Saturday, May 29, 2010


With writing as mellow as fine wine and wit that occasionally bites, this scribe has garnered quite a loyal following in his delightful blog What? No Tea and Scones? (here) penned under that intriguing pseudonym, Bangkai.

Somehow, I could never bring myself to refer to him as 'the carcass'; he was instead Mat B. A few months ago, for reasons known only to himself, Mat B decided to shed the 'stinky' nom de plume and start anew with Sofian, his rightfully given name.

Among friends he's called Boe, so Boe he is to us fellow bloggers. Based in Melaka, Boe the corporate trainer & motivator surfaces in Kuala Lumpur from time to time when the occasion calls for it.

One such instance was early last week, during which I took the opportunity to invite him and a few friends to karaoke, after learning through Facebook that he's just as good at the microphone as he is with the pen.

A delightful evening it turned out to be. Boe and his buddy Najib proved they really have what it takes to keep us entertained. Boe, you indeed 'leh!'

Joining in the fun were my chat buddy Rahayu a.k.a. Kitty, a mean chanteuse herself, NanaDJ and her significant other Cik Det, and of course Pak Abu. Fellow bloggers Queen of The House and Kitchen Guardian, reputedly karaoke kakis, couldn't make it. Next time, ladies!

Thank you folks. We'll do this again soon, this time with even more friends. PS: Zendra, you missed big! We're counting on you to sex up the mic the next round, ok? He he he...


Pix 1 (From right): Rahayu (Yellowstripedkitty), Nonie (Ummiejaddid), Balu (MrBean), Aeshah (Shadinaha), Tarmizi/ Pak Abu (AhmadSangHarimau a.k.a ASH) and Omar (Purpman a.k.a Mat Kewl).

Pix 2 (From right): Syafid (MG), Datin Norsimah (DangAnum), Min, Kama (GildedCage), Kitty (hidden), Bean & Shad.

These folks with strange-sounding nicks were once chatters in now-defunct Internet Chatroom called 'MBSC'. It was in this riotous room that we met and became friends, progressing from virtual to real-life friendship.

With MBSC's demise five years ago, some chatters migrated to 'Buzzen' but things were never quite the same again. Buzzen is still functioning today, but its existence is best described as nyawa-nyawa ikan (barely alive).

Unlike MBSC in its heyday (more than 100 chatters crowding into the room at any one time, giving it a 'wholesale market' atmosphere), I don't think Buzzen attracts a single soul in a day. I don't know why it is still there.

In case you are wondering where the 'Abu' in Pak Abu's name came about, it all began here, in MBSC. His chat nickname was AhmadSangHarimau, shortened to ASH; hence Abu.

Two weeks back some of us got together for coffee at Kelana Mall in Kelana Jaya. The aim was to renew old ties and to reminisce about the 'good old chatting days."

To my fellow chatters, let's plan a little ahead in the future so we can include out-of-town chatters as well. It would be wonderful to meet up with the rest of the gang, especially the active ones from places like Penang, Perak, Kedah and Johore. Till next time, folks!

Next Instalment: College Reunion - ITM, Class of 1984.


NanaDJ said...


Boe can really croon. You all are great singers, it was a real treat for us

tireless mom said...

Rindu pada your voice ala Adibah Noor : )

Kama said...

NanaDJ - Boe's indeed pleasing to the ears. And you are a real sport.

TM - The next round I am going to plan ahead with the invitation. Insyaallah we'll hv a great time nanti.. Kak Puteri pun dah lama tak jumpa Yatt.

jash said...

salam kak cage
next time around kalau ada reunion mbsc pls let me know, serene rindu nak jumpa kekawan lama

Kama said...

jash - W'salam dear. lamanya tak jumpa! Insyaallah I shall inform you when we are meeting next. plse e-mail me tel nop. and e-mail contact naa! PS: masih diperlis or dah transfer kat sini balik?

Tommy Yewfigure said...

OMG, OMG, Puteri u got Da Man to croon for u guys; memang boe-leh one, even that gaya stance on that high chair as prop look so professionally poise. I bet he sang this number;

Boe Manilow Even Now

or just Rock Steady

Gua caya sama lu Matt!

Tommy Bad Company…kekeke

Queen Of The House said...

I knew you will all have a blast!! Sorry I really couldn't make it. Hahaha, don't call me a karaoke kaki ... if there is a singing version of "kaki bangku", I'll be it! My almost weekly karaoke sessions so far are mostly home based - in the karaoke room at an in-law's house, where my kaki karaoke hubby will almost always hog the mic!

All the same, thank you so much for emailing me!

Kama said...

QotH -that husband of yours, just as KG's better half, will hv to present himself to be judged the next round... or risked being pronounced "GUILTY!" well ahead ... hehehe

Kama said...

Tommy - he's got style maa... no ptui ptui for this

pakmat said... really got da man...
..and try to make room to a waypastexpirydate dikir rapper from Bachok the next time..:)

Kama said...

Pakmat - say no more. just holler "I'm in town!" the next time you are, and we'll organise one on the double, lengkap with like-minded bloggers lagi!

Kitty said...

Cage, thank you for the invitation. I really enjoyed myself.

Kama said...

Kitty, it's always a pleasure to hear you sing. I have not forgotten your rendition of Whitney Houston's "One Moment In Time" many years ago in KLGCC's karaoke lounge. Those high notes! Pheww..!

bangkai said...

Puteri Kamaliah

You are too generous with your compliments, ma'am. The truth is, my singing pales in comparison to the pleasure I got from everyone's company that night. Thank you for inviting me and introducing me to such lovely people.

That Pak Abu of yours is a cracker!

mamasita said...

Okay..I know I would not have been able to come but I can't help being jealous I wasn't there..Boohoo!! Boe-hoo!

Thanks Puteri..for telling us what an amazing singer Boe is!
Looking forward to hear all the karaoke crooners.

Zendra-Maria said...

LOL!!! Sex up the mic, kama? Tu lah i kena juai mahai - but had I known Boe was singing, I would have come and duet with him and spoil his show KAKAKAH.... Sadly some things are just not meant to be :(

Kama said...

Mat B - yup, he's a right proper cracker.. hehehe

Mamasita - you'll get to hear him sing soon enough, insyaallah.

Zen - dueting with him should be fun! kacauing his singing would be twice as fun! :-)

jash said...

salam kak cage,
i have emailed u my hp no. I m no longer in perlis, now i m down south plak. In tangkak, so it wud much easier for me to go back to kl. Bila akak n abg nak mai makan satay kat kajang