Thursday, May 13, 2010

Siti Goes Mandarin

Originally sung by Taiwanese singer Teresa Teng, this melodious tune, along with Frank Sinatra's "My Way" and Broery Marantika's "Widuri", is a staple in Karaokedom. It's one of the first Chinese songs in my repertoire and among the limited few that I had managed to memorise (with much difficulty too since I don't know Mandarin apart from wo ai ni). It's a beautiful love song; in English it means 'The Moon Represents My Heart."


Anonymous said...


Wait till you hear my version.


Anonymous said...


Kama said...

Derebar - I'd love to hear your version.. am sure you'd blow us all away :D

Anon - I won't hold it against her for being a bit pelat. after all mandarin is not her mother tongue. it's a very tough language to imitate in speech, let alone to sing in with a perfect pitch. i think she carried that song well.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri,

This is what I most admire u (+ all the other makciks the blogs I frequent :)) about. One that holds true to their own belief & culture and yet at the same time can embrace, accept & appreciate others with open arms. Madam, u epitomize what’s 1Malaysia is truly all about.

It’s a shame, most people doesn’t realise that living in a multicultural environment can really enriches one’s life & that there’s a lot we can learn & share from one another. I for one can say that I’m truly blessed to be able to grow up in such an environment and wouldn’t had ask for anything more. And looking back, I like to think it’d made me a better person too.(Errr not too sure tho :))



P/S – Heck who cares if it's pelat, the idea is that u try & have a go. Wait til u see me doing 'Widuri'...kakaka, u pengsannn lorrr.

pakmat said...

..yes, I remember the song harks back to my nightclubbing days..and here's another that taught me to waltz..

..a lover's tears..

NanaDJ said...

You sing better than her for this song!When is your next session? Miss your singing!

Kama said...

tommy - sure as hell i won't pengsan if we karaoke kakis are prone to "pengsanness" for bad singing,. we won't last in karaoke..

pakmat - ooo, so you frequented 'em nightclubs too those days eh.. my sin was only the bars.. i was called to the bar often, without having to practise lawyering ... lol

nana - i have recently expanded my mandarin repertoire.. waitlah, we organise one session on sunday in LC.. with the rest of interested bloggers..

pakmat said...

..yes, lady..and your moon that represents my heart takes me back to those foolish days of youth where cabaret rules the night..those seamy, smoke-filled caverns where the patrons are mainly elderly chinese towkays, boisterious and loud..and this young chappie lapping in all those classic chinese songs in cha-cha, slow fox and waltzes..prefering the elderly hostesses who can dance well..with sometimes my tab paid for by some unseen towkay..yes, nightclubbing was one of my many sins..:) cheers, lady..