Monday, April 12, 2010

Joe's 33

From left: Joe's colleague Raphiza, birthday boy Joe, our eldest Naj, and our adopted son Jason.

Pak Abu, Ann, Fiza, Joe, Naj, Jason and the children's cousin Nabilah (who got engaged recently).

Son number two, Nafizul (Joe to everyone), turned 33 on April 10. He is still single, available and looking although I don't know what he is looking for.

If that isn't bad enough, his brother Naj is on the treshold of 35 and is still single too, although I am not sure about 'available and looking.'

To celebrate the occasion we had a small family dinner at Tokyu Tengu, the Japanese restaurant at Lake Club. Good food and good company, after which we adjourned to the karaoke room for an hour of singing.

Many happy returns Joe..... [Psstt, I heard through the grapevine that you have your eyes on someone already. Is that so? If betul, please tell me pronto so I can organise a meminang convoy..]

PS: if you see only leftovers on the table, that's because we forgot all about taking pictures until the meal was over! Everybody was so hungry. Not only that, Nawwar even refused to be photographed because she fancied she looked 'comot' after all that eating.....


mamasita said...

Haa Puteri! I menang! You belum jadi MIL! Takboleh join kelab pakai specs Mak Dara and ngenot2 sambil songel sirih! Wohoo!

p.s.Happy Birthday Joe! Takper..biar Ann kawin dulu!

Zendra-Maria said...

Happy Birthday Joe!

kama, haven't you heard 33 is the new 23? Be patient. :)

ninot said...

Aahhh..the Lake Club. I haven't been there for a while. Do I know you, Kak Kama [may I call you Kak Kama]? I was there for 16 years running the Newsletter and Club events and this and that until the Royal Selangor Golf Club down the road lured me over to spice things up.

Now that I think about it, maybe Pak Abu looks kind of familiar?

I was just telling the girls at the office today, better start digging up phone numbers of old friends near and far because I suspect in about 10 years time we will need to draw up a wedding invitation list for our young ones.

You figure this is little bit too advanced planning?

umar said...

``What happen to you ? Your boys are all past 30 and still single! You proud of that! Shame on you. It's time they all married . They will miss the boat soon.I pity the women who'd marry them. Anyway , get your daughters married before they reach 25.My advice.Our good friend now is suffering of colon-cancer.Pray for him.

Kama said...

my dear umar, how the hell did you come to the conclusion that I am proud they are not married???? I WANT THEM MARRIED!!!! I AM TEARING MY HAIR WAITING FOR THEM TO GET MARRIED!!!

Kama said...

If only it is as easy as ABC to (as you pompously wrote it).. "get your daughters married before they are 25..". You think I don't want my daughters married by 25?? If Allah has determined that the jodoh hasn't arrived, what am I to do? Perigi cari timba?? You shoot your mouth too much Umar, whoever you are.

PS: you are a right proper piece of crap, do you know that? they boys don't need your sympathy so you dont need to pity any woman who decides to marry them.

AuntieYan said...

Salam Puteri,
Happy Birthday to Joe..

My eldest boy is going to be 26...still no girlfriend.My youngest brother is 42 this year also single and available..
Jodoh adalah ketentuan, kalau belum sampai masanya, matter mother tentulah kita nak sangat anak kita get married, apa lagi kalau anak pompuan...but as you said, tak kan perigi cari timba???
Anyway, sama-sama kita doakan semoga anak-anak kita dipertemukan jodoh mereka. Amin.

Kama said...

Salam Yan, that's why Pak Abu and I nak bawak all four of them pi umrah minggu depan (19/4). selain daripada menziarah Rumah Allah dan buat ibadat, kami nak sama-sama berdoa di Bumi Anbiyya supaya A;lah swt bagi rahmat untuk memudahkan jodoh dan sebagainya.

it's true what you say, kita sebagai parents nak sangat anak yang dah dewasa settle down, ada isteri/suami/anak dan hidup kejalan Allah. tapi itu our wish, kehendak Tuhan lain pulak.. walau apapun, tentu ada hikmahnya..

