Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Izan's Chocolatey "Bunga Telur"

Bunga Telur (wedding 'party favour/door gift') has come a long way from a single boiled egg with red-dyed shell, glued to green crepe paper shaped like a leaf and stuck or wired onto a thin bamboo stick topped with flowers of coloured crepe paper, satin or lace.

These days anything goes for bunga telur - sweets and candies, chocolates and cookies, sliced cake, traditional treats like dodol, bahulu, serunding, sagon (dessicated coconut mixed with sugar), even mini jars of pickles, jam or preserves.

[I have also received scented candles, mini Qur'an, personalised plates, mugs, cups, potpourri ... ].

Then there's the packaging, from simple drawstring mini sachets to mini vases of clay or porcelain, to the more lavish boxes made of paper or wood.

[Someone went retro not so long ago by giving out fish-shaped bahulus tied in handkerchief.. simply lovely].

For Nawwar's wedding, we decided upon chocolate bars in personalised wrapping. All we had to do was find a chocolate maker, and we found a very comel young lady named Izan of Dhahabiy Chocolates Ole Mekah through the Net.

Nawwar's graphic designer office mate designed the wrapping; we had them printed and delivered to Izan who, I must admit, did a wonderful job with the wafer-clad rich bars.

If there is anything more to say about this bubbly young mother, it's the fact that she is very consumer-oriented; she's got that one down pat.

She's a good listener, and gracious in giving room to negotiate prices. I hope this hardworking entrepreneur will go far. Izan, this post is for you...


Wan Sharif said...

I like this.. you praised people that give good services.. ;)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

she deserves it, yohwang..:D