Thursday, September 18, 2008

Drama Minggu Ini

Okay, here's the deal with the current Malaysian political scenery. I am not and have never been a political kritikus (kerit ditikus ada la), so this is the simplistic take of a simpleton's mind...

Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Our slow and sleepy Prime Minister, Pak Lah, is being hounded out of office, with (almost) everyone hoping he would leave us alone to Raya in peace. I heard he has nodded his assent to bungkus tikar. When? Wallahu'alam.

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
The Permatang Pauh supremo remains Prime Minister aspirant despite not delivering anything tangible apart from a lot of rhetoric and ayaq lioq. The ever-growing list (if ever there is one), hasn't made its appearance yet, so is tea with His Majesty at Istana Negara. When? Wallahu'alam.

Datuk Zaid Ibrahim
De facto Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim, unable (or unwilling, or both) to conform or compromise, has packed up and left the Cabinet. Nobody seems to be shedding any tears. For whatever it is worth, Zaid, I'm with you. At least you walk the talk.

SAPP, Sabah
For better or for worse, SAPP (it's quite ciput actually) has pulled out of Barisan Nasional after SAPPing the latter's energy and testing its patience and level of tolerance. Have no fear, for SAPP is led by rebel (without a cause?) Datuk Yong Teck Lee whose claim to fame is keluar-masuk parti anyway.

Khairi Jamaluddin
Pak Lah's overly-ambitious SIL (doesn't he seem like DSAI of yore in terms of ambition and haste?) has announced he would be going for the Umno Youth head honco post. Good luck, 4th Floor (thank God it's not Fourth Estate). Sorry, I have never been one for upstarts of any shades or hues, so I can't help but feel floored by this fellow.

Datuk Mustafa Ali
This PAS Commisioner for Terengganu spoke from the heart about the "Much Ado About Nothing" episode. Poor Cikgu Pa, he kena kau-kau from his boss Tok Guru Datuk Nik Aziz for being honest. (I have a soft spot for Cikgu Pa, for he once taught me Malay Literature).

Dr M
Still happily shooting from the hip (hidup Che' Det!). There's a lot of noise emanating from his corner of the ring (Did I hear my boss Muhyiddin Yassin and my kin Ku Li cheering from the sidelines?)

Kickdefella/Theresa Kok/RPK
At the moment languishing dalam tahanan as reluctant guests of the government. Hold your chin up, Sheih, Theresa. All will come to pass. RPK? susahla, with him afflicted with verbal diarrhoea most times, so I won't comment.

The economy sucks, prices are rising, harga petrol still high but, all things considered, life is still manageable.

MrsNordin has 7 pairs of baju raya, Bergen is not likely to read any book in the near future, Kak Teh and Awang Goneng are still pining for happy wanderer Nona, Elviza's eyes tetap bulat and beautiful, Pi Bani is not likely to desert her charges any time soon, Mat Bangkai will definitely review more books (hooray!), So...mana ada problem?

Raya tetap Raya!


bangkai said...

Deliciously irreverent, astutely perceptive and hilariously funny.

I like... I very like

Pi Bani said...

Emmm... are you sure someone actually nodded his assent to bungkus tikar? Bukan he nodded pasal terlelap ke? (Ooops... dah kurang pahala puasa hari ni!!)

bergen said...

Masa kat DESS dulu, bawah Verghese, saya satu kelas dengan adik Mustafa Ali. I think her name is Aniah. I remember because she was very pretty.

Laptop said...

Excuse me. I have a problem. I just wanted to buy some kueh at pasar ramadan. My gosh! The crowd that I had to bear with. It was a big problem!

Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

Mat B, I oso like..:)

Pi, at the rate we are going, lenyap pahala posa by ramadan's

Bergen, you ni betul lah ladies man. all the pretty girls you remember. I only remember the HM verghese and he wasn't pretty...hehehe

lap, next time you go to pasar ramadan 15 minuites before buka posa. less people and sometimes can get cheaper sumore.

elviza said...

Kak Puteri,

"Kerit ditikus!" *ROTFLOL*

Aduh, what a wicked sense of humor you have.

I love your nonchalant tone talking politics as opposed to the hard cor sopo blogger.


Budak mata besar.

Anonymous said...

hahahah......i like it

MrsNordin said...

Raya tetap Raya! Yeay!! Gasaklah engkorang nak buat apa pun!