Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Right Or Wrong, That's the ONLY Choice

I don't always agree with the viewpoints of blogger Sakmongkol, who is also a friend, but in this instance I am with him 110 per cent. I share with you his latest posting, transcribed verbatim from his blog. You can read the original posting here:

Right or wrong is the criterion, not whether it's racist or not

A group of teenagers in western New York have been accused of harassing members of a mosque by yelling obscenities and insults during evening prayers for Ramadan, sideswiping a worshiper with a vehicle and firing a shotgun outside, the authorities said on Tuesday.

The teenagers were chased and cornered by members of the mosque, who held them for the police. They were charged with disrupting a religious service, a misdemeanor.

This report appeared in the New York Times.

"America it seems, despite the so many contradictions in its social life, is able to distinguish between what is right and wrong. Malaysia compares unfavourably in this department.

In fact this government appears hesitant when dealing with racism inspired attacks against it. Instead it goes all out to appease the other side in an elaborate exercise that can only be considered as catharsis.

The government leadership thinks by appeasing the other side, its cleansing itself from guilt. Because anything the government does is judged on the basis, are what they do racist or not?

The government has been accused of so many racist-based actions. Hence custodial deaths are seen as the work of some shadowy Malay extremists and scum, the death of an aide to a politician is judged as something done by an oppressive Malay organisation, how the government handles abuses against the religion of Islam will be seen only in terms of whether its actions are race based.

People forget, that the most important criterion is whether whatever transgressions, crimes and wrongs committed is that these must be judged as to whether they are right or wrong. No moral pontificating, no winding analyses by political windbags and no noises from self anointed 'civil rights' spokesmen.

If the rapper Namewee has committed a wrong such as can lead to racial upheavals, he should be punished on the basis of whether he has done a right or wrong. The fact that he is Chinese is immaterial. I can't reconcile with this idea, that a Chinese is not capable of being a racist while the government because its controlled by Malays, is forever to be condemned as racist.

If this government does anything to non Malays, it can be considered racist. When 2 Malay teenagers were caught burning a church in Cheras, the government gave money and the teenagers were sent to jail for years.

When some Chinese boys desecrated a surau in Negeri Sembilan the parents of these boys asked for forgiveness and the matter was forgotten. When the rapper who claims he is an embodiment of 1 Malaysia appeared in another you tube flick 'doin his f*****g thang ' complete with vulgar words and lewd gesticulations, 'rights' groups quickly came to his defence.

This brings the subject of racism out into the open. It appears only the Malay led government and Malays in general are capable of racism while non Malays, because they are in the minority are absolved from that same charge.

It means also that only certain people can be official "victims" of racism, sexism, and similar offenses. So when non Malay leaders justify whatever actions done by these loonies, they justify this on the basis that non Malays cannot be racists and Malays cannot be race victims.

No consciences, anymore, are enlivened by these so-called leaders of conscience, by the Lim Kit Siangs, by the do-gooders of PKR, and so forth. These frauds assault our sensibilities, , threaten, and pontificate, but they do not speak at all to our sense of right and wrong.

The porn actor has got it correct this time, if Namewee has done something wrong this time, he must face the music. He is just as capable of committing racism as do the Malay boys sent to 5 years jail time."


NanaDJ said...

I agree with you. Why must it always be the Malays who are branded as racist? As though the other races have not uttered 'racist' remarks or displayed racists actions. We must not be so apologetic about being a Malay or bend over backwards to prove that we are 1 Malaysia. And why the pussyfooting over Namwee? Is he so special???

Anonymous said...


Padat dan tepat.

The great RPK got rejected by BBC's HARDTALK. For being a liar. And he thought he was hot. BBC should now seriously invite Sakmongkol instead.

Not Rais Yatim please.


luahfikiran said...

Salam Puteri,
Kak puteri 120% , LF 240% . Selamat Berpuasa

Naz said...

Racism has long been considered a predominantly *white* thing. The blacks/coloured are nothing but the victims.
We all know now that the truth is it is pretty much rampant from all sides.
Looking at the local scene, I think it is high time we acknowledge the fact that EVERYBODY is capable of being racist and should be held responsible for their words and actions. We're not living in an ideal world but we can try to live up to the dream. EVERYBODY.

curly hair said...

i'm totally with you kak..

Anonymous said...

kakak,i agreeds with you too that any race can becomes a racist,if he or she wants to. we all have to just bear in mind,never2 to be the one to START first,because after that follows are all retaliations.