Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, Rihanna!

If that Barbados-born singer Rihanna were my daughter, I would have given her a tight slap to wake her up.

No, make it two stinging smacks, in the name of justice to each cheek. Just to bring her back to her senses.

The sexy, 21 year-old pop singer may be rolling in wealth (being a millionaire in your late teens must be a bane) but it is quite clear that she doesn't have half the brain to go with all that dough.

And I had always thought of Chris Brown, that hugely popular R&B singer, as squeaky-clean; a good, well-behaved boy. All 19 years of him. Well, at least that was the hype on him ever since he started climbing the charts not so long ago.

When the duo latched on together as an item, Hollywood drooled; two superstars who already had it made, playing the dating game, with all the makings of the next music powerhouse couple.

But before you know it - WHAM! THWACK! BAM!
What the bleeding hell happened?

Where was that well-raised, well-behaved, no-smoking, no-drug taking, goody-goody, church-going 'anak mak' who opened doors for elderly gentlemen and helped old ladies cross the street?

Oh look! The prince had turned into a slimy, repulsive (but still very wealthy) frog! And the (pop) princess? She had willingly stepped into the non-glass slippers of the bullied step-sister. Pinch me please! Tell me this is just make-believe.

Unless you have been a hermit meditating in Gua Tempurung for the past month or so, you probably would have known about the Rihanna-Brown altercation on the eve of the Grammy awards last month, that left her semi-conscious and him in custody for assault and battery.


DETAILS of the alleged fracas between Chris Brown and Rihanna emerged in court today, including Brown's reported threats to his girlfriend.

R&B singer Chris Brown was charged with assaulting his pop-star girlfriend Rihanna in Los Angeles on Thursday as gruesome details about the alleged attack emerged for the first time.

The Los Angeles Police Department has steadfastly refused to divulge specifics in the case, but details emerged in a detective's affidavit that gave a blow-by-blow account of the incident, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The account revealed how Brown allegedly lashed out at Rihanna as the couple drove home from a pre-Grammys party in his rented Lamborghini.

The affidavit said the attack was triggered after Rihanna read out a lengthy text message from an unidentified woman found on Brown's phone.

The singer reportedly slammed Rihanna's head against the window of the car before repeatedly punching and biting her.

The affidavit said Rihanna's mouth filled with blood, which was splattered across the interior of the car.

Brown is also alleged to have attempted to push Rihanna out of the moving car before warning: "I'm going to beat the shit out of you when we get home.''

When Rihanna called her assistant to alert police, Brown raged: "You did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you'' before putting the singer in a headlock so severe she nearly lost consciousness, according to the report.

Brown, 19, appeared in court for arraignment on the charges, which came after he allegedly subjected Barbados-born singer Rihanna to a savage beating in the early hours of February 8.

I don't give a rat's ass on Chris Brown's mental state. What he did was despicable and he should be made to pay for it. In jail. Like us common folks when we screw the laws.

But in America, things are done differently, I guess. Especially if you can afford an army of lawyers to defend your savage battering bout as 'a little misunderstanding."

It seems that plea bargaining is already in the works. For all his swagger, Brown doesn't want to be incarcerated. I personally think he belongs in jail, not in the church seeking counselling with his pastor, nor on a therapist's couch.

What I am disappointed with is Rihanna's decision to reconcile with Brown. Talkshow host Oprah felt Rihanna's low self-esteem led to that decision.

She also cautioned Rihanna that she was making a big mistake in returning to Brown's arms. No matter what, I believe the likelihood of Brown taking a swing or two at her again in the future, should they remain together, is very high.

A domestic abuser simply doesn't change. He remains a coward, because only a coward brutalises the weak and the puny; women and children.

Tell me about it. I had been coping with the spousal abuse of someone dear to me for years. She was like a ragdoll in his hands. Broken bones were aplenty and yet she refused to leave him. Was it love? I don't know.

She finally did, when he took to torturing her mentally in addition to physical abuse, by womanising as well. That clinched it. The divorce bought about a change in her. For the better.
I thank God Almighty for His mercy on her (and if you are reading this, as I know you will, remember I love you very much).

Rihanna oh Rihanna....! Why are you thinking with your arse?


Kak Teh said...

ya, i know - i feel like shaking her too. with a name like my daughter's, I cant help feeling protective.
we read stories like this again and again.

Anonymous said...

My observation through the years tells me this: the bigger a bastard the husband/boyfriend is, the more the woman is willing to throw herself at his feet. Of course, beyond a certain point, the woman will usual come to her senses. But this seems to be a very high threshold. Until it is exceeded, the woman - much to my consternation - will willing chose to remain his slave. I just don't get it.

