Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Habbatus Sauda - The Revered Seeds

I am sure many of you must have heard of habbatus sauda even if you have not found some use for it. I became a convert only recently, and I'll tell you why.

Botanically known as nigella sativa, habbatus sauda is a medicinal herb peculiar to southwest Asia, that dates back its use to more than 3000 years, to the times of the pharaohs.

Oil extract of this herb was found buried in the tomb of Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamen, and Cleopatra reputedly used it as part of her skin care preparations.

Besides Arabia, this annual flowering plant can also be found growing extensively in the Mediterranean region. The flowers are delicate, usually coloured pale blue and white, with 5 to 10 petals.

The fruit is a large and inflated capsule composed of 3 to 7 united follicles, each containing numerous seeds. Also known as black cumin (jintan hitam), the seeds are used both as medicine and as spice in food preparations.

It is one of the most revered seeds in medicinal history, recommended for use some 1400 years ago by the Prophet Muhammad (saw) himself.

"Pada habbatus sauda terdapat penawar kepada semua penyakit kecuali mati. [This black cumin is healing for all diseases except death]." (narrated by Bukhari in Sahih Muslim: Book 26 Kitab As-Salam, Number 5489).

I must admit I was oblivious to the existence of habbatus sauda until one morning three years ago when Pak Abu was advised to consume some as treatment for the painful joints that was beginning to affect his golf.

The capsules proved effective, but because I wasn't in need of any such medicinal remedy then, I shelved habbatus sauda out of my mind.

When we were in the Holy Land for the Hajj three years ago, we found Malaysian students selling habbatus sauda, in oil extract, capsule as well as seed form, to pilgrims. So we bought some too.

It's a common practice for our students studying in various universities in the Middle-east (mostly from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen) to descend upon Makkah and Madinah during the Hajj season to earn some money to cover their tutorials or living expenses.

These young men are an enterprising lot; acting as ziarah guides for pilgrims, offering assistance to the infirmed to do their haj rituals, buat upah haji, as well as selling an extensive range of products highly valued by pilgrims as gifts for loved ones at home.

They include attar scents and perfumes, prayer beads and mats, religious books, Yemeni honey (my runaway favourite), medicinal herbs and remedy, arabian sweetmeats and fruits and candies.

From a few of them I bought (amongst other things) habbatus sauda, without really knowing for what reason. All I was thinking about was to help, in my own small way, these young men earn some money.

Since then the bottle of habbatus sauda oil extract and caseful of black seeds had been languishing on my medicine shelf, regularly moved and replaced by the maid when she dusted.

Last year I developed pains in my joints, particularly my right knee. It got so bad that I couldn't bend the knee at all, and had to do my solat sitting down on a chair.

Not long after, the left leg followed suit; the calf became overly sensitive (sengal tulang). Walking was such an effort that I became a morose, irritable old grouch.

Medicated plaster could only help so much; the relief was temporary. I didn't know what else to do; the constant pain had made my life miserable. Out of frustration, I voiced out my woes to some friends on Facebook.

An old acquaintance from my reporting days reached out by suggesting that I try habbatus sauda. He said his wife had suffered from similar ailments and that habbatus sauda had given her a much welcome relief.

It was then I realised I had the ubat sitting pretty on my medicine shelf for the last three years!

It has been two months since I use the habbatus sauda oil extract. All I did was gently rub a few drops onto my calf and knee twice daily. As for the seeds, I have yet to touch them. Soon, I hope.

The sengal-sengal (calf pain) has since disappeared, And I am able to bend my right knee again, although not all the way. But it's a start. At least the pain is no more. Alhamdulillah syukur..

[If this sounds like one of those gushing testimonials one often reads in the papers or on leaflets/flyers found stuffed in one's mailbox, so be it. I'm unashamedly a fan of habbatus sauda.

And I owe a big thank you to Pak Amran Hamid, one-time RTM supremo now retired, for pointing me in the direction of habbatus sauda. Syukran, Pak, may Allah swt bless you always...]


