Monday, July 12, 2010

Viva La Calamari!

Paulie the oracle octopus taking a well-deserved break in his tank in Oberhausen, Germany. He has to watch his back from now on because, given half the chance, many disgruntled soccer fans would relish making sauteed calamari out of this little smarty pants.

Now that FIFA World Cup 2010 has ended, sotong will never be the same again, be it sotong kangkung, sambal sotong, kerabu sotong or even jantan sotong (the effeminate, patah kind and not of the miang ilk).

In Spain today, a lowly sotong (calamari to the bourgeois crowd) named Paul has been elevated to cult status, thanks to his correct prediction that Spain would take the trophy home for the first time.

By the way, the World Cup trophy, coveted as it may be, is one of the ugliest sports trophies I have ever seen. It's like a stump painted a hideous yellow.

Some of the prettiest trophies I have laid my eyes on thus far were trophy wives, something men wear on their arms for public show. Such trophies are usually acquired through sports too, an event called bedminton.... but I digress....

Paul, tentacles spreading like the archetypal gatal man with hands all over a GRO in a chinky karaoke lounge, got a perfect ten with eight predictions, seven of which involved Germany.

I am waiting for him to emulate JFK by saying Ich bin ein Berliner. You'll never know; he may just surprise us once again (Paul, not JFK; he had surprised us enough). Definitely not a case of blur sotong, this one.


Shahieda said...

I'm one of them disgruntled fans, Sis Puteri! I was hoping Netherlands would prove Paulie wrong :D

Anonymous said...

Let's invite Paul over for PRU 13.


Kama At-Tarawis said...

Shahieda - for Dutch porn star Bobbi Eden's sake, I had to go with Spain, else the poor woman would have to make good her 'bj' offer to 99,000 twitterers.. see how concerned i am for another sista's well-being? :-P

Derebar - I sokong that! But make sure he is kept as far away from Kelantan as possible because one of the delicacies there is kerabu sotong..hehehe..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
I hope OctoPaul gets his well deserved rest. That oracle business must have exhausted him. Hmmm....however, his sedara-mara is always a chosen item in my Mama's repertoire of steam boat stuffs. Kerabu, sambal, inked, sumbat....good options too. har har har *evil laughs*

Gurindam Jiwa said...

Even Maradona made similar offer had Argentina won the World Cup. See... God knows better.

pakmat said...

..put off by ugliness of the Jules Rimet cup, lady..?..:)..I am surprised that you did not see beyond it..look at it again, is a phallic symbol..a phallus in all its glory..throwing back to a time when the lingam was worshipped..countries coveted it for what it represents..super virility..and the rites and rituals had transformed through the ages into 22 men fighting over a ball, eager to put it in..looks like this time the Spaniards are be extolled and the superman of the world...cheers..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

cat - i'm not partial to sotong myself, my favourite dish being east coast delicacy,sotong sumbat.

gurindam - you are so right.. we are spared the spectre of maradonna in the flesh!

pakmat - everywhere i turn ada pahllic symbol.. penin den. just to relate; i attended a festival called Phi Ta Kon in northern thailand once where women carried carvings in the form of the phallus. relax aja depa berarak dok peluk benda tu..LOL

Tommy Yewfigure said...

"Paul, tentacles spreading like the archetypal gatal man with hands all over a GRO in a chinky karaoke lounge." Kakaka u r too much :)

Wah Puteri, really like that one kah? How ah u know what happens in a 'chinky karaoke lounge' one....kekeke. Like that I must try one day :))

Hey your last few post got me blushing lah, next time no more bj post ok, this old heart of mine kenot take it lah, Pakmat seems to be the only happy chappy reading these..kakaka.

BTW, Spain deserved the Win lah, the dutch shud not have resorted to this kung-fu style of playing, blardy disgraceful!!! They owe the Dutch fans who'd waited all these years for their third time lucky triumph, an apology.

Glad it's all over!