Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Monday Blues

I had everything planned for Monday, it being a public holiday; go for Thai massage at One Utama to relieve my neck pain, write a new blog on my dear friend Reverend Ti Ratana in celebration of Wesak Day, and start on a new book, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah.

It wasn't to be. It was a busy Monday nonetheless, but not a very pleasant one; I was down with stomach flu and a slight migraine so early in the morning, and a client called for an urgent meeting in the afternoon.

And when it was time to leave for home, the car refused to start, again. That totally pissed me off because the battery had been replaced just two days earlier, when the original conked out on me.

The car is due for servicing, that much I know. Not only it says so on that little sticker on my windscreen, there is also a red light that blinks occasionally on the dashboard. I am sure it means money.

I had planned to get it done before going home to Dungun at the end of May to attend my niece's wedding. Looks like it's going to be sooner than expected (like today).

To wrap up a lousy day, my neck pain intensified, only to be upstaged by the other occasional (but still beloved) pain in the neck, who announced his resignation from UMNO. Oh dear!

PS: A belated Hari Wesak to all Buddhists, may there be peace and harmony among us.

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