Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daiso.... Hinode..... Hait!

The five onyx pieces in the front row - two decorative plates, two tealight holders and an ashtray - were purchased from Hinode at RM5 apiece.

Toothpaste tube squeezer from Daiso. Just how did I live without this squeezer before, especially when squeezing a toothpaste tube needs such herculean effort? Oh, I shudder to think how deprived I was.. :-D

These colourful ceramic vases from Hinode make handy containers for kitchen utensils. It's ironic that the total cost of all ten vases is less than the cost of the solitary steel shelf.

Foldable shelf from Daiso (one of many in my house); a real space-saver.

Lillie and Awang's ceramic food bowls, from Daiso. The cost of the water bowl, purchased from a pet shop, is more than the cost of the food bowls combined.

Daiso. Hinode. Recognise those names?

If you are an avid shopper, or a window-shopping 'kaki' like me who traipse around shopping complexes daily under the guise of (walking) exercise, you probably would.

Daiso and Hinode are the names of what is known as the "RM5 Shop" where every item within is tagged at RM5. The ones I frequent are located at the opposite ends of One Utama Shopping Centre (new wing).

I admit to being weak-kneed (not to mention weak-willed) each time Daiso and Hinode come into view. I must step in somehow, if only to check if there's anything new on the shelves. [Macam tau-tau, there always is..]

Of course it goes without saying that I always end up buying a thing or two, regardless whether there is a real need for it or not. [Does anyone really NEED a toothpaste tube squeezer? I rest my case].

Even worse is the desperate inner battle to convince myself that we DO need another potato peeler, or garlic crusher, or fish scaler, for this hardly berasap kitchen of mine. [Well, it's not my fault they come in such attractive colours!].

"Pathetic" couldn't even begin to describe moi... (sigh..)


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Adoi! You and my Mama belong to the same club. We have these $2 shops in the suburbs and malls. Same thing - containers, potato peelers, banana mashers, bamboo stick air fresheners etc etc etc. Penuh satu rumah! purrr....meow!

Anonymous said...


I hear you. Same here, once you go into these places, how can you come out without purchasing anything...I rationalise myself saying its only RM5

_deli said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

I resigned from buying these household items/wares esp for the kitchen. MIL end up storing them away and wife now follow suit. "...sayang, cantik..."; regardless RM2, RM5 waima RM50.

They best stay in the store than my already wayyyy cluttered store...

VersedAnggerik said...

I, too love the Hinode shop!

Siap ada kad member lagi!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

cat - tell mama she's got a friend for life ... :-D

anon - that's the kind of rationalising that gets me into trouble all the time, because i always spend more than RM5 each time i step into ne..

deli - yr MIL and wife are my kind of folks.. heheheh

vee - psstt vee, actually i malu nak cakap i pun ada that yellow/green member card..... issyy, nampak sangat 'keterukan' kita kan?