Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Malaysia Tanah Air Ku ( I )

This is the month of August, Bulan Merdeka, the month of Independence. Come 31st August, the country celebrates its 51st anniversary of freedom from colonial shackle.

I am both upset and saddened by some calls, led by a couple of prominent bloggers no less, to fly the nation's flag upside down to show displeasure with the current situation in Malaysia.

At the risk of being alienated by fellow bloggers, I am inclined to think that some of these scribes have gotten too big for their shoes, assuming the mantle of 'God's gift to Blogsphere' as their private domain.

Just because blogsphere has achieved the status of a 'happening' place and some bloggers the aura of celebrities, it doesn't give them the right to advocate disrespect for the symbol of our nationhood - our flag.

I am a 54 year-old 'auntie' (or makcik, whatever your preference), which makes me a pre-Merdeka child. I remember the time when the whites dictated our lives.

I remember many things - communist insurgency, zaman dharurat (Emergency), food rationing (my birth certificate still carries my food ration numbers).

I remember the bad times and the good times. I remember the elation of becoming Malaysia, the sorrow of separation from Singapore and the depths of despair of May 13.

What is happening now is just another kink in the nation's tapestry. All will come to pass. We still have a lot of growing up to do.

If you think 51 years is ample time to reach Utopia, take a long hard look at the USA. They achieved their independence in 1776 and are still grappling with racial and human rights issues.

I am Malaysian to the core and unashamedly proud to be one. For better or for worse, this is my country and I love this land without reservations. I may have my grouses with the government, the nation, the people, the economy... but I will never insult my country, let alone belittle it in the company of outsiders.

I am proud to say that my family fly the nation's flag EVERY YEAR on the 31st of August and this year will be no different. And as always, the flag will be flown properly, with utmost respect and deference.


Anonymous said...

looks like ur post hit a nerve with many bloggers, some who initially 'flew' the flag upside down have changed their stance...go to rocky's bru and find out all abt it

Anonymous said...

Do you think that so called "celebrity bloggers" know, who invented our Jalur Gemilang?

I bet they don't know, since most of them are "BUTA SEJARAH"