Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Babble

One evening a couple of days back, I was catnapping in the comfort of my bedroom while waiting for the azan (muezzin’s call for prayers), when a sudden eerie sound reverberated all around me.

I still cannot find the words to properly explain what I heard – it sounded like a babble of angry voices – but I can tell you that it was extremely creepy.

It escalated to a dizzy pitch that forced me to reach out my hands to hold my head, only to realise I was rendered paralysed by the rising din.

I searched my thoughts for Ayat Kursi* and saw in my mind the verses dangling in mid-air ready for picking, but I couldn’t utter a single word.

As I struggled to open my eyes, the noise slowly receded and when I finally did, it disappeared altogether.

Shaken, I wobbled out of bed into the lounge; Pak Abu was at his laptop, the TV was on, nothing was out of place and everything seemed fine with the world. But what was that, screeching spookily in my head?

Suddenly it dawned on me that I had just been ‘disturbed.’ While this sort of intrusion was nothing new (it had occurred sporadically in the past), this was the first time it happened since I returned from the Hajj.

Perhaps it was a test of my inner strength. Perhaps I have slackened somewhat since my return that they think it is worth a try to gain a foothold once again within me. They never stop trying, don’t they?

Satan, I fear thee not; it is God Almighty I fear the most, for, it is to Him that I am accountable. Still, this sort of thing is very unnerving.

What I found rather disconcerting at that point in time was the fact that I couldn’t recite the all-important Ayat and had to refer to a booklet to read it.

And this is one Ayat I had committed to memory ages ago, since my childhood days! Thank God, it's back and I'm a-okay now.

I am not quite sure how to manage this whole 'gangguan' thing, should it happen again. Any suggestions?

*Ayat Kursi – Quranic verses usually chanted to calm the self in times of apprehension and fear, and to ward off evil spirits.


Desert Rose said...

Kak Puteri,

I got this frequently esp during that time of d month , yelah sebab tak solat kan.

One Ustaz cakap masa kena tu just recite Allah Hu akbar byk2 samapi 'it' let go, then baru kita recite Ayatul-Kursi. Reason : Masa tu, 'dia' mg halang kita frm remembering any Quranic Ayat, and kalau kita baca pun sure tak berapa betul sb dah terganggu kan, so when we recite Allah is Great, repeatedly, 'dia' akan kecil dgn aura Allah. So, it will let go. Bila dah sedar, baca Auzubillah....3x and ludah d sebelah kiri 3 kali, And if u wish to continue sleeping, change ur position. Insyallah. Its in perubatan Islam.

One more thing, I kena baca Ayatul Kursi, 3 qul and Bismillah 21 times everytime before dozing off, be it day or nite, if not sure kena.

Guess some people are prone ngan makhluk lain ni kot, nak aje wat kawan ngan kite walaupun kite tak sudi....

Anytime, before we doze off,

Aida said...

Kak Puteri,

I have never experience what u went through, but my MIL have always practised and asked us to practise sleeping with the Quran by ur pilliow or under our pillow. I never got to it, as we do not see the rationale in doing it.

U might find that helpful?

Tommy Yew said...

Hi Puteri,

These supernatural sightings or ‘interference’ normally occurs when your guard/shield/aura is down. This is especially true when one is grieving due to recent passing of love ones like in your case (Sorry to bring this up).

Human do radiate a glow/aura that transcends these so called ‘dirty’ beings. I normally carry a talisman with me to avoid such encounter and have a Buddhist prayer to ward off them if & ever it happens to me.

I suppose it’s more or less same as your Ayat Kursi. I also vividly remembered in the old days, my Muslim friend wears a yellow string cloth band on their wrist, I don’t know whether that’s a talisman or not for this purpose. I believe the Christian wears their cross & also some carry some holy water with them.


Capt's Longhouse said...

,,,Campur air zam zam you dgn air biasa satu timba besar dan guna untuk minum harian - drink lots of water everyday. YES, just water will clear your body and stop this ringing tone/high pitch dizzy that could paralize your mind and body.
,,,Exercise everyday too, just take a walk in the early morning/afternoon with Pak Abu or just be his caddy at the golf club.
,,,Kalau boleh cari natural honey, pls buy some and take it for b/fast everyday. Helps you to sleep without trouble.
,,,Don't eat too much red meat and rice. Makan roti and lots of fresh fruits.
,,,Take up swimming ! Best exercise in the World for elderly person like you n me hahaha.
,,,finally, change your bedding ! it might be too soft as such causing cramps etc stopping certain blood flow in the body system.
,,,don't belief in hantu hantu, just pray to Allah will keep your spirit and mind healthy.
,,,I have had such experience too before but not nowadays anymore.
,,,remember to drink lots of water everyday and you will be O.K.


