Monday, June 9, 2008

We Have Been Conned

I am so enraged I don't even know where to start. We have been had, that just about sums it up.

Now, police report notwithstanding, if I ever catch sight of that man again, I think it would not be beyond me to smash both his face and his balls.

You see, we paid RM2,200 a week ago to a guy from a furniture company, as downpayment for built-ins that we wanted to do for our new condo.

Everything seemed legit; we met many times to discuss and finalise the designs, the quotations and the materials that we wanted.

When we couldn't reach him over the weekend, Pak Abu and I decided to go to the factory in Subang Jaya this morning, only to learn that we were victim number 8.

There were seven irate customers before us and each had made a police report against this conman, as did his former employer the furniture manufacturer.

Apparently, he had been fired from the company days ago when his con jobs were discovered; he has since absconded with some RM30,000 of customers' payments.

According to the manufacturer, he is still in possession of the company receipt books and a lot of samples, thus it was easy for him to hoodwink potential customers like he did us.

To me, it is not just the money. The con job has also cost us precious time. It has screwed up our renovations schedule.

We had spent the last two weeks coming to an agreement on designs and pricing; all have come to naught. We have to start all over again.

Also, I feel so disappointed and let down. All the while we kept telling ourselves to "tolong yang sebangsa dan seagama" first, even though we had other options.

That was why we had no qualms giving the business to soft-spoken father of three, Raja Mohd Rizal bin Raja Ahmad (new IC: 730323-06-5349, old IC: A2435780) of Goodyear Court 6, USJ. (Tel: 017-3288717, 016-6983173).

Well, every dog has its day. We'll just have to wait and see about this one.

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