Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sleepless In Permatang Pauh

Malaysia's current hotspot is Permatang Pauh, where "Desperately Seeking PMship" Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is contesting in a by-election in two weeks time. Which lamb BN is sending to the slaughterhouse, I don't know.

While not quite a tourist attraction - I don't think there is anything much to see in Permatang Pauh unless you want to stand outside Anwar's fence and gawk at his house - politicians, party workers and supporters and the odd kaki pukui (troublemakers) have begun to descend upon the small township.

My children Naj and Ann, both journalists for an English daily, have been assigned by their boss to cover the run-up to the by-election. They left for Permatang Pauh last night, together with a photographer, and will be stationed there for two weeks.

It would be the first time the siblings are on the same outstation assignment. That they would be living in each other's pockets for 14 long days would be interesting to watch because Ann is a neat freak while clutter is second nature to Naj.

According to Naj, there is hardly any room available in Permatang Pauh and the vicinity, that they have to stay in Kulim. In the coming days, more press members would arrive to add to the general excitement and building momentum.

The last time Naj was away for a long period was to cover the aftermath of the devastating Asian tsunami that obliterated much of Acheh in December 2004. He was away in Acheh for almost a month, living in fear of daily aftershocks while reporting on the devastation the tsunami had inflicted on northern Sumatra.

I am just hoping all goes well in Permatang Pauh because anything could happen when emotions and sentiments run high. I am keeping my hands together in prayer for a peaceful election process, and for my kids' safe return.


Kak Teh said...

Salam Puteri Kamaliah, are you who I think you are? You were in NST before, right? I was there, got married and came to London in 1979. We met several times. If you are that Puteri Kamalia, then this is really bizzare. Met someone at a restaurant in London last nite and conversation got to you. Because I thought she was related to you..and today, via ena's email (abt Kudu's father) I found your blog. What a coincidence!
Do visit my blog -

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

w'salam Kak Teh. I have been a frequent visitor to your blog dah lama dah. I really enjoy your writings. Indeed I am who you think I am. And please tell that Awang Goneng of yours, I beli buku dia.. it was really fun reading about long-ago Terengganu..

Kak Teh, memang bizzare pun.. two weeks ago an old friend of my late parents somehow baca my blogs and contacted me. In the course of our subsequent communication, he told me that he went to school with Wan's elder brother. His name is En Mohd Som.

Anyway, being in touch with you again after 30 years really make my day. My salam to Wan..


Kak Teh said...

wow! This is fun. Daqsyatlah you kalau dah visit my blog tak tinggalkan comment pun!
I have been looking at your archives and what a pleasant read. Can I include you in my ?
yes, will tell my awang goneng. I mentioned you to him this morning. And of course he remembers you.
The couple I met last night - came to see their daughter. She approached me and asked whether I am the one who writes...well there's one reader, at least.
Her name is rohana and husband is hj Nasir. She also happens to be a friend of all my childhood friends from Alor star. Talk abt 6 degrees of separation.
Keep in touch! Oh your tabby looks like my tabby!! we have 5 cats.

Kak Teh said...

oh lupa - I know Md Som!! I went to uni - to do my MA at a very late age- with his son!

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

Oh dearie me, Kak Teh. This is getting weirder by the minute. The couple you met tu - Ana & Nasir - memang we know very well.

It was at Ana's London pad yang she shared with her sister Ani in 1975 that heavily pregnant me was parked by (my ex) Najib Rahman before he went to Europe for an assignment. In his absence, I delivered Naj..LOL

As for Nasir pulak, he and my husband Tarmizi were classmates in MCKK and we do meet them at college reunions, weddings and stuffs..

Anyway, do link me with sentraal..mana tau, nanti lagi banyak dapat blast from the past..hehehe

What an exciting day!
Salaam to all..