Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Game Has Begun...

(From left: Shikin, Azura, Eida)

I had been mulling over a decent topic to write about for half a day since this morning, soon after seeing those youngsters tee off in the youth golf championship TSM Golf Challenge 2008 - In Search of Malaysian Tiger (full story in blog entry titled Let The Game Begin! Tuesday, June 10, 2008).

It must have been fatigue, both physical and mental, finally overtaking my creative impulse, I guess. And an onset of flu is not helping things either.

To digress a bit; Tan Sri Muhyiddin officially launched the championship at 7.15 am today by releasing a bunch of multi-coloured balloons. Pretty festive, as they floated up in the cool morning air.

The first flight of participants teed off at 7.30, the last, just past nine. Once they were on their way, the secretariat could breathe a little easier since the responsibility had shifted to the marshalls, referees and other course officials.

The two pretty girls of TSM Charity Golf, administrative executive Azura and accounts executive Eida, aided by Azura's comely lawyer-in-training sister, Shikin, looked bushed. They had every reason to be.

They had been camping in the tournament office of Kelab Golf Negara Subang (KGNS) since the night before, finally hitting the sack past midnight, I was told.

They were in good hands, though, for Azura's dad is our golf consultant A.S. Khamis. And heaven forbids those who cross Pak Khamis' path where his daughters are concerned. That man watches over his gals like a hawk!

I waddled in just past 7, leaving my house at 6.45 am. My job was quite clear-cut, to attend to the needs of the Press. The TV boys were already there, waiting to interview our Tan Sri as soon as all the formalities of the launch was over.

I caught sight of TSM Charity Golf president, Dato Seri Hj Megat Najmuddin bin Dato' Seri Dr Hj Megat Khas, and sidled over to him to congratulate him on his recent bestowment.

The ever elegant and articulate Pak Megat was one of the recipients of the Tan Sri award in conjunction with the Agung's birthday last week.

I recalled with amusement when we met at the lift lobby of Kelana Square some weeks ago, to attend one of those numerous meetings that we had prior to this championship.

As the norm, I offered him my salam, kissed his hands and gave him an affectionate peck on the cheek as we entered the lift.

I remember remarking what a sight we made - he, the well-known public personality and me, a nondescript middle-aged, tudung-clad woman treating him with such informality. Truly a fodder for gossips.

He let out one of those big, bellowing laughs. Anyway, there was nothing juicy to get all worked up about, for Pak Megat is the younger brother of my late father. He's my Ayah Sulong.

It was 9 am when I returned to the tournament office-cum-operations centre, only to stare at a blank screen. After one-and-a-half months of continuously churning out an article or two a day, I finally suffered from the writer's block.

With the exception of those jumbled jottings up there, I am no nearer to anything coherent. And so I am taking my leave here. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day, blogwise.


Laptop said...

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Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

how can i ever forget Laptop, mine or otherwise...:)