Monday, January 10, 2011

Makcik/Kakcik/Plain Cik Bloggers..

One lucky Makcik Blogger (McB) I am. Went to yesterday's McB gathering at Marche Movenpick, The Curve, with only a handbag; came home with two extra carriers.

The sweet green and white one on the left was a door gift, handmade by Ezza of Klang. What a beautiful gesture Zah, for you to take the trouble to sew each and every carry-all. Thank you adinda; you have such a big heart.

The pretty little thing with stitched tulip motif on the right was my 'habuan' from the gift exchange. I love it! Perfect for my magazines and books when I go for Ultimate Mocha and Peach Mango Yoghurt Swirl at Coffee Bean. Thank you petite sweetheart; you know who you are... :=D

And Lillie couldn't wait to park her royal arse on my bags as I was preparing to snap some pictures for this blog. I let her have her 15 seconds of fame before shooing her away.

MakCik Bloggers Gathering 09/01/11
Marche Movenpick, The Curve.

It was a ‘Kodak Moment’. Not!

Me: Ladies! [Directing camera at eight delectable McBs, and two cute makcik bloggers-to-be in 30 yrs time, having animated conversation]. Look this way please!

McBs: Ooohh, it’s picture-taking time. Everybody smile! [Ten upturned faces lighted up, looking at madam photographer expectantly].

Me: Here goes. One, two, three! [Click!]
Nothing happened. No flash, no picture. Nothing.

Me: Errk? Wadda happened dei? Wait, wait. Let’s do it again.
[Ten faces, still upturned, smiled again. NanaDJ even flashed a huge grin].

Me: [Click!]
Nothing happened. Again.

McBs: Uihh Kak Puteri. Penat dah dok senyum nih! [Our face is already stretched from smiling!]

Me: [Taking a closer look at the camera. Flipped open the memory card and battery slot].

Me: [Shamefacedly].. Err… ladies, sori arr. I forgot to put back my memory card inside the camera. Took it out a couple of days ago to download some pictures. No wonder la the blinking thing wasn’t working!

Unanimously: Laaa….

Note 1: Now you know why I have no pictures of the gathering. Still waiting for the others to upload theirs so I can pinch a couple for my blog.

Note 2: And Zah, I hope you like the scarf, the Alf Zahra attar and the prayer beads specially packed for you and 'the ole rascal', for taking the trouble to organise our little 'do'. Bought them in Medinah during our recent umrah, as small token for friends..


KG said...

was thinking of bringing some macarons...ah nxt time inshaallah!

VersedAnggerik said...

Ahhhh.... I missed the gathering!

Wish I could have attended, tapi dah ada prior programme.

And yes, I too am waiting for the rest to upload with pics, just to make myself envy U people who had a good time meeting up!

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Kita suka gambar Lillie atas beg tu. Comel! Macam I lah jugak. hehehe..... purrr....meow!

koolmokcikZ said...


Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

kalau akak suka beg tu, saya pun suka..itu lah hobi yang teramat saya suka...menjahit dan sifu yang memberi idea dan galakan ialah yang empunya beg putih bermotif kan tulip tu..nama dia Llna Badi kak...

Dan saya dan PA teramat suka bila dapat tudung cantik dan tasbih yang menarik tu..Terima kasih banyak2..

sessi ambik gambar semalam tu memang kelakar..berulang kembali sejarah Mamasita masa kat TV3

zaitgha said...

alahai Kak Puteri, the moment i tgk ada update on this meeting i cepat2 click ingat boleh tgk gambar ha ha ha......wish i was there....

Naz said...

laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no pictures ka? but that memory card thingy happened to me many times too!

Lyana and I dah gedebum gedebam frust menonggeng tak dapat join yesterday. Huhu.... maybe next time.

Kak Puteri, you look good dlm gambar kat FB tu :)

remgold said...

cho-me lote kuching ni, kata orang kelate.
cho-me sokmo lagi!
ok, kama nak lawan kuch siapa cantik eh. nanti saya tayang kuch singapork baru anda tahu.
kamu tunggu!
siap kau!
hahaha. akan tiba di satu posting tak lama lagi....

eh maam,
kalau ada kuch lain tangkap gambar post sikit.

tireless mom said...

I know siapa yang tersenyum malu whilst whispering " I am very happy you love the bag" :)