Monday, September 22, 2008

Tahlil, Kenduri & A New Baby

With our last surviving maternal uncle (in red Baju Melayu)

The siblings' first picture together in more than a decade

Last Saturday my siblings and I (minus one, for she lives in Minnesota) got together for 'tahlil' (recitation of prayers for the dead). It has been four months since Mak passed away, and personal commitments had, thus far, prevented us from coming together for a group prayer.

Actually, we didn't need an organised event to perform the prayers. We could all do it individually and in the privacy of our own homes. The gathering was just an excuse for us to close ranks and catch up with the news since Mak's demise.

It was also an occasion for my sister Zaridah to show off her first grandchild. Baby Qadri was born in Kuching just over a month ago and had the privilege of being flown back to Kuala Lumpur two days before the kenduri in an aircraft piloted by his father.

While everyone oohed and aahed over the baby, my own children had their knickers caught in a twist, so to speak, when every uncle and auntie present egged them on with questions like:
"Hah, you all ni bila lagi?"
"Jangan dok tunggu lama-lama la!"
"Your mother nak cucu tu!"
"We all teringin sangat nak makan nasi minyak you!"

The kids were shooting daggers at me, I know. I pretended not to see. Gee, I had no hand in it, okay? I was innocent of any misdeed. Those well-meaning folks needed no prompting to plead my case, anyway.

In all, it was a very memorable evening although I did shed some tears while reading the Yassin. Couldn't help it. It was in the memory of beloved Mak, after all.


Anonymous said...

Kak Puteri,

I was once like your children, avoiding such questions, until I found the right man. When I did everything else fell into place and I'd ask myself, why had I not met him earlier ehehe cos it took me awhile.

When the time is right, they'll know. My mum and aunties (I have the same number of aunties as u have siblings)learnt that its best u lay off those questions and ask about what makes u happy NOW.....

Aida - now with kids of her own now knows that all a parent wants is that his/her child is happy.

MrsNordin said...

I know your uncle in red! He used to work at our organization before but has left some 5 years ago. A very nice man indeed. Infact, some of my colleagues still keep in touch with him and go out for lunch/dinner sometimes.

What a small world, huh?

On the million dollar question, you dah ready ke nak menerima menantu? :)

puteri kamaliah at-tarawis said...

that's so cool, Mrs N!! The "Man In Red" is Ir Tn Hj Mohd Ali Yusuf, the former DG of Telecoms.He joined TR upon retirement and now he is retired for good. He has always been my inspiration to study and work harder.

Terima menantu? alaahai..dah ready lama dah. ready, able and willing, tapi bela cucu takmoh! LOL

puteri kamaliah at-tarawis said...

Aida, jodoh ditangan Tuhan, kan? Actually I am quite ok with their decision to defer marriage for a while. I am just hoping they don't get too comfortable with bachelorhood..hehehe

MrsNordin said...

Yes, Tuan Haji Ali! He was our Regulatory Advisor when he was with TR. I used to see him for his signatures. Hee.. hee...

Oh... dah bersedia nak terima menantu! Must do the kemah parachute and panggil kugiran, ok? I'm sure you'll make a totally cool mak mertua!

Jaga cucu? I pun tak moh!

Zawi said...

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