Kama said...

mamasita - tahniah kerana dah jadi ibu mertua, dah qualify pakai spek Mak Dara dan sentil tembakau.. LOL

zen - the new 23? at that age he was still living off me.. hehehe..

ninot - now you look familiar. anyway, am sure you must hv seen pak abu before. after all he's been a member there for almost 30 years now. as for the wedding list, it is never too soon to start; time flies so fast these days, anyway. before you know it, those cutiepies of yours have grown into beautiful women..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Would...errr....Joe...err...consider a cat? A very cute one called Angelina? hehehehe....wish we have cute cousins/second cousins/third cousins to introduce to him...even my Mama's only niece is now engaged. purrr...meow!

psst...whoever that Umar fella is, we'll gladly claw his eyes out for you.

Syed Mutalib said...

what is wrong with "perigi cari timba"? hukumnya harus dalam syariat, Khadijah meminang Muhammad..!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Aunty... I had always been in the middle of Tati and Ina (Tati 35, me 34 and Ina 33)... I didn't know it is the same deal with Joe and Naj !

Happy birthday Joe... had always thought you were older than me... and thanks to your mom, I now know your real name...

Kama said...

tuan syed mutalib
saya tak deny khadijah pinang muhammad swt. i was more annoyed at your other comments ' pity the women who'd marry them' lah, i'm proud of their single status lah, shame on me lah..

i ni mak. mak mana tak mahu anak2 dapat jodoh cepat dan kawin serta berkeluarga? kalau u ada anak dewasa pun you'd want the same thing. ingat saya suka anak2 saya semua dah besar panjang masih tak bertemu jodoh? saya sendiri pun kawin age 20.

u look at yourself. kalau u ada anak perempuan yang dewasa dan belum kawin, berpelajaran tinggi, ada career. u think dia nak u pi pinang some guy untuk dijodohkan dengan dia? i bet she'll want to cari pasangan sendiri.

janganlah buat sweeping statement macam tu. ukur baju kenalah dibadan sendiri. unless u dah berumur dan anak2 semua dah kawin dan u pun dah bercucu, bolehlah u turn up yr nose kat orang macam saya yg masih mengharap menantu. may Allah swt bless you with your kind of attitude.

Pat said...

Wow, Kama, something's crawling out of the woodwork in your 'comments' column, eh? I'm flabbergasted that there are still people out there that have 'use by' dates for when it's right for sons and daughters to be married off!

Liked your reply, tho! Right between dem eyes!!!

A belated happy birthday to your Joe. Whoever gets him will be a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

mmm, your eldest is actually quite hensem... wouldn't mind taking him off your hands.. huhuhuhu

Iron Butterfly said...

Happy Birthday Joe.

I'm 27 going to 28. And single. Ehem.

Eh Auntie, kiddin' kiddin'.. I love your writings but I only drop comments once a while. Te he he..

Mior Azhar said...

Happy Belated Birthday Joe. And Kak Puteri, semoga mendapat rahmat bila ke Tanah Suci nanti.

p.s: harmless entry cam ni pun ada orang nak jadikan issue ya...ish ish ish kan kak? Kesian sungguh orang itu.

NanaDJ said...

Puteri, My comment is lost in cyber space. Anyway, happy birthday Joe.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri,

This is one of the main causes of your migraines, I assume….kekeke, I meant not the kids not getting married but all those 2 cents that we have to put up day in day out (mine inclusive lah sometimes only mah....hehehe). Am I the only one whose mum said, ‘If u have nothing nice to say, just keep QUIET & mind your own business.’

BTW, ‘Happy Birthday Joe & many happy returns’ and don’t worry that big day will come & only u & u alone will know. It’s your life & marriage is a lifetime commitment, so no room for error lah, alas I’m still serving my sentence but it was my own CHOICE tho :)))


Kak Teh said...

laaa, apa hal pulak orangtu? Anyway, Happy birthday from Aunty Kak Teh and family. 33 is the new 23!

