Saturday, June 27, 2009


I knew it had to happen sooner or later; I just didn't anticipate it happening sooner than expected. Had it happened to the 'old' me, that is to say the kepala angin (temperamental) 'me' of 20 years ago, Pak Abu would probably have to endure biting morsels for the next 12 months.

But two decades on and I am one surprisingly mellowed 'auntie' on the treshhold of her 55th birthday, who has come to terms with her greying hair and her compact middle, and who no longer worries about missing birthdays and anniversaries. At this age, if one MUST worry, it should be about missing teeth!

June 23 has always been an important date in our personal calendar, it being our wedding anniversary. So you can judge the state of our marriage from what had happened this year - we both forgot! This year, Tuesday June 23rd sailed past without as much as a squeak.

Pak Abu only realised it the day after. As for me, I well and truly forgot until he mentioned it during lunch the following day. That too after wildly guessing why we were where we were. So much for romance!

That Wednesday, Pak Abu came home around noon and asked me to get ready for lunch. Nothing unusual in that; he always came home lunchtime and we would go makan at any of the shops around Taman Tun.

I put on a nondescript, everyday blouse, clipped a plain tudung on my head and off we went.. presumably to 'Restoran Puteri' or 'Salero Nogori' or 'Penang Village' just round the corner. Instead he drove to Medan Damansara and parked in front of my favourite Italian restaurant, La Risata.

La Risata? At noon? That's waayyy too much, I thought. Without a doubt, La Risata serves good fare; its seafood soup is a must every time. We usually have Italian food for dinner, after which I would end up like a beached whale.

It was while waiting for the food to arrive that Pak Abu stated the obvious. I couldn't help but laugh (it was a nervous titter, actually) at my creeping nyanyokness. Pak Abu said he remembered the anniversary the day before and had planned to get a card and stuffs.

Naturally he forgot on the day itself, and recalled it again the day after, by which time the card (and whatever that was to come with it) was history.

We laughed as we reminisced the first anniversary; how he went the distance - an expensive dinner for two, flowers, presents, a bottle of wine too - and a spot of music, in a hotel somewhere.

Anyway, it was a good noon outing. Happy anniversary Pak Abu and please don't lupa next year, ok? And I will try not to forget as well....

PS: Confucius says "Prolonged forgetfulness of one's wedding anniversary can cause cold spots in the house due to the presence of a restless brooding entity called wife."

Aaah, such wise words from good old Confucius (I think he must have forgotten an anniversary or two himself to have come up with this gem.. hehehe....)


Pi Bani said...

Happy Anniversary!! Lupa takpe, janji happy!

mamasita said...

Happy lupa Anniversary!!
You are one of the most darling makji and pakji couples in Taman Tun..hehe
I've never tried those restaurants you mentioned kat Taman Tun..yang Italian tu pun belum. Oooh..sounds like another couple of beached whales from Kuantan will be landing there soon!!

─╣aptop™ said...

Saya tak penah ambik pot pun bab Anniversary nih! Tak dan pun sebenaqnya.
1st year dok kalut nak settle down. (Is taking 1 year to settle down a bit too long?). 2nd yr, tak dan pun.....dah sampai at the cross road.
Apa kata that singer?
"Di persimpangan, ketika itu, langkah tidak lagi sehaluan". Lebih kurang lagu tu.
So, tak dak apa yang berseri lagi untuk nak ambik pot bab Anniversary.

Anyhow, "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" yg keberapa eh MaCage & Pak ASH?

mekyam said...

cute! :D

happy anniversary to the abus!

celeb tu walaupun lambat sikit tapi bunyi mcm romantik gak. ;D

─╣aptop™ said...

MaCage & Pak ASH.
Just to make a note here and let those who kenai "leen_arynna" of old MBSC. Mum dia passed away - 3 days.
Takziah & Al-Fatehah.
Yes, cancer is dreadful and steals your love ones without notice.
Hope you don't mind my taking up the space here.

wanshana said...

Happy Anniversary, Kak Puteri and Pak Abu :)

Love and Happiness always.

God bless :)

jaflam said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Pak Abu. Semoga bahagia dan gembira hingga keakhir hayat.

Pak Idrus said...

Kama, that is part of been in the golden age. No marah marah!!.

Happy anniversary, sound romantic.

Have a nice day and take care.

mozart said...

Haha. What did u guys do the 'day' itself?

Puteri, i forgot my REAL age a few years back because i keep telling people im 27.

Jgn risau, lupa tu normal.

Pak Zawi said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you. We always forget ours too so lets not worry much about forgetting the recent one. I bet he won't forget it next year.

GUiKP said...

Sometimes I also forgot, after finished brushing my teeth, whether it was Colgate or L'Oreal Men Expert facial product that I just squeezed. Selamat Ulang Tahun Perkahwinan Bersama Pak Abu.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Happy Anniversary!Many many more years of happiness to come.

Queen Of The House said...

Heeheehee! I can't help but laugh when I read your entry. It happened to us a few times too, but each time we try to cover by saying "I was just testing to see if you remembered". Haha. Such forgetfulness only comes (and is accepted) when you're comfortable where you are ... not Confucius' words, of course!

Naz said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you :)

Kama said...

Pi - Tq Pi, Happy tetap happy!

Mamasita - You always come around herein Tmn Tun area; come lah we hv kopi together one day..

Lap - There'll be another jodoh insyaallah. btw, Al-fatihah for arwah mak leen. could you kindly e-mail me leen's tel no or e-mail address?

Mekyam - speaking of romance, the term Romantika D'Tampoi aptly describes us i think... there's a screw loose somewhere in this hilarious union..LOL

Shana, Jaflam, Farina, Naz - tq dearies for the good wishes.

Pak Idrus - no more marah2 at this age, Pak. entah dibuatnya mati terkejut, tak sempat mintak ampun..

Mozart - you remind me of one old-time penyanyi I know (my age too) who was stuck at 39 by the time I got to my early 40s. I think now she is in her late 40s, now that I am in my mid 50s..hehehe

Pak Zawi - this lupa thingy cannot make it a habit la Pak Zawi.. rugi tak dapat prezen! pak abu's idea of bagi present applies to the day itself saja.. clever man, that one.

Guip - you are too young to be forgetful..makan one kismis a day.. hehehe..

Qoth - looks like one day i shall need to apply thos 'cover line' phrase as well kot.. :)

kay_leeda said...

Alamak...terlepas boat dah ni. Happy Anniversary to both Pak Abu & Kak Puteri. Okay lah tu, the Italian lunch...masih "lomantik" Pak Abu nyer :)

Peace, lurrvveee always :)

Anonymous said...


happy anniversary to you and pak abu.

i don't mean to be mischievous, but did you just say that you and pak abu drank wine?

i am not personally concerned about whether you or anyone else consumes alcohol or not, but i am concerned about whether malaysians may be allowed to live their lives within the confines of the law, free from moral policing of departments such as JAIS or similar jabatan agama.

so i'd like to ask for your knowledge and opinion, is it safe for a muslim in malaysia to publicly state that they consume / consumed alcohol, without fear of punishment?

Kama said...

Hehehe Kay.. only the 'tik' lemain in the lomentik..LOL

Anon - Naah, insofar as the wine is concerned, I was referring to our very first anniversary 8 years ago when we were very much in jahiliah mode..hehehe.. now dah tobat lama dah, dah pi aji dah pun... :) but if by admitting as such will get us in trouble with JAIS, I will take it as God's will. There is always Hikmah Allah disebalik whatever happens.. so kita terima saja..

Anonymous said...

kama, thanks for your sharing.

the earlier anon.

Kak Teh said...

Happy belated anniversary Puteri and Pak Abu.
Nanti I balik bisik kat you benda2 yang lupa masa umork semakin muda ni. Hope to see you next month. Insyaallah.

Kama said...

anon - the pleasure is all mine :)

Kak Teh - tq, and glad to know you will be back visiting soon. Insyaallah we meet...

edelweiss said...

Kak Puteri,

Sekali sekali lupa tak hal... heheh

Happy anniversary...semoga dipanjangkan umur, dimurahkan rezeki, dikurniakan kesihatan yang baik dah dipanjangkan jodoh sehingga ke akhir hayat... insyallah.

take care :)

Anonymous said...

i have been avid reader of ur blog for quite sometime. when i first read this blog, i didnt know who u were, but today laptop's msg confirmed my suspicions. :-) you r my kak cage and abg ash from mbsc.
dunno if u still remember me, i am serene123. we met up for karaoke once and later u came over to kajang for satay Ingat tak? anyway, hope to meet up with u two soon
hugs n kisses

Kama said...

edelweiss _ tq for the good wishes, dear..

serene - oh goodness! I had often wondered what had happened to you. terputus hubungan langsung! So glad you surface kembali.. of course cage ingat sesangat! bopren lama lagi terkenang (kekadangla!), nikan pulak orang yg pernah blanja kita makan satay kajang free... hehehe.. e-mail me nahh..

Tommy Yew said...

Hi Puteri,

First & foremost, Happy Anniversary to u & Pak Abu. I hope there’ll be many2 more to come for the both of you!

U sure or not, u only on your threshold of 55th birthday? Hmmm unlike my Ah Soh, who shud be around that age, but somehow we kept celebrating her 49th!!! (for the last god knows how many years, I dread to ask, I'm quite smart sometimes u know...heheh).

I’m only good at remembering birthdays, so I’ve made a pact with the missus; we only just celebrate big on birthdays. All the other occasions are just on an ad hoc basis, make up & celebrate as & when we are in the mood, i.e. hopefully as many times in the year as possible lah, hey why restrict yourself when u can have a good time all the time. So no more stress by forgetting!

Hope the both of u enjoyed your big day!


P/S - One day, I bought her some lovely flowers (coz they were on sale ;))just to surprise her. Must be that wrong time of the month, she lost it & demanded what have I done wrong this time!!!! c'est la vie.

Kama said...

Tq Tommy, for the good wishes. weird as it sounds, I actually enjoy growing old.. the only snag (if you can call it that) of ageing is that we will die at the end of it all.. LOL.. flowers are good for one's sel-esteem but if I get a bouquet out of the blue from Pak Abu, my response would probably be the same as your missus.. "Now, what hv you done this time?" :)

jash said...

hehehe.. kami nie macam chipsmore, sekejap ada, sekejap ilang.
anyway, wud love to meet up with u and abg ash.leh gi makan satay kajang lagi.hehehe

Rose said...

