Sunday, May 1, 2011

Of Princes & Mistresses

Alice Keppel, mistress to King Edward VII and great-grandmother to latter-day royal mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, now wife of Prince Charles, with the title of Duchess of Cornwall.

Well, to paraphrase an old Malay saying (with the necessary substitutions, of course); kemanalah tumpahnya brown sauce kalau tidak ke atas roast beef dan yorkshire pudding..

April, a month of meagre takings, blogwise. It wasn't laziness, far from it. It was that dreaded writer's block, when one just doesn't seem to be able to put pen to paper (so to speak) and get going.

Now that May's here, let's just hope the creative juices get flowing once again. If sense is of any indication, "the merry month of May" may just be a month of ayes and not nays.

THE sentimental old fool in me surfaced upon watching Prince William and Catherine Middleton getting hitched. Each time I caught sight of William, dashingly handsome and looking every inch his mother's son, a lump rose in my throat.

I shed tears for Diana, long gone now. The mother in me ached, to see Diana's eldest offspring becoming a husband and she wasn't there to share his joy.

I think William will do well as a husband for he married a woman he's deeply in love with. Seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, which is a welcome relief after his father's tiresome shenanigans.

I'm still unable to camouflage my distaste for the fellow who married an unsuspecting young lady, for propriety's sake and to secure an heir to the throne no doubt, whilst deeply entrenched with the love for an old girlfriend (and someone else's wife).

Then again, the British monarchy is steeped in the history of shrewd mistresses
(the mattresses of many an errant king) and cuckolded husbands; who could forget Nell Gwynn, Alice Keppel, Lilly Langtry, Wallis Simpson, to name but a few?

Or even the hapless Countess of Suffolk, Henrietta Howard, who, believe it or not, was 'traded in' by her nobleman husband to King George II to settle his gambling debts? So don't get me started on the Cornwalls...


koolmokcikZ said...


would love to be enlightened with some history ... what with Cornwalls? Definitely not jagung MADU on the wall !!!

Pp said...

memang sungguh dah mai dah Puteri Kama's creative juice...~!
i too feel for Diana.
i too rasa Williams seorang yang sungguh gentleman, handsome dan baik budi bahasa. Ratu Kate pun cantik manis sekali, dan bukan isteri orang~! ada pun perempuan cantik dan yang bukan isteri sesiapa. saya pun tak faham kenapa ada lelaki suka mengorat isteri orang...isk, sungguh jahat!

*i also chuckled at Koolmokcikz's corn on the wall comment*

mamasita said...

I puji William..his university sweetheart! He's a prince..boleh pilih yang lagi muda and lebih bergetah??
Taak, sama baya..isn't that sweet.Together dah about 8-9 years.

I know I won't be around by then but when he's 50, Kate pun 50.
And I bet you he'll still be loyal and tak curang..dah tengok the crystal ball..ahhemm.
Some fairytales do have happy endings kan..:))

BaitiBadarudin said...

And I thought I was the only one with that proverbial lump in my throat when I watched William being escorted by Harry ...

Anonymous said...

I juz luv yr postings. Yupe my heart ache too seeing he got married n his mom was not there for him. While those betrayed his late mom got to participate the joyous celebration. How unfair life gonna be!

Oldstock said...

Yes indeed, the sad story of Diana. I didn't catch the William and Kate wedding of two days ago. But it sure reminded me of the time when Charles married William's mother...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

KoolM -the corn on my feet is laughing at the ones on the wall..LOL

Pp - he's a carbon copy of his mum, right down to the endearing senget smile.. hati saya bagai diruntun tengok dia,, sebak sentiasa.

Mamasita - boe said william's a windsor and the windsors are notorious for their sexual flings.. amacam? lol

Baiti - ooo, kita sehati sejiwa. i couldn't stop the tears..

Anon - indeed, you couldn't have said it any better. life's so unfair sometimes.. :(

Oldstock - i made sure i didn't miss it, especially because i have a soft spot for the two boys ever since they lost their mother 14 yrs ago...

mamasita said... crystal ball kena anta service kat Boe..hehehe

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
He jilted the sexier Angelina for Kate! boohoohoo..... purrr....meow!

pakmat said...

..his father's tiresome shenanigans..? ouch..and double ouch..

Ozz said...

I still believe in the conspiracy theory that Diana was murdered by British Secret Service under the order of the Queen to prevent Diana from converting into Islam to marry Dodi Al-Fayed.

_deli said...

Salam Kak Puteri,
A scene from the movie Step-mom comes to mind: The ailing cancer stricken mother spoke to the future step-mom about her (someday) daughter's wedding.

The step-mom's biggest fear is that on Anna's wedding day, all Anna will wish for is her mother's presence. Through her own tears, the mother says her own fear is that Anna will forget her.

Anna = the daughter.

I seriously doubt Will forgets her mom on his wedding day; I do wonder what was his thoughts though...