Persatuan ITnA . said...

Hello Encek Umar dan Encek Syed,
(Saya rasa Encek Syed sure handsome, ada darah Arab.. macam Amar Diab)
Kami dari Persatuan Ibu-ibu tunggal dan anak-anak dara yang lebih umor, dengan ini, ingin MERISIK DAN MEMINANG encek-encek berdua dengan syarat:-
1. Encek berdua ada kemampuan, mampu dari segi zahir dan batin.Kalo zahir nampak gah, batin kiok..tak payah lah.
2. Encek berdua berpendapatan lebih, terutama di KL. Kalau Encek berdua sudi, encek-encek kena sediakan rumah..fully furnished. Ada maid Indon. Makan minum serta pakaian kami cukup segalanya. Kami hanya goyang kaki layan encek-encek berdua. Bersolek untuk encek-encek. Monthly income kami encek-encek kena bagi. Kalau tak cukup, tak boleh hutang.
3. To be continued kalo encek-encek berdua setuju. Ada beberapa syarat lagi.Nanti kami tulis.
4. Sebelum berundur, kami hanya terima lelaki yang siuman. Yang cakap guna AKAL, bukan akal letak dekat LUTUT. Kalau JANTAN BERCOCKKOK only tak payah lah.Siang-siang kami rejek.

Aida said...

Kak Puteri,
Gulp.... looking at your sons' ages, I should be calling u Auntie....)However, the net does not discriminate age; that;s a plus.

Hmmm no wonder someone looked familiar in one of your pictures earlier. I was Tati's classmate wayyyyyyy back when we were 12. Adoiiiii .....

Anyway, like u rightly put it, all we can do is pray and InsyaAllah He will provide.

Happy Belated Birthday to Joe and Selamat Ber-Umrah to the whole family.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak,

Untung akak kahwin muda, anak anak dah besar & akak masih nampak muda belia lagi :).
Saya terperanjat tengok comments orang orang yang saya label selfish. Jodoh di tangan Allah Taala. Kita hanya berusaha, Dia yang menetukannya.
Saya ialah wanita single, 37 tahun, pendapatan tahunan yang saya amat syukuri, tapi saya masih tidak menemui jodoh.
Saya dah pekakkan telinga and butakan mata kak kalau orang kutuk. Mak di kampung dah tak tanya lagi :).


Syed Mutalib said...

oh Kak Kama and some others... hahaha...
did i do any wrong when i just dropped a line up there..??? i'm not that "Umar" in the first place, sumpah! Wallahi...

Persatuan ITnA, terima kasih kerna menelahi 'aqal saya di lutut... apapun, yes... i'm not perfect..!! alhamdulillah...

─╣aptop™ said...

Joe, don't you mind these people. Just add another "2" & kawen at 35. 3+5 = 7; just nice tu. Tak la kanyaq sangat.
Anyway, jangan biaq telaga pi cari timba. Dia simbah ayaq, tercunggap2 you nak menyawa nanti.
Ma Kama, toksah laaa dok kejan depa bedua (eh beempat ka?). Alaaa, 2 taon saja lagi. Tak menyempat-nyempat nak main dengan cucu la tu. :-)

Persatuan ITnA said...

Sama-sama kaseh Encek Syed Mutalib. Amin. Kuota berapa lagi?

To birday boy, "Happy Birday".

Kama said...

Cat - only if angelina can cook like 'kitchen goddess' Nigella Lawson.. heheh

Myra - finally you tau his real name eh. you folks grew together. gosh, i can't imagine myra being wife and mother. seems like yesterday you were running around in pigtails.

Pat - it takes all kind to make the world, so it's ok.

Anon - very kembanglah he reading your comment.. hehehe

IB - hmmm, very interesting this one.. come we hv coffee! hehehe

Mior - tq mior for the good wishes. insyaallah Tuhan makbulkan segala doa.

Nana - ran into your other half at Dave's Deli, One Utama yesterdsy.. IO was tapauing food while he was ordering lunch..

