Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eat, Sing.. What A Life!

New Faces Win The Day

Finally, it's over and done with, the Royal Lake Club in-house karaoke competition, I mean. Held on Friday, May 13th, there were, coincidentally, 13 contestants (3 ladies among them) in the main category and two in the newly introduced junior category.

I wasn't too gung-ho about participating this year. Two years in a row was good enough. After being placed third two years ago and second last year, I thought 'cukuplah'.

Also, I was (and still am) a wee bit under the weather. Just four hours before the competition, I was down with migraine and was spilling my guts away. Thankfully, the pain eased somewhat later in the evening.

The RLC does have a good crop of singing talent. The only problem is they are not keen to compete, and we need a strong team to represent the club at the annual inter-club competition.

The Royal Lake Club was inter-club champion for four consecutive years, its reign dethroned only last year, by a very narrow margin too, by the National Press Club.

We managed to attract new blood last night and true enough, they shone, as they should. Christopher Lee came out tops, followed by Adam Teoh, with yours truly making up the flank in third placing.

Chris has strong vocals and delightful showmanship. Adam is a young man with an old soul, a crooner with easy, laidback style. Both are worthy winners.

We are proud to have found our 'pasukan pelapis' for the forthcoming inter-club competition to be held June 4th at Kelab Golf Negara Subang.

As for me, I'll stay true to my earlier promise of quitting the competition after the inter-club (top five of last night's finalists will represent the club at the biggie). Way to go guys..!

Pak Abu was placed 7th; that's his trophy on the left.

Memorable "Hari Ibu"

With the exception of birthdays, the Abus hardly celebrate any of the "Day"s that come our way each year - Valentine's, Mother's, Father's - although we occasionally go out for a family 'makan' on the day in question.

This year, our friend Omar decided to honour the mothers among his karaoke kakis and so brought an insanely rich cheesecake, and gifts, to our monthly 'keriau' session.

I reciprocated by ordering equally sinful treats from the Royal Lake Club's Garden Cafe; brownies, date & walnut squares, carrot cake.. What's a few (trillion) calories among friends?

Thank you Kitty, Sue and Mel for joining us. Dayang and Anum, you missed out on the fun. Omar, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated!


Kak Ezza@makcik blogger said...

kak...dah lama tak ber karaoke kak...susah nk ajak aziz sebab dia tak minat....

Kama At-Tarawis said...

zah, tu la sebab.. next time saya ajak zah datang sorang la.. hehehe

HHalem said...

"Penawar Rindu Pada Mu Saorang"

Orchid Abdullah and Sarimah.

Sob sob.
Our time will arrive soon.
What will become of our only valuable possession as a window and thought to the outside world...sob sob

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Halem - tu la, one by one they leave.. bertemu Ilahi. sampai masanya, kita pun menyusul sama.. :(