Saturday, May 22, 2010

Butterflies in My Mind

It is undoubtedly very disconcerting, this mental block that I have been experiencing since returning from Umrah three weeks ago.

The mind, usually keen and creative, has become listless and lethargic. The spontaneity has dissipated into nothingness. I'm a knife blunted, boring and dull.

I have no extraordinary tales to relate with regards the recent pilgrimage. Nothing untoward happened; the sailing was smooth, the experience mesmerising. It felt safe to be in the shadows of the Kaabah.

In retrospect, maybe I know the reason for my current predicament. After the highs of pilgrimage, it takes a while to wind down and get back into the groove. But three weeks? That's a tad too long, I must say.

The urge to write is there but the creative juices aren't flowing. Stalled and hopelessly stuck, that's me. I look at the screen and a million things come to fore, yet I can't get started with a decent opening.

Words are floating like butterflies in my mind but I can't seem to pin a single one down to create a yarn. All I'm getting is some wooly fuzz...


hazeleyed lady said...

AsspSalam'll be fine soon...InsyaAllah
Take care sis.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Spend more time with the kitties. You'll be inspired. Oh, btw, how's Awang Jules getting on? Been smacked by Lillie lately? purrr....meow!

Pi Bani said...

Butterflies in the mind takpa... butterflies in the stomach yang payah sikit...

zuraidah,Paka Dungun said...

Assalamualaikum Puteri,
I will like to share with you "Hadis Nabi saw" yg. kami bincang dlm tazkirah mingguan kami di Office.

'Barang siapa bersikap tidak meminta minta maka Allah akan menjadikan nya orang yang bersih,
Barang siapa yang merasa cukup maka Allah akan menjadikannya kaya,
Barang siapa yang berusaha untuk sabar maka Allah akan menjadikan nya seorang penyabar,
Tidak ada orang yang di beri kurnia yang paling baik dan paling luas daripada kesabaran.'

Renung renung lah di pagi ahad ini.

Pp said...

puteri...:-) mungkin ada kena mengena dengan doa puteri sewaktu di Mekah....
mungkin doa puteri telah di makbulkan.

wallah huaklam.


Wan Sharif said...

Salam Puteri,
Ye lah dah seminggu begitu dekat dengan Allah Azza Wajalla, mencari RedhaNya di bumi para Ambia dan Aulia.. mungkin to fall into the groove yang biasa agak lambat sikit..
Apa pun tentu ada hikmah Nya tu..

mamasita said...

Hehehe..takde bendanya lah! You cuma tengah bertakaffur!
Susah nak get that tahap tau?
Bertapa macam I lain lah..aduuh!
Sakitnya hati ini...namun aku rinduuuu!

Tommy Yewfigure said...

OMG Puteri, u lost on creative juices?…hahaha. It ‘s only natural what, happens to all of us, one minute u r experiencing the high, then it take time to sink in & we r eventually brought back down to earth. Still we moves on, such is life.

Anyway, I take this as women drama & so all u need is some good old bollywood song & dances to fix it…kekeke

Butterfly Oh Butterfly

I’m still on the high on this morning Inter Milan win!


NanaDJ said...

Maybe it is the aftermath of experiencing something very profound of which you are not aware of, during Umrah. So evrything else now is an anti climax. wait a while, it will all come back insyaallah.

Kama said...

Hazel - Insyaallah, tq dear.

Cat - That's what I've been doing lately btw, spending time with the cats since their mom (Nawwar) is sleeping over at her Tok's place keeping the old lady company. Oh yes, Awang gets (lovingly) smacked all the time by Lillie..:-)

Pi - hehehe, betul tu Pi..

Zu - Tq for sharing.. a good tazkirah for hari cuti..

Pp & Wan - Mudah2an Allah swt makbulkan segala doa saya..

Mamasita - Bertapa macam you bagus jugak.. tenangkan fikiran sikit.. hehehe

Tommy - aiyah, you are right lah. We all have our highs and lows, eh..

Nana - Insyaallah..

pakmat said...

write about your early years, lady..those days as a freshie journo trying to make it in the big city of KL..your pain, your tears..or write about your mother..your earliest memory of her..yuor puppy love(s)..:) cheers, lady..

Kama said...

pakmat - do visit my past work. the early days of being a journo ada, the puppy love(s) pun ada, stories of mom juga ada.. :-). nantilah, one fine day i'll refresh all those memories..