Monday, May 19, 2008

Monkey Act

Every now and then someone who had read my blog would come up to me and say: "Why don't you do political commentary as well?"

Well, as a former journalist, I am on the ball with the current political scenario. I also have strong views about certain issues plaguing our country at the moment.

But I will refrain from jumping onto the "political blogging" bandwagon for one simple reason - I am put off by politicians in general.

No matter what their affiliation or where they belong in the political divide, more often than not they are just a bunch of self-serving scoundrels.

These are the people to whom truth is expandable, who are good at grandstanding and nothing much else, who make promises but do not fulfill them, and who hardly practise what they preach.

Their rudeness and crudeness are class acts, as amply demonstrated by their antics in the august House. Yang Berhormat they certainly are not. Yang Bahgal, perhaps.

I have more respect for the real baghals (donkeys and asses), not to mention the performing monkey with the organ grinder. Enough said.

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