Monday, January 17, 2011

When Makciks Met...

Yani's macaroons, gone before I could even sample one... so "laku" they were..

Eh, what are you pointing at, Kak Teh? Sampai terjongket jari kaki!

Aaah, empat serangkai (from left): Zaiton, Zaimah, Emylia, Ezzah. In the old days, this could qualify for 'teket menari' kat BB Plaza.. at 50 cents each ticket..

Ezzah doing a 'Travolta"...... and Huda, you have a halo saintly gituuu..

Kak Nasirah, in all-white, ever soo lady-like, and Kak Teh, that's a camera la, not your mobile!

The hostess with the mostest 'lemak' flanked by slimmer everyone.. Kak Teh & Yani (left) and Dee & Wanshana (right).

Just look at all those goodie foodie... enough to give us all five lbs each at one go..

Macam cikgu sekolah dewasa dalam filem P Ramlee..

the unofficial mamarazzi, lurking beside my display cabinet...

Psst, Yani.. that's why you don't pile on the pounds.. you only look at the food!

Rendang daging and pucuk ubi & petai masak lemak tempoyak..

Traditional kuihs abound.. courtesy of 'Mamasita' Huda all the way from Kuantan.

"Err, Muhammad, betul ker Auntie kena tekan kat sini?" Wanshana getting pointers from Yani's youngest (for now!)..

Aiyaiyai ... Ya for Yaya! A smart girl and heartbreaker in the making, this one...

Makcik Bloggers Gathering

Sunday 16/01/11

And so I counted the myriad of dishes spread all around me in the noticeably cramped living area; on the dining table, side table, sideboard, coffee table. Boy, there were so many!

Lebanese rice, fig and cashew-laden. Meat and vegetable dalca, devilishly red and rich. Plain rice and beef rendang, sizzling and tender to the taste; Pucuk ubi and petai masak lemak tempoyak, its 'yummylicious meter' climbing the stairs of food heaven...

Round fish kropok munchies. Spaghetti with meat sauce, quiche, egg sandwich. Homemade murtabak, very rich and filling. Otak-otak, satar, kuih bakar, akok and bahulu, all the way from Kuantan.

Creamy bubur kacang, moist & drippy chocolate cake, multi-coloured macaroons, sweet cherry grapes, succulent watermelon slices. Nescafe tarik, hot and lightly sugared tea, orange codial, air sirap ......

And then there were all those non-food gifts specially for the host; the Tupperware set, the Twining tea, the Marks & Spencer talc, the ceramic case... What can I say but "Thank You Ladies" from the bottom of my heart.

The Makcik Bloggers get-together last Sunday at my humble abode was in honour of London-based blogger Zaharah Othman (Kak Teh), currently in town to visit her ailing mom.

It was also a chance to finally meet up with sweet Dee who had just returned home (hardly a month ago) after spending years in London pursuing her post-grad studies.

Some 25 people packed my little place; Ezzah, Huda, Zen and Kay accompanied by their respective daughters, Yani and Ollie by their little boys, Dee by her son and daughter, and Kak Teh by her cute six year-old niece, Yaya.

With Pak Abu conveniently out of the way (gone for his weekly Sunday noon golf), the ladies wasted no time in getting down to business - talking and eating.

We opened the session with a short prayer- Al-Fatihah - in the memory of our dearly departed bloggers Dalilah and Ruby, both still young and full of promise, who succumbed to cancer not so long ago.

In between food the makcik bloggers chatted and yakked with abandon, keeping up with the news, exchanging recipes, laughing, shrieking, snapping pictures, joking, indulging in mild gossip.. all in good fun.

My two cats, Lillie and Awang, not the best of company in the presence of strangers, scampered into hiding - one in a cupboard and the other underneath the bed - when the kids started arriving.

However, Kay's daughter Nissa, who recently lost a kitten, managed to get hold of Lillie. Surprisingly, Lillie allowed herself to be ruffled and fondled and hugged by the still-bereaved young lady. A tender sight it was..

Kak Teh's little niece later gave us an amazing, well-worded and equally well-presented recital of 'the evolution of communication - from telephone to Facebook"' and she's only six! At that age, all I could muster was "A is for apple, B is for ball..."

The party came to a close at 7pm when the last of the guests left. By 10pm, my calf felt as heavy as lead that I could hardly carry myself to bed. Nevertheless, it was a Sunday afternoon well spent, and given half the chance, I certainly wouldn't mind doing it again.. and again..

PS: Some of the the pictures above were taken from Makcik Bloggers' FB pages without permission. Now only I ask.. can arr.. :D


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies,
Why do you only eat and chit chat? Do some line dancing that will add more fun to ur gathering...

Cat-in-Sydney said...

WWWAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Another one I missed, said Mama. Aunty Puteri mesti se'eh tu. purrrr....meow!

HHalem said...


Don't tell anyone,

Is Emylia still available?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

kekeke funny captions, nothing escapes that sharp eyes of yours huh. Luv that "Sampai terjongket jari kaki!" :)).....Princess Fergie comes to mind....kekeke

Pi Bani said...

Ada simpan tak gulai tempoyak untuk Pak Abu? :)

KG said...

am ever so grateful to you for arranging the meeting kak puteri! tak tau camana nak cakap!till the next one ya!

mamasita said...

