Tuesday, January 11, 2011

'Jest' for Laughs..

What a bummer! English classes for those with (verbal) diarrhoea? Sure hope they don't impart too much crap over there. [Now I understand better when they say "Stop talking through your arse!"]

Ouch! Ouch! This garter is hurting my leg..!

Trohibitstan, the land of bad English, high up among the peaks of Hindustan, where people misspell with relish...

The consequences of Snoopy spooning with Charlie Brown...

Sheesh, 'crippie' is soo tasteless and unkind. And what the heck is Gravid?...

Small wonder they keep saying coffee's not good for you. It's the drink of the Devil! And Herr Satan lives just a floor away, keeping an eye on those unrepentant coffee drinkers... eee...

It's true what they say about harrassed mothers being both a charity and a basket case. And that's a lot of lolly & popsicle money to appease especially difficult children. I'm a lot less charitable, though; I usually whacked mine when they tested my patience too much....

In times of 'needness'
Mr Condom comes for your goodness
You're safe with me, sugar lump, says he
For I bring 4 times loves for thee
Awww, you're such a squirt, Mr Condom Man
I'm all peaches and waiting, you hooded plum!

This must be that ambiguous third gender everyone's talking about; Man, Feman, Woman. Or could it be Male, Female, Feman? Take your pick.

Wooha! They are now marketing panda poo! Patchouli-laced, perhaps? Nice imagery, though. That constipated look is a sure selling point ....

Nobody like their asses grilled, especially by the Boss. But this one looks tempting enough. [By the way, has anyone ever wondered why is this tongkeng ayam also dubbed 'Bishop's nose?]

Errr, I'll have a dollop of that Sands Gigot (?), and a stick of culiu wood to be (oh, such pretensions!) to go with the Wu Dan blasting powder, that should be enough to cause third-like explosion. [Hmm, am wondering what first-like and second-like explosions are...].

And yes, barbeque speculation sounds interesting (I love speculating), especially when doused with it seems honey (psstt, is it really honey?). As they say, you can't be too picky about food when travelling...


HHalem said...

Good morning.

Interesting new design.

Wonder where you get it from.

Looks familiar:-)

frm HHalem

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Halem - That's Awesome Inc. Samalah kita. Great minds think alike, kan? (or could it be fools seldom differ..) ? LOL..

Wan Sharif said...

A very good morning read.. ;)

Anonymous said...

Gravid = pregnant, commonly used in medical world.
eg Gravida 2 Para 1 = 2nd pregnancy, delivered baby once
Gravida 2 Para 0 = 2nd pregnancy, 1st pregnancy ended with a miscarriage

koolmokcikZ said...

Male= man

Female= Feman


Great afternoon laugh ... ubat ngantuk

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Wan & KoolM - somethingligh tto start your day :)

Anon - tq.. I learn something new everyday..:)