Tommy - colme to think of it, yalah, that must be one of the roots of my migraine.. hehe

Kak Teh - by the same token 55 is the new 35 lah.. best giteww..

ITna - hahaha, what an offer..

Aida - oooo, tati's std six classmate rupanya! have you met her since leaving school?

Su - i don't understand why society suka kutuk unmarried single ladies. buat dosa kering aja. jodoh tu di tangan Tuhan.

Syed - that's ok, consider the matter closed.

Laptop - dak aih, I tak kejan.. cuma tanya sekali sekala..

pakmat said...

..oo..I would love it being 33 and single...all those choices out there..from innocent 16 to delicious 30..oo..pakmat envy you..for you can take your time..for when it come to age, none is too young or too old for you..sheesh..I would cut my finger to be 33 take your time, joe..let no one put pressure on you, least of all, you...relax..I can imagine all those gals eyeing you..meantime, savour your birthday..and enjoy the moment..for she is out there waiting ..cheers..

Aida said...

Kak Puteri,

Actaully I was Tati's form 1 schoolmate and I have not seen her since then; but for the magic of facebook. I was also Karina's senior fro SSIJ dulu.

Actually I would have not have recognised Tati if not for facebook recently.

jaflam said...

Slm P3,
Firstly selamat mengerjakan umrah to you, pak abu and the kids. Kalau boleh minta joe dan his brother berdoa di Jabal Rahman nanti supaya diketemukan jodoh dgn wanita soleh secepat mungkin. Selalunya kalau minta disitu dan tanah suci makbul cepat. Bab ni jangan malu pada Allah suruh dia minta teman hidup yang terbaik.

Sebenarnya i pun kahwin awal tiga puluhan sbb abis study dah 28 lepas tu sibuk kerja, hampir terlupa nak kahwin. Nasib baik ramai keluarga dan kawan risau dan tolong introduce. So berkenanlah kat yg ada sekarang shukur bahagia sampai sekarang.

Kama said...

pakmat - actually the 30s were good years despite all the 'cobaan'. i became single again at 33 too, pakmat, but single with 4 kids in tow.. hehehe

aida - so you two have goten yourselves reacquainted via facebook, eh. the once-spoilt brat (ampunnn Tati!...hehehe) is now a dutiful wife and mother of three..

jaflam - you too, kawin lambat eh. all's well that ends well, alhamdulillah.. we are sooo looking forward to the forthcoming trip and i'm doubly happy because the kids are going to be with us..

pakmat said... must be tough, to be single at 33 and towing 4 kids..I can well imagined what you went through..but one thing I can tell by reading your blog, makes you strong..:) with bristles of steel..wished you blog about it..those early years..cheers..

ps..I forgot to wish Joe a happy, happy birthday, joe..

Siti Roffini said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Joe. I think your children are wise in not taking the plunge so soon. I think men should only marry when they are 40and women 30.As far as I am concerned, your children have not missed the boat.
I wish you a safe and pleasant journey to the Holy Land and don't forget to let us in on more stories after the umrah. Insya Allah.

Warisan@Kelantan said...

Salam...dah lama tak berblog sejak terletak pada facebook. Kak Puteri sihat, Pak Abu n anak2..seronok ya anak2 dah besar..Syukur Alhamdulillah..


Warisan@Kelantan said...

I thought your son Naj same age with me..still single, maybe his looking someone like Cik Siti Wan Kembang...


Kama said...

Salam Deen, ya syukur semua dah besar dan bekerja. cuma tunggu menantu dan cuculah pulak. Ha'ah, my eldest, naj, sama umur dengan Deen, tapi Deen untung sebab dah kawin dan jadi bapak!

Kama said...

pakmat & siti - tq for the wishes for Joe and for our forthcoming trip.

Quran said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Joe. I think your children are wise in not taking the plunge so soon. I think men should only marry when they are 40and women 30.As far as I am concerned, your children have not missed the boat.
I wish you a safe and pleasant journey to the Holy Land and don't forget to let us in on more stories after the umrah. Insya Allah.