This is why I am practising my cold, heartless bastard act very diligently. I haven't perfected it yet; but I'm getting there :-)

mekyam said...

tulah, what a pity kan? all that money but brain takde orang jual...

kalau kena pukul lagi, orang dah tak kesian dah.

dengar khabar kaum wanita di 36 ke 63 negara, di mana oprah's show is syndicated, geleng kepala semua sambil ngeluh... "kalau cakap oprah pun tak nak dengar, nak dengar cakap sapa lagi?" :D

Desert Rose said...

Kak Puteri,

There r some women who likes to be beaten kot, some sort of mental yg sakit, and there r couples who fights like nobody business , sepak terajang, and rekindle after that like nothing happened. It's like an addiction. Sickening la I tell u. Mayb these 2 lovebirds are like that kot. Hedonist.

Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Kama,

Ni lah di katakan cinta

cinta bangang namanya

..i have a friend..having worst beating from her husband compared to Rihanna...when she is at her 6 months pregnancy for the 9th child..

she is around my age..mid 40's

in addition..her gringo throw her clothes to the ground (she stayed at 5th floor of a flat) lift ..

she gave me a called...and called me again in 5 minutes saying ..please dont come..

my husband has make up to me...

cheh...puih puih puih..ptuih..

she has delivered...and no longer answering my call...

cheh puih puih puih..ptuih..

i had seen her face on that the day

you will hate her husband too...

and she has never taken my advice to report to the authority..ever..

she got a degree..a writer ...from a good family background...

is she brainless ?

you tell me...

it is killing you when you hands are tight..

Pi Bani said...

Does she realise she now needs more than just an umbrella ella ella for protection?

kay_leeda said...

Hah..padan muka si Rihanna kena penampaq Kak Puteri..heh..heh.

Yup...cinta buta this is. There are many more Rihannas out there. Kena bantai sekali, dua kali or even berkali-kali, they could still forgive and forget. Don't know to pitty them or shake them and help them to get thru their thick head...leave girl, leave, for heavens sake!!!

Kama said...

Kak Teh - don't worry, your Rihanna will do her Mr. & Mrs Goneng proud :)

Mat B - It must be th $$$ speaking loud and clear to these women. Psst, Mat B.. it could also be 'Tiny', you knowww.. :)

Mekyam - Hehehe, cakap opah tak dengar, cakap oprah pun taknak pakai.. camno nih..

DR - adaka ppl like that? La haulawala.. must be syiok semacam kot bergaduh!

Anon - I pity you pitying your friend, but she doesn't pity herself. Kesian kan...

Pi - I feel like strangling the both of them with umbrella spokes.. LOL

Kay - my eldest daughter pernah kena penampar by me once in her lifetime.. age 14 I think. Ingat sampai today..

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Dia yang nyanyi lagu Umbrella yang berela-ela tu ke? kata Pak Malim sambil memeluk ungka. Saya tak berapa tau la lagu2 zaman sekarang, kata Pak Malim sambil memegang parang. Saya dengar lagu Klasik Nasional, kata Pak Malim sambil naik bas Transnasional. Tapi berita tentang Rihanna kena pukul, itu saya ada baca, kata Pak Malim sambil naik beca.

Are You Gonna Go My Way said...

Hi, my first time here.

Let me share something. for woman "attraction is not a choice" you believe it or not , its the truth. What trigger off the mechanism of attraction in women is the attitude of the guy. A nice guy who worships women and willing to be the wussy that cling to a woman will trigger the unattractiveness in him to a woman.

Thats why women love a jerk. The balancing act here is to get the positive part of being a jerk eg. confident, have high self esteem, not clinging like a baby etc..but throw out the abusive part of being a jerk. This way a man can attract a woman.

go in the net and look for David de Angelo.....

Salt N Turmeric said...

Memang lah tersgt bodoh. Itu bukan fikir dgn her arse Kak Puteri, itu fikir dgn nafsu. Sigh..

Ida Hariati Hashim said...

Kak Puteri,

Husband and wife gaduh-gaduh tu kira ok la, but if ur boyfren berani pukul, ni kira kurang ajaq ni..

I think Rihanna is desperate to have a lover la, that is why simply cannot resist Brown the Bully.

The thing is that, madam, youngsters ni lagi di larang, lagi dia buat, tapi geram betul ye, awatlah bingung si Rihanna ni. I takut ni nanti set bad example to the young teenage girls..

─╣aptop™ said...

Rihana and the likes of her.... they are still "wife material"

Adoii emak kawin kan aku....

Buah jambu tiga serangkai,
jatuh sebiji di tanah Jawa;
ajarkan lah ilmu saya nak pakai,
dapat bini yang completely lawa. :-)

heheh..lama tak nyanyi lagu nih!

Tommy Yew said...

