Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ramadan Togetherness

Nawwar looking nerdy in Pak Abu's oversized specs

"Hmm.... sedapnyaaa!" - Spoofing Nescafe ad

The family sans Naj, after makan
Breaking of Fast, Royal Lake Club, Saturday 13/09/08.


Kak Teh said...

Puteri, our dinner table is mostly sans one son. This ramadan sans two. I miss the giggles when they are together.
Gosh, you Nawwar looks like a younger you, bukan?

Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

It's always hard to get them all together to sit down and makan together Kak Teh, even on their days off or weekends. Planning has to be done weeks in advance because there is always someone with prior commitment elsewhere. We have come to accept that fact in this very extended family of ours...:)

Awwa was fooling around with Pak Abu's glasses. He simply refuses to change his frame (itu frame 70s punya style!) to a more modern-looking one.

Elviza Michele said...

Is that you and Pak Abu? Nice picture.

Will at Lake Club too this coming Tuesday for iftar. Would you be there again?

Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

Not very likely, elviza. we hv an invitation to buka puasa with a close friend (dia nak belanja..hehehe)

J.T. said...

Hello Puteri

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Looking at the photo spoofing Nescafe ad now makes me crave for one of those 3-in-1 sachets. Luckily I found some in a store when I was in Austin a couple of weeks back. :)

Have a blessed Ramadan.

MrsNordin said...

Thanks for sharing the family pics with us. Anak you dah besar2, ya? Sikit lagi boleh dapat menantu! Hooray! And boleh panggil kugiran bawah kemah parachute, with mother of the bride singing lagu orang kawin! Hee.. hee..

Puteri Kamaliah at-Tarawis said...

hehehe.. what a delicious idea, Mrs N! You have just given me an idea.. when the time comes for us to hold kenduri kawin, kami buat thematic punya.. zaman 50s-60s, with joget lambak, kugiran, pakai baju ala saloma with beehive hairdo..hehehe..

MrsNordin said...

I want to come !! :)