Oldstock said...

Salam Kak Aji Kama,

This must be a real coincidence... you and I posting about the same subject, gangguan mahluk halus.

Mudah-mudahan segalanya dah kembali tenang semula.

Anonymous said...

Kak Puteri,

Yes, these makhluks never take NO for an answer, do they??

I'd just like to comment on a comment made by Aida@1.28pm. I think we should not put the Quran under our pillow -- it's a sacred book which should be placed at a higher place -- never put anything else on top of it...apatah lagi menindih dengan anggota badan kita sendiri. Wallah'ualam.


Kak Teh said...

Puteri, I think this happens when we are tired, I used to experience this but minus the audio..that said, it was still scary as I couldnt move or recite anything. Thank God, I dont have such experience anymore.

I do have lots of books on Doas and Ayat Qursi and Quran nearby. Perhaps that helped too. And according to my other half, the house we are in now is free of anything, funny.

I read somrthing similar in Oldstock's blog and recounted my daughter's experience in Trengganu.

kay_leeda said...

Kak Puteri,

Some people are more prone to these disturbances than others. I’m one of those who will always “kena”. I drag it so much when I travel and during my first night, those things will be acting up against me. Most of the time, I’d feel like there’s a big rock being placed on my chest, it’s so heavy and making me difficult to breathe.

So far, the 4 Kul and 21 kali of Bismillah help. There is this ayat from surah Al-Bakarah, if I’m not mistaken. It starts like this…”Laqad jaa akum..rasullum..min amfusikum….” My primary school ustazah made us memorize these ayat. I read it all the time, be it nak travel, nak tidor…almost setiap masa. Alhamdulillah, the ganguan is less frequent.

tireless mom said...

Dear Kak Puteri

Poor you. This supernatural never pilih bulu ek? I was introduced to it when I was in STF. Memang eerie. Also baca Surah Jin Ayat 27.

Ĺaptop™ said...

The phenomenon u experienced was a "good-win-over-evil".
You see, the evil one (aka syaitan) would like to lull you further into deep slumber (solat time was almost there; just waiting for the azan). The good jin came to your rescue and there was a big commotion when the two collided head on in their attempt to win you over to their respective camps. You're the only one directly involved and your ESP was rather acute.
There is another thing. You must have known that there are times when you're not suppose to take nap/sleep.
(Don't know if this theory of mine is plausible or not ;-)

Kama said...

DR - Memang kalau badan tak suci biasanya banyak yang ganggu. I think repeating Allahuakbar tu is a good idea.

Aida - I keep surah booklet by the bedside, Quran takut tersentuh dengan tak sengaja sbb takder wudu'.

Tommy - I hv non-muslim friends who wear talismen to keep evil spirits at bay. Ayat Kursi works more or less the same way, but one has to recite it.

Capt - You hv put forth an interesting argument there, capt!

Oldstock - our thinking seems to be parellel these days, oldstock. macam ada ESP pulak. This must be a case of "great men think alike". or "fools seldom differ". take your pick.. hehehe

Illa - I agree absolutely. Quran kena letak tempat tinggi.

Kak Teh - I had to comfort my daughter, saying that our house bersih, takder apa2.. it was inside of me, bukan dalam rumah. dia risau sekejap.

Kay - I sentiasa cuak whenever kena stay overnight kat hotel or anywhere bila travelling. my super-sensitive intuition terasa macam2.

TM - masa kat STF dulu macam2 kena.
Scary betul.

Laptop - another interesting perspective. entah2 betul apa you kata, lap. terlelap dekat masuk waktu ni tak bagus.

Chahya said...

Salam 2u Kak Kama,
There's a collection of ayat2 alQuran known as "alManzil" which helps to ward off evil and black magic. It is a selected Quranic verses which is taught by Rasullullah saw to his sahabat.

These are some of the books which I've read and find them worth reading and keeping for reference.

1)Title: MANZIL Resam Uthmani, disusun oleh Sheikhul Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakaria.
Publisher: AlHidayah.
Price:RM2.80 sahaja.

2)Title: Ikhtiar Penyembuhan Penyakit dengan Ayat2 & doa2 mustajab, by Dato Haron Din.
Also available at Darussyifa' Bangi, cheaper (I bought there RM13).

3)Title: JIN: Hakikat & Pengubatan by Dato Hj Ismail Kamus
Publisher: Telaga Biru
Price:RM34.90 (Hard cover)

Hope these are of help to you, as they've been to me.

Kama said...

TQ all for your thoughts & advice. and Chahaya, I am going to check out the books you mentioned..