Hi Puteri,

Any man that lays a finger on any women or child, should be castrated!!! This includes verbal abuse too! I can’t understand how anyone could resort to such behaviour, no bluddy excuse la in my book. It’s sad but it’s true what bangkai said; but still that’s not right la. Any guys that have any tendency or urge please lah think of your mother, daughters; it’s all about karma too. I’ve love all the women in my life, & they likewise to me too. This had made my life more blissful & serene mah.

Just happy chappie old peace loving me.

ann said...

I was 17, Ma. How bad can I possibly be at 14? Nvm, don't answer that...

Kama said...

hehehe ann, indeed you were 17.. at 14 you weren't naughty enough to rile me up..LOL

kassim said...

puteri, it was nice to meet you at the lake club when i introduced my youngest daughter.

like what i've been telling my daughters, there is no excuse whatsoever for a man to hit a woman, any woman.

mat b, it is difficult to find any logical reasons for a woman to stay on with a physically abusive man. normally, a sane third party is needed to break the stranglehold.

Kama said...

Ray - saya pun suka Klasik Nasional
kata kama sambil cubit En Zainal
(hehehe, Jenal manalah tu..!)
kama tengok ray berjalan terhuyung
dok angkut labu sayong
nak pi pulau duyung
selepas tidoq di bukit payung
(eh, ray ni orang terengganu ka?)

AYGGMY - welcome to my humble abode. Whoa, quite an insight tuh..lucky I was never attracted to jerks (likewise ada la..LOL)

Farina - nafsu nafsi, silap langkah, berisi!

Ida - Gaduh tu ok.. mana ada couple tak bergaduh dan berperang mulut sekali sekala. Boringlah marriage lagu tu! Isteri nabi pun berpotpet sesama depa, sampai Nabi Muhammad (saw) left everyone for a period of time to teach them all a lesson. yang cannot be accepted tu physical abuse (and emotional ones too of course)

Laptop - kalau your taste pi kat hak lagu ni as wife material, good luck lah yang! high maintenance tu lap. Tak bernafas you nanti, terus lari balik kampung kat kola kedah..:)

Tommy - if only those abusers think rationally they won't abuse for sure. Just like rapists; how would they take it if it was their womenfolks who were raped?

Abusers are sick people. the fellow i know would hit his wife mercilessly, then would apologise profusely (and tearfully too, promising NOT to do it again.. as usual). Apologies usually come with expensive gifts & treats..and then it happened all over again..

Tommy Yew said...

Hi Puteri,

KPC me again. I like to share this with u & your fans;

Want to give your child a “leg up” in the world? John Gottman, PhD, Redbook’s Love Network expert, says, “People who are happy in their relationships have happy babies. Their babies cry less & smile more, learn language faster, & are overall healthier than other babies.”

The author of ‘And Baby Makes Three’ also said, “Babies who see their parents act lovingly become happier & calmer and their heart rate slows down when they witness affection.”

Cheers, Tommy.

Frank Doel said...

What about the men who stay in abusive (albeit emotionally) relationships? Are they a little sick in the head, too? Or more so?

Kama said...

Kassim - thank you for dropping by, kassim; the pleasure's all mine, and she's a sweet, sweet gal..

Tommy - I sure will check it out. The title sounds interesting..

Frank - I'll be frank (and it's gonna be painful, trust me). Isteri yang derhaka (and you know what I mean) patut diceraikan. Maybe some women may not share my sentiment, but I am an old-fashioned wife who believes the husband (a good one la, not the blardy is to be obeyed. My take on this is simple: wife doesn't pray, she tanggung dosa, husband also tanggung her dosa. daughter doesn't pray, bapak tanggung as well. the husband / Bapak's role is SO BIG he needs all the support to be in God's good book. Sounds like a sermon, eh? sorry, but you asked an old lady with equally old-fashioned values.

Anonymous said...

You girls (or in this case l-a-d-i-e-s) dun get it!

Pretty girls are always attracted to bad boys. Look around.

In fact there was a study back couple of years ago why that is so. Cannot recall where it was, tho.

In your college days, where do pretty ones hang out with? The clean shaven nerds? nah!

The more you hurt them, the more they come back to. So, we boys get all the fun.

MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73
tapi orang Gannung gok ;-)

Frank Doel said...

Thanks, Kak Puteri (can I call you that?)

I know you are right. Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to act on it.

Kama said...

kalae chepo - you are so so right. The bad boys get all the birds, then and now..hehehe.. some things don't change.. No matter what, women still fall for all the tebu planted on the bibir... (sighhh)

frank - when push comes to shove, you know what to do. my personal opinion has always been single parenthood is a far better option than marriage to an unfaithful spouse. then again, I have a heart of stone in dealing with erring spouses..

Anonymous said...


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