Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

My elder daughter Ann had just ended a nine-year relationship, her longest ever. It was her first, so naturally she was feeling low, although the replacement is already in place.

Fat hope, guys! We are not talking men here, although I am not quite sure whether that's a good or a bad thing.

Since the day her once-trustworthy Kancil left her stranded on the Klang highway at 3.00 am a month back, she had been contemplating with the idea of trading the almost decade-old car with something newer and more dependable.

In fact, I had been urging her to sell the Kancil for some years now. After all, the gearbox had been changed twice already, and we have not even talked about other breakdowns.

But she had a fond attachment to that dirty green jalopy. it was her first wheels, bought when she just started working.

Naj, who was then working in Penang, took over the Kancil when Ann went to further her studies in Michigan, USA six years ago. She came back to a pretty beat-up thing, but fell in love all over again.

She could have bought a new car when she started work as a journalist but steadfastly refused to even consider it. I was the one living on edge because the car was no longer reliable.

Of course it could still take you from Point A to Point B, but there had been occasions when it took an extended R & R enroute, worrying half the clan in the process.

Anyway, yesterday she invited me to lunch, provided I drive to her apartment, park my car there and leave in hers to go 'makan' in One Utama, which I obliged.

The new wheels, black in colour, is a nifty little thing. What came to my mind was the little black dress. She looks equally good in both the dress and the car. Nice job, Ann!

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Ann said...

Btw Ma, the Kancil's name was Junky = a loyal piece of junk :)