Saturday, May 15, 2010


Originally recorded by Los Machucambos, this delightful Spanish number is my karaoke staple. Love the upbeat tempo. By the way, Pepito is a popular Spanish name for boys; it means "God Will Increase." [Here's a bit more of the trivia: the Arabic equivalent of Pepito is Yusuf].


Siti Roffini said...

Loooooove this one! Reminds me of the good old Cha-Cha days. Tried to sing along but failed misearably.

Kama said...

Siti - you too eh, the good old cha-cha days! goes to show how young we are.. hehehe.. btw, keep on singing; it just takes a lil bit of practice to get the hang of it.. i hv memorised this one..

Anonymous said...

Hi Kama, don't know why I keep visiting your blog. Most likely cos we come from the same state.

Adalah sikit persamaang. Hidup Ganu kite. Emmm I sound like rindu kapung halamang. Mujur ade blog u.

Haha komeng ambe dok kena mengena dengang tajuk setarang. Doh nok wak guane doh rindu.

pakmat said...

..aiya, lady, you took me by my nostalgic juices and send me spinning and twirling into r on memory trip, lady..and its affecting this coot..:) cheers..

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Now2 Puteri,Cikgu Siti & Pakmat, u guys r truly showing your ages...hahaha. My imagination run wild just picturing in my mind, Puteri's moves & shaking those maracas as she croon that number, OMG cowabunga!!!!


P/S - Cikgu Siti, one of my teacher told me, "Tommy, the way u carry-on, you'll FAIL MISERABLY in life. Don't know whether he meant it or he was just trying to say Tommy I hope u'll prove me wrong.

I supposed teaching was a noble profession back then, he was just trying to put in back in the right track. Yes to Sir/Madam with Love, thanks!

Kama said...

Anon - a kabor orang kapong? moga2 sehak sokmo..hehehe. it doesnt matter whether or not you have anything substantial to say, mari jjalang kerumoh saya pong saya besor hati doh..:D.. Ganu Kiter!

pakmat - aiyaiyai.. !

Kama said...

Tommy - those days I could do a mean spin on the dance floor tau! hahaha

Tommy Yewfigure said...

oops soli, typo, it should be;

"he was just trying to put ME back in the right track".

Yes, blame the teacher for that too...kakaka

Kitty said...

Oh yes, Kak Puteri! Love it when you sang this number last nite!