just don't like being scared out of my wits when I am alone, that's all."

Well, I am as lily-livered as the next woman but like they say, there's 'berani' in numbers, so we both stepped into the darkened lounge. I parked myself at the counter, told Sal to switch on the karaoke system, and said jestingly: "Anyone for a duet?" I could have sworn I saw a swish of 'something' out of the corner of my eye.

It gives me the heebie jeebies just to think of it now and reminds me once again not to trifle with 'things' I don't know..

PS: This is my sixth and last spooky tale for now (I promise you, this time it's for real). No more cerita seram until 2009!


ArahMan7 said...

Horey! I got to be first today. Maybe not. Another 'antu' story. Seram!

Greetings and lots of love from Kuale Kangsor.

~ ArahMan7

Pi Bani said...

Waaa... tak habis lagi cerita seram!! You kena start producing drama bersiri cerita seramlah Kak Puteri. Banyak episod boleh dapat dah ni...

mekyam said...

LOL @ "Anyone for a duet?"

buatnya ada yg menjawab...

eeeee seram!

[seems you're both clairvoyant and clairaudient lah puteri.]

m00n said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa ............ i'm happy too ... so happy so no comment. Molot cement!!

serendipity said...

Salam kak puteri,

First time commenting on your delightful blog. I, too, used to take that KLGCC road as a shortcut from Sri Hartamas to TTDI, years ago before the road was closed to public access. I must agree driving on the narrow unlit road at night was pretty scary, what with the tall lalang on both sides blocking any other view of civilization! My bulu roma used to stand on its end as i drove round the bends for fear of 'bumping' into 'something'. Like you, i too turned up my rearview mirror, AS WELL as turned in my side mirrors in case 'something' or 'someone' decided to make an appearance. Thank God, nothing happened and i put it down to my imagination running wild(??)

a reader from Ghana

Pp said...

Lagu apa ek paling sesuai berduet dengan 'mahluk' itu...?

Kama At-Tarawis said...

arahman - tq for returning despite me giving you the goose pimples.Or maybe you like being scared out of your wits? lol

Pi - this particular one takleh resist. too fresh.. :)

Mekyam - if ada yg jawap, i suruh dia nyanyi solo aja la..LOL

Moon :)

Serendipity - Salaam. You've travelled far! It's good to know you are familiar with that jalan too. Eerie kan? I dono la why they don't put streetlight there.

PP - the song that came to mind is "Aci Aci Buka Pintu"..amacam? LOL

Malaysian Tigress said...

kak kama,

kesian mende tuh (jin?)...agaknya sejak golf course tu kacau umah dia, dia tak dak tempat dia tumpang kat karaoke tu...

mesti terkejut beruk dia...dati umah dia sunyi sepi kat utan tu, dah terpaksa menumpang kelab karaoke...agaknya dia pun dah gian menyanyi...

macam mane plak kalau dah umah dia dah kene ganggu? ni kene panggil si pakar "relocation" yg kat darusssyifa....hehe

Anonymous said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Saya selalu jugak lumba lari turun naik bukit kat jalan pintas KLGCC tu, kata Pak Malim sambil menggaru kutu. Selalunya pada waktu petang, kata Pak Malim yg sedang dlm pantang, dan sebelum Maghrib, pasti beredar, kata Pak Malim sambil makan telur dadar. Takut 'terserempak' dgn bende yg kita tak nampak! kata ular kapak.

kay_leeda said...

La ader lagi Kak Puteri!! Ni dah almost midnite dah ni and I will be working all alone downstairs.

Another eerie road is the Batu 3 - Glenmarie stretch. It used to be so dark last time. Better now with the street lights and wider roads. HOWEVER, jangan lah lalu kat simpang going towards what used to be Glenmarie Pan Pax nearing midnite. If you look up the traffic light, at one glance you'd see it....putih je, duduk atas lampu tu!! If dah nampak tu, baca je lah ayat kursi banyak-banyak.

Salt N Turmeric said...

i used to take tht road to tmn tun as well but memang i try to avoid using it when its already dark. id rather pay the toll. hehe.

Yelah Kak Puteri, tanya solan tu, dibuat tengah nyamyi ada another voice mau lintang pukang. ;)

m00n said...

Me too. I am scared driving alone in a dark area. But i dont think i will be too scared if there is someone beside me. The truth i have never beliff in ghost. I have met the real one, tha un2. Not to me of any so called scary. I am a very good friend of him ( a male un2)

Anonymous said...

Saya tak pasti dgn golfer lain.. tapi my fren yg kaki golf citer bahawa dia penah diusik. Bila dia membuat pukulan jarak jauh dia dah nampak di mana bola golfnya landed, tapi bila dia sampai untuk menyambung pukulan, bolanya sudah tiada ditempat yang dia sangat cam bola golfnya berhenti?

Agaknya siapa yang alih ye? Memanglah kehilangan bola golf suatu perkara biasa dalam permainan tersebut. Terutama jika masa nak buat pukulan ada halangan di hadapan spt pokok, parit, kolam dsb..obviously lah chances utk bola kita hilang itu tinggi, tapi kalau keadaan sebaliknya…nak kata macam mana?

Agaknya Jin pun berhajat nak main golf jugak kut or memang kerjanya nak menyakat sbb dah tak larat berkaraoke? hehe!

Ada ke Pak Abu pengalaman begini? Atau ianya sekadar ilusi semata-mata?

salju said...

Bump into your blog via Kak Teh's. So you are a STFian in the 70's. Wonder if you have any spook stories from that era...esp. wonder if 'Makcik Hijau' is around during your time. I was there 75 -79. 'Makcik Hijau' presence made sure I got up for sahur evrytime!

Bijou Beads Bouquet said...

I cannot help dari ketawa bila baca comment pak malim kucing ray.. Garu kutu... dalam pantang.. sambil makan telur dadar??? HAHAHA