Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye Purrcy

Purrcy, the kitten we adopted from SPCA three weeks ago, died of cat flu yesterday evening. She got sick and went off food barely a week after we took her home.

Nawwar and I brought her to see Dr Christine the vet, who prescribed some medication. According to Dr Christine, apart from the developing flu, Purrcy had a serious case of worms as well.

So we got her dewormed, but the flu got worse and she was unable to eat at all. We had to ward her at the vet so she could be put on drips and force-fed.

We boarded her at 'Christie's Ark' in Damansara Utama for four days to build up her strength, and took her home two days ago since she seemed to be getting better.

She still had trouble swallowing and was rather weak, so we fed her using a syringe. Yesterday I saw mucous flowing out of her nose; green and smelly, and disrupting her breathing.

The flu was back. And before we knew it, she died, just hours later. I think she was too young to withstand the flu. Maybe she had yet to build her immunity.

I am glad we took her home, though. At least Nawwar and I were able to give her our personal attention and TLC. She was meant to die at home, not at the vet.

We are going back to SPCA this weekend. There are many more cats waiting for a good home there. We would be happy if we could make a difference, even if to only one cat....


MrsNordin said...

Ohh.. sorry to hear that! Hope you'll find another one soon.

I'm surprised the SPCA didn't de-worm the kitten while it was there. This time around, I think you should do that first.

Good luck!

Kama said...

Mrs N - We were supposed to take her back for deworming 2 weeks after adopting her, and for spaying, in May. She had already been vaccinated before we took her home. Tak sempat nak bawak pi, dia dah sakit dulu..

Capt's Longhouse said...

make sure all cats are de-worm b4 bring it home or else the owners might get infected too with worms !. My friend's wife on the island got infected with ring worms after stepping on her cat shit at the beach front,,,we could see the worms underneath her foot moving around,,,they are about 1 inch long and very difficult to get rid off. Since she was pregnant and not able to take de-worming pills (according to her) the worms were alive and living underneath her skin,,,,finally were killed by soaking some petrol over the skin area.
Man,,,geli Eeeeee.

Pak Idrus said...

Kama, before you venture further on this cat business, please take a moment and think hard.

Two things that you should not have in your home especially in a condo are Carpet and Cat. The Carpet stored million of dust mites and the cat sheds hairs and urinated everywhere even if you toilet trained it and also breed mites. These environment are not healthy for those in their golden age especially so those who have sinus problem.

We used to have both the Carpet and Cats but given up long ago on the advice of our son in law who is a ENT specialist. Well, it is your home and your life. I could only advice.

Have a nice day.

Kama said...

Capt and Pak Idrus - thanks a million for the advice. Rest assured we would keep them in close consideration.

Aida said...

Sorry to hear of Purrcy.

next time around get the black one kak ehhehehehe

Its better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.

kay_leeda said... sorry to hear about Percy. I'm no hardcore cat lover, but with the four we have in the house now, I pretty much know how both of you are feeling.

Hope you'll find another one soon.