Saturday, October 15, 2011


There have been a spate of break-ins (3 in just as many months), something unheard of in the past for this condo development.

And this is a low-density residential area with (purportedly) high security coverage. Is somebody sleeping on the job, or sleeping with the crooks? 

We need answers, and we need them fast. Otherwise, there'll be hell to pay for the condo management and the security company.

There are only 4 blocks in this development;  1 highrise and 3 lowrises (2 of which are walkups). All have full view of the pool and the tennis & badminton courts.

The highrise comprises 120 units with only 8 units on each floor (capped by a couple of penthouses) while each of the lowrises has 24 units.  

Undeniably, there's strong security presence; both the entrance and the lobby are fully manned, with regular 24-hour patrolling. 

Then there's CCTV all over, not to mention us paying a hefty monthly premium for maintenance, a sum that almost equals the monthly rental of a decent-sized flat.

Still, one unit on my floor (just 2 doors away from ours) was broken into during the raya period when the occupants were away 'balik kampung.'

The lock of pensioner Cikgu Mat's abode was picked clean; there were no signs of forced entry. Quite a fair bit were carted away. His wife is still traumatised by the 'invasion'. 

Strangely enough, no one noticed anything unusual, not even the guards, who were supposed to be vigilant.

Investigations have revealed nothing. Until today it's still a blank wall, said a management executive when I dropped by their office on the ground floor this morning.

If that's  not bad enough, a couple of days back two adjoining units in Lowrise C suffered the same fate. One was very badly hit; the perpetrators made away with precious jewels worth quite a lot.

According to the officer, the story got even stranger as events unfolded (all of which I am not at liberty to relate because it has become a police case). 

Suffice to say the entire security force has been replaced; we are now seeing stern new faces everywhere we turn.

Save for recognisable residents, all manners of visitors - family members, guests, delivery people, workmen et cetera - are now escorted to wherever they are going upon entering the gounds.

Harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi. Who can we trust now?


Pak Zawi said...

Puteri, Yet we are being told of crime rates going down. Wonder how others with less security are faring with their security. My home in Pasir Mas is now surrounded by barb wires plus a new set of CCTV just to give me some peace of mind.

Al-Manar said...

I thought living up high is safe, apparently not by your account. And up in the East Coast Pak Zawi is surrounded by barb wires pluss CCTV, probably electrified as well. But then Pasir Mas is itself valuable.

─╣aptop™ said...

Can't take security for granted. Must have basic security of your own. Delayed intrusion works best to your benefits.