AuntieYan said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

I pernah jugak ambil habbatus saudah soft gel form...lama dah, long before I kena osteoarthritis. Nak kena ambil balik le since you rekemen...dulu tak rasa apa-apa mungkin sebab tak sakit apa-apa. La ni, sana lenguh, sini berkeriok!!! Memang habatus saudah ni sangat disyorkan dalam perubatan Islam.:-)
t.kasih, mengingatkan semula.

Wan Sharif said...

I used to bring back few litres of habbatus sauda oil when I worked in Sudan back in 2002. It was highly recommended for every ailment. Somehow three or four years later only the people who received it as a gift from me go to find out how good is it.. Now I have to order it from friends should the need arises.
One relative use it for mump.
The other use it for kidney or bladder stone.. put a drop or two in a warm water.. and drink it.
Both put their thumb up for the oil.
Yes it is definitely useful for sakit urat atau sengal tulang

Marina Monroe said...

Salam, TQ for sharing. I need to run and get this Habbatus Sauda as my knee is killing me softly each day..
TQ again.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Yan - i ni kena osteoarthritis lah ni, sampai lutut takleh bengkok. alhamdulillah now kalau takder kerusi pun boleh gagah solat, altho duduk menyenget sikit.. dulu langsung tak boleh.

Wan - kalau dah Rasulullah saw rekemen tu, kira dokleh celeng doh la kan? syukur..

Marina - go girl go! the first time Pak Abu bought it was in Giant Kelana Jaya. Extensive range kat situ. easier still, on the Net banyak .. order jer..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Ooops, silap. Pak Abu said he bought the herb capsules from Mydin Subang Jaya, not Giant kelana Jaya...

Ĺaptop™ said...

Keep my ideal weight; no joint pain, no need habatus whatever. Go basic : Ideal body weight; peruut kempes. Duit boleh guna tuk lain ;-)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

lap, you nochet sampai our age weh.. looong way to go. tunggu la..hehehe

Anonymous said...

kak puteri,

dulu kwn pernah rekemen tapi buat dek je. bila kak puteri habaq ni baru teringat balik.
mak dan mak mertua saya pun sakit yang sama, nak belikan diaorang nanti.

tq kak.


mekyam said...

thank you for sharing this, princess [and pak amran hamid aka tokcik]!

kat sini nigella is sometime called 'chernushka'. agaknya pasal yg mula bawak mungkin armenians or russians. my indonesian friends just call it 'jintan hitam'.

the plants, at least the ornamental variety [nigella damascena], are known by several names: 'love in a mist' & 'devil in the bush' in english; or 'jungfer im grünen' (maiden in the green) & 'gretchen im busch' (maggie in the bush) in german. my mil used to have some in her garden. wonder what the names are motivated by. :D

neeways, the plants are pretty and have a really nice scent. next time, i'm at the garden center, i think i'm going to get a pot for my kitchen.

nak cari gak the oil or capsules, kalau ada. meanwhile, i'm just going to buy the seeds and use it in my cooking. heard it's great in curry or dishes with pulses [peas, beans or lentils]; or roasted, can be used in bread dipping oil in place of cumin.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

seri - elok tu. buy for them, bagi depa cuba, insyaallah can ease their pain..

mekyam - interesting note you have there, tq for sharing. since you live in the cold climes mekyam, these sengal2 thingy will come sooner than expected. elok kalau pre-empt it awal2 by consuming habbatus sauda.. am sure boleh dapat in pharmacies..

mamasita said...

Thanks hill spur problem has been a nagging pain..I'm off to the pharmacy afterwards!

Thanks to your friend too!

HHalem said...

Use to consume it 5 yrs back.
Makan sbb madame bawak balik umah.

Remember kotak hijau, something to do with 'Baraka'.

Agree with LapTop,

1-Perut maintain, body weight should not touch 70 kg.
2-Tidoq cukup ie less blogging.
3-Makan no seafood.
4-Swimming, walk-ging daily.

However will try to find the Seed again. Apa nama Melayu dia?


Kak Teh said...

Puteri, I was complaining to hulaimi about some aches and pains and he said, he and read Puteri! so here i am and yes, I have been given this before..but certainly must continue taking it again.

BaitiBadarudin said...

Salam and thanks for the reminder too. Used to take it on n off, in various forms. Have to look for it again now that I'm afflicted with spurs and stiff joints.

Ĺaptop™ said...

Ma Cage. Bukannya apa. Prevention is better than cure. Saya pegang konsep nie kuat. Insyallah, boleh maintain & avoid dapat pangkat PJK (aka perot jengoi kedepan) tu. Kalau tak buat lagu ni, satu hari nanti jenoh tekejaq sini sana nak berubat! Prevention is cheaper than treatment. :-)

pakmat said...

..salam seeds?..use to take it mixed with a tonic..for that extra zing...its popular here in a remedy for decreasing libido..:)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

kak teh, mamasita & baiti - bagus tu.. kita usaha..insyaallah sihat seperti sediakala.

halem - mine beli from our students jadi takder brand punya. nama melayunya jintan hitam.

laptop - betul tu lap, what you said makes a lot of sense.

pakmat - yikes.. betul ka pakmat..the libido part.. LOLOL..

admin Arofah said...

I agree with you. I tried the oil one without being capsuled and i really works on my bones. My knees use to hurt at night and one they I dont feel them anymore. I wonder what stopped them before I realized that I had been consuming habbats oil purposelessly. At first i just heard they were good for stamina, but it turns out they were great form my joints.

Habbatus Sauda ROZAS Kordial said...

benarla sabda rasulullah yg bermaksud "Tetapla kamu dengan Al-habbatus sauda,kerana sesungguhnya padanya terdapat penawar bagi segala penyakit kecuali As-Sam" sahabat bertanya apa itu As-sam..Rasulullah bersabda As-sam itu 'mati'.Hadis riwayat al-bukhari. sy pn dah amek dlm bntuk kordial..alhamdulillah, kalo dulu pernafasan sy x brape ok, trutama waktu mlm,rase sejuk mcm nk semput, tp alhamdulillah sekarang xde lg... bdn pn slim!! hehe.. Alhamdulillah di samping sy mengamalkan sendiri sy jg berkongsi dgn org lain dgn menjadi pengedar kordial Habbatus Sauda.. sesiapa nk berkongsi manfaat boleh contact sy..^^

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Kama At-Tarawis said...

admin arofah, baraqa, ayahcho - terimakasih atas response. insyaallah akan saya hubungi jika timbul keperluan. buat masa ini saya masih ada sebotol yg dihadiahkan oleh seorang kawan yg baru balik dari umrah ..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

rozas, store-muslim - insyaallah akan hubungi bila timbul keperluan.

faisal said...

Salam semua..

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Insyaallah..try tgk2 lh yer.
tq all.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

insyaallah faisal.. saya akan layari..

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Anonymous said...

Saya pun macam K.Puteri. Di Mekah, ustaz promote minyak habatus sauda, saya beli. Balik dr Mekah dok terletak kat situ. Bole guna utk sapu juga ya. Yg saya tau minum minyak tu 1 sudu, tu yg agak liat sikit nak masuk. Tp nnt nak cuba campur kat air. Soft gel mmg saya dan anak dara makan. Klu diamati, ia juga bagus utk melancarkan dtg bulan anak remaja saya.

Lutut dan sendi2 pun dah mula rasa ketat nak gerak....t.kasih lah K.Put ingatkan balik khasiat h.sauda yg tidak diragukan lg ni.

ani- DTA, UITM said...

Khasiatnya mmgbtidak diragukan lagi...cuma saya spt K.Puteri, kalau sakit baru ingat. Klu tak, tak makan. Macam manalah nak maintain klu cam tu ya. Kena routine setiap hari baru dapat rasa kesannya. Saya pun nak Minum balik minyaknya yg saya beli masa haji dulu, heee.

Anonymous said...

its helps me to sleep n kill my insomnia n stress level also go down.alhamdulillah