Friday, September 26, 2008

The Elviza Writing Writuals Tag II

the odd, sentimental piece - a gift of love

views from my study

God knows I don't deserve any praise nor tag with my haphazard writing and spasmodic, disjointed thoughts. Elviza, you are too kind. The only mitigation I can offer is that they are written from the heart, if that is of any consolation. Here goes..

Q1. Where are you?

In my study which doubles up as my private sanctuary. There's a window to my left, with an unappealing view of Taman Tun rooftops. Looking down, I can see the swimming pool, the wading pool, the tennis court and the two badminton courts.

Q2. What are you writing with?

I no longer own a single, decent writing instrument. There was a time when I was the proud owner of several rather pricey ones with colourful, fancy designs (all of them Waterman, my favourite brand), including a Mont Blanc which was a gift from a daughter. But I lost them all due to carelessness and negligence.

There are a few 'el cheapo' ballpoint pens, freebie pens and a whole stack of 2B pencils, in an unused porcelain mug in its new role as a pen receptacle, on my Ikea-purchased working table. And I keep two Stabilo ballpoint pens (RM4 each) in my handbag for signing purposes.

Q3. What is the oddest object in front of you?

A fancy-looking porcelain table clock, with the etching of a duck wearing a grey bonnet tied with a blue ribbon, and pushing a flower-laden wheelbarrow. There's a yellow duckling standing by the side of the wheelbarrow. The clock, still in working condition, is about 15 years old and badly chipped in places. But it is not going anywhere because it is a gift from a daughter.

Q4. What are you listening to?

Usually the sound of silence because noise distracts. When squeals of laughter from the kiddie pool reach up to my room, I'd close the window and switch on the air-cond. But right now, it's the distant drone of the morning traffic.

Q5. Is there anyone else in the room?

No, no one comes near when I am at the laptop. But I miss feline company oh so very much when I write. In my pre-condo days, the cats would clamber all over me for the best spot to curl up and sleep while I work.

Q6. What time of the day is it?

Dawn is my hour. Words tumble fast and furious in the morning and my train of thoughts doesn't get derailed easily.

Q7. What do you do when you are looking for inspiration?

Old photographs, letters and cards. Sometimes I'd rummage through my book collection for ideas.

Q8. What is guaranteed to remove your concentration?

Any unanticipated show of affection; a sudden peck on the cheek or a gentle squeeze of the shoulders is enough to shatter my peace and solitude, but who's complaining?


talqin said...

I feel like i was there..

p/s: looks like i'm addict to your daily post oredi.. :p

puteri kamaliah at-tarawis said...

I have been asking you to come makan with me dowan! bila lagi?

talqin said...

I will ask abg lap ya ma.. But i will go la one day with or without him.. soon maybe (ini bukan janji palsu ya).. and i want ayam kuzi..