Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It's banci (census-taking) time once again, folks, with the official launch of the country's fifth housing and population census yesterday.

The exercise aims to gather demographic and socio-economic information of Malaysian citizens as well as well as foreigners who have been living for at least six months in Malaysia for the year 2010.

The data gathered was expected to provide comprehensive statistical information on the social and economic status of Malaysians, which in turn could help the government in its policy-making decisions for economic and general development.

This banci exercise will be conducted over a period of seven weeks by the Malaysian Statistics Department (MSD) and will end on August 22.

The census slogan (oh, where shall we be without slogans... after all, sloganeering is big business in this country!) is Census Spearheads National Vision.

Don't ask me to kupas this one; I am through with rationalising anything remotely resembling vision, mission, slogans, catchphrases, mottos, whatever.

It's good to note even census-taking is moving with time by embracing the internet age. This time around, apart from the conventional open-interview method, people have the option of filling in the survey form. And for the first time too, this can be done online.

For those out of the loop, the nation's banci exercise was first conducted in 1963. It takes place every ten years, the last one being in the year 2000.

This year it will involve 28.3 million Malaysians and 7.5 million houses, while the number of survey officers participating this time around is 29,000.

For those who want to get it over and done with online, the survey forms are available at

Duty calls, folks. Let's do it.

PS: Here's something totally unrelated, but for the name. I had just learned that in Indonesian lingo, a banci is a transvestite. Banci means 'shemale." Ooooooo...mak aiihh..!


Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
When we had the "banci" over here in 2006, my Mama had to fill up reams and reams of forms that they left in the mailbox and returned post paid. It's like writing a thesis, she said. We had to fill up questions like where were you born, where were your parents born, details about pets etc. So the statistical results is so detail that we even know how many pet cats there are in the country, down to the minute suburbs. har har har *evil laughs*

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Cat - there are many things I worry about, Cat, things like the younger generation not registering as voters, that people don't take census seriously, that nobody really cares two hoots about recycling.. I think we hv to do our civic duty as citizens, no two ways about it. your mum had to deal with reams re census-taking and she did, and so must we. it's our social responsibility.

Wan Sharif said...

Dear Puteri,
Glad to know ada orang lain yang turut worry..
I worry about food supply.. This worry - I acquired when I accompanied a friend on Pulau Ketam Trip.. I was told that there are no longer many fish in the vicinity due to overfishing (using pukat rimau, pukat kokok etc).
Went freshwater fishing in Hutan Belum to note that a lot of forest areas has been ravaged and the rivers have been overfished.
Very recently went to S.O.S (save our sea resource) to note that most of Malaysian water, the number of remaining fish are less or about 10% of what it was used to be.
3 years ago 2 days and 1 night fishing trip to Tenggol Island, off Dungun can land us an average of 5-10 fish per person for the whole trips.. only last month we came back empty handed..
Hopefully the Gov support my friend integrated farming and food security plan..

Budi Rijali said...

huk eleh, baru je nak cakap, Kak Kama dah tulis... Indo cakap Banci itu pondan... hehe...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Wan - i hv been told that i'm a natural worrier. beside the big issues, i always find things to worry about .. hehehe

Budi - tu la dia, kak kama googled 'banci' nak cari gambar sesuai for the posting, terjumpa lak gambar pondan2 Indon.. dahlah asyik masyuk tak jadi kerja dibuatnya dok layan u-tube tengok kerenah depa berdangdut dsb.. hahahaha

pakmat said...

..and among the Orang Asli, banci means to share whatever food that they received or have...for food is scarce deep in the South Kelantan jungle, 'cept when convoys from JHEOA arrived with that much need provisions..its banci-time then..inevitably followed by a sewang..cheers..:)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Pakmat - thanks for the insight. I know I can always depend on you for such interesting tidbits, the kind that makes reading much more pleasurable..