Monday, May 5, 2008

The Lobster Meal

Lobster is hideously expensive and so bourgeois, so please forgive me when I said I had been craving for a lobster meal for months (and shamelessly hounding Pak Abu for a treat for just as long). Not that Pak Abu minded taking his wife out for fine dining once in a blue moon, that much I know.

My youngest sister Liza lives in the USA and spent many years working in Rhode Island, where lobsters are plentiful. My mother went to visit her some years ago and returned with tales of succulent lobster meals for days on end. How I envied her then, considering how pricey lobsters are in Malaysia, especially the air-flown variety.

The truth is, the last time I ate lobster was in the 1980s, just before the roof caved in on my head (the big "D", for the uninitiated). After that, life was a roller-coaster ride all the way and there was neither time nor money to splurge on lobsters.

Last Saturday Pak Abu and I made our way to Eden at Chulan Square so I could indulge in my craving for Lobster Thermidor. It had been four years since we last patronise Eden that we didn't even know it had moved to a new location. Luckily, the new place is just across the road from the old one.

The 'new' Eden is considerably smaller but definitely cosier than the 'old' Eden. The standard remains impeccable, the staff just as courteous. Suffice to say, it was a pleasant evening out for us fuddy-duddies. Although the bill wasn't high enough to leave me choked and strangled, I think it would be quite a while before I dare crave for another lobster meal.

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