Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When Talk & Deed Don't Jive

The rising cost of necessities has everyone on edge these days. Some are already charting out all kinds of cost-cutting, energy saving plans to stretch the ringgit.

It's the usual drivel la, what else - use public transport, eat out less and cook more, cut down on needless shopping and stick to a prepared list, mind the electricity consumption etc.

Today they blow hot and cold about petrol price, making all the appropriate noises about how it is going to affect their lifestyle.

Next week they buy a RM300 ticket to see some international superstar performing in Genting. So much for austerity drive.

More often than not, the louder voices emanate from the educated lot, the middle- and upper-middle class, in an effort to show their solidarity with the plebeian crowd.

Mark my word though. Five months down the road when the school holidays begin, these very same people will back their Mercs and BMWs into their multiple-car garages, gather their brood and fly to Perth for a 'well-deserved vacation'.

Ever an optimist, I see a silver lining in every dark cloud. Instead of mindless griping, I prefer to think of the current situation as a blessing in disguise.

Tightening your belt? Ok, what's the big deal? It's not like you will end up starving like those pitiful Somalians.

The cost of that one steak dinner that you give up can probably feed one Somalian family for one month; how's that for restropective contemplation?

No more frequent jaunts to 24-hour McDonalds and late night teh tarik sessions a the mamak? Good for you. Give that growing paunch of yours a breather.

That is why you won't find me whining; not that it doesn't affect my life (sure as hell it does), but I think action is a million times better than mere words.


─╣aptop said...

You'll have to accept the fact that I simply can't afford the service of a "KR" at this moment. Maybe 2010 (Tahun Kedah Maju).

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

Ketua Rombongan (KR) tu satu kerja amal, lap. She is helping you to dirikan mesjid..hehehe.

Buat apa nak tunggu sampai Tahun Kedah Maju 2010 baru nak kawin, meh I mobilise my konco2 to cari calon for u.......:)

Anonymous said...

Can I be one of your konco2???

Puteri Kamaliah At-Tarawis said...

hehehe.. looks like I'm building up a crony base..