We are one of the best MBs around close to each other and always letting out loads of laughter when we meet..sharing all the pains and joys. was so touching of you to request everybody to baca Al-Fatihah for arwah Raden Galoh and arwah I missed arwah Dalilah's warm smiles.

May we always remain the most closely-knit MBs that ever came into being..Ameen.
p.s. Hopefully newcomer bloggers janganlah segan2 nak join in our cyberspace 'family'.

D said...

Kak Puteri,
Thank you for hosting and inviting! Food was heaven, coming from someone who has been missing Malaysian food. Couldn't believe my eyes that my super fav gulai tempoyak was there!! :)

I'm honoured to finally be able to meet you and the others in person. HaHa - and I went around introducing myself as "D of pausetoreflect"! LOL!!


Kama At-Tarawis said...

anon - at the rate we were going, there was no tgime to dance .. everybody wanted to talk at the same time.. hehehe

cat- auntie puteri se'eh x2.. when is yr mama goinna be in town again, cat?

Halem - psstt... you are late by easily 5 years, dear.. LOL

Tommy - how could I forget Fergie's toe-sucking caper. [sumore defler was as bald as an eagle kan?]

Pi - I did, in fact we had the lauks for lunch the following day.

Yani - the pleasure's all mine. Now must try to lure Haq to karaoke pulak.. (psstt, Muhammad is soooooooo cute!]

Mamasita - nothing would make me happier than to have all of you under my roof, makan2 and make noise.. :D

D - 'Twas nice meeting you, finally. From now on, you don't hv any reason to be a stranger dah.. hehehe

Shahieda said...

It's so good to see everyone doing the same thing we were doing when I visited, Sis Puteri!

Makan....makan....and more makan! No sign of durian though *wink, wink* Wish I could have been a fly on the wall *sigh* The mention of Arwah Dalilah brought a smile and a tear :)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

sha - i guess it's because we are, by nature, makan-loving people who always look for an excuse to get together and eat.. :D

Tenang Lautan Biru said...

Mohon promosikan blog kami untuk PRK Tenang.

Terima kasih.

Anonymous said...

Bila Emylia jadi janda, buatlah posting. Tinggalkan hp sekali.

HHalem said...


Shoot! I always missed the golden opportunity.

Anyone else available in there.
And of course I do not want to be accuse of a cradle snatcher, don't I? hehehe

By the way, nice duck you have up there.

Keep up changing Sis.

Frm HHalem

Aishah said...

This made me smile. Throughout. How lovely and cheerful and what selection of goodies. Beyond yummy. The camaraderie is joyous. Was this just a gathering of blogger friends or families or family friends?

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Tenang - dah add to my list. selamat berkempen :D

Anon 9:48 - Emy kata "FAT CHANCE!"

Halem - Ada yang available, tapi baru 6 yrs old.. u kena tunggu lamaaaa..... LOL [and yes, i hv a habit of changing my masthead/banner.. saja suka2]

Aishah - Ni gathering of blogger friends.. once in a while we do get together just to chat and stuff.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Adalah yg available. My Yummy Mummy - Mamasita Mamamia! purrr....meow!

ampun.....don't shoot me from Kuantan!

tireless mom said...

Cat, agree agree falls second after KG's macarons! Miss this one kak Puteri. Hope next meet soon yah!

a babe of very little brain said...

i am so envious - of your almari buku.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Cat - you're right! ada yang 'fresh from the oven'

Yatt - insyaallah next round buleh join.

babe - you're more than welcome to my library. next time join kitorang, k?

AnnoyinglyAnonymous-LemanPulut said...

"A collection of the most beautiful menopausal dames that could be found in one room since Tun Hajjah Raha dined alone".

Yes, I was thinking of that line as caption for the wonderful photographs Kama shows but naaaahh... I'd settle for this one:

"Eating cupcakes just before unleashing a storm of Ngumpat-sessions".

No heart feelings, ladies. As usual, LemanPulut is just being mischievous, that's all. Do come and read my latest postins though.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

LOL Leman, what a description! Naah, we were just trading gossips..

Mat Cendana said...

Such an attractive background ... the books!

This is what that will always capture my interest first and foremost; and never the furniture and other paraphernalia. I'd be happy to just read the titles. Don't have to worry about me wanting to borrow because I know how precious they are to the owner. But the presence of books will always make me excited and dreamy - that's how I had felt when I first went to Aniza's house in Kota Damansara, and also to her office. However, with her, I feel comfortable enough to borrow some of them... because "they aren't really going anywhere":-)

dinturtle said...

salam kak kama -

i have something for you -

Being a romantic serikandi, you'll love it...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Mat C - we share the same sentiment insofar as books are concerned. i can spend hours browsing, dusting, belek sana belek sini.. tak jemu-jemu..

Din - sedih dan sayu semacam tengok gambar pantai tranu, din.. thanks for the posting.. cantik sungguh gambar2 tu..

Kak Teh said...

puteri, I just realised theres a posting on our gathering. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful host. You are ever so generous. Thank you everyone for turning up. and all those food!!! Sitting in bed now, feeling the cold, i yearn for those food on your table, in the pictures!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

kakteh - The pleasure's all mine. seronok kami dapat jumpa dengan you, kak teh...

Mat Cendana said...

The above post is supposed be Sharon Lim, but it's under that kind man's name instead...

Takpe, takpe - I will just overlook. I'd like to borrow only RM150,000. To buy a used Mercedes C-Class W204 chassis. Can or not?