Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kayden Turns 2

It was Kayden Stewart's second birthday and Chicky The Chook was there in his blood red, wobbly rose comb glory, to help celebrate. The venue: KFC Subang Parade.

Am I alone or do you feel it too? The irony, I mean; considering it was The Chook's deep-fried kin that we feasted on at the party.

Any which way, it's thumbs up to KFC's new tomyam flavour. I guess the revised KFC mantra (almost always chanted by Bangla staff) must be "Original, Spicy or Tomyam?"

Kayden is cucu number 2 of my sister Zaridah's 3 grandkids. He was born two years ago in Cleveland, Ohio, to her daughter Amilda and husband Gary.

Happy birthday Kayden! Come claim your present on Hari Raya day at Opah Kama's house okay? (kes tak sempat beli hadiah..)

Kayden in mom's arms while Chicky the Chook drools at the mouth-watering fare.

Birthday Cake I - can't remember who contributed this...

Pak Abu (in red tee) sportingly participating in the musical chair game but declined to pop the balloons with his ample derriere. Needless to say, he lost to the kiddies..

Birthday Cake II - I think this cute orange Leo (ice cream cake) is from Kayden's Uncle Zack..

Three of the five pilots in the family. From left: my nephew Athari, nephew-in-law Faizal and another nephew, Aizuddin. Not in the picture: Athari's dad Atan (who was too busy eating) and Aizuddin's dad Hisham (away on a flight).

Even more cakes! Looking at all these gives me sugar rush...


luahfikiran said...


Wan Sharif said...

Wah comel comel nya kek kek harijadi. Pak Abu also sportingly lost in the musical chair game;)
Wah ramainya pilot in your family.. Psst ada peluang dapat travel murah tak. Untuk you and yours la;).

Kama At-Tarawis said...

LF.. insyaallah satgi saya pi isi borang..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

yohwang.. peluang ada, tapi gi ker immediate family dia dulu weh.. mokcik kama nak tumpang semangkuk pun dokleh..hehehe