Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Oath

Whatever my affiliation and wherever my sympathy lies politically, one thing is for sure: I am first and foremost a practising Muslim. Maybe I am not as devout as I would like to be but when it comes to all things Islam, you can bet your bottom ringgit that I do not take my religion lightly.

By the same token, I believe a great majority of my fellow Muslims (practising or not) would not perlekeh (make light) an act as supremely significant as bersumpah atas nama Allah Subhanahuwata'ala i.e. taking an oath in the name of Allah (swt).

To swear in the name of Allah (swt), holding the Holy Quran, by the mimbar in a mosque on a Friday, in front of an ulamak; that takes extreme courage. Invoking divine wrath by blatantly lying in His name would be unthinkable, for meeting Him and getting your 'reward' of Hellfire in the Hereafter is something you can't escape from if you do.

Anwar's accuser Saiful would undoubtedly understand the magnitude of what he had just done. There is nothing left to comment. I write with sadness in my heart for all the things that have been happening lately. Saiful, I believe you. May Allah (swt), in His Infinite Compassion, forgive you and forgive us all. May He save us and our beloved country from harm. Amin.

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Kak Teh said...

Puteri, as children, we were told not to take lightly, anything to do with Quran, or even the word sumpah. But of late, i see the phrases Demi Allah, demi Tuhan, and sumpah wallah, being uttered so freely.
During the height of the first Anwar scandal, I returned home and people were regaling me with stories, complete with sumpah menyumpah , as if they witnessed the whole incident themselves. From this distance, I feel saddened by the whole episode. What do people ask and remember about our country now? I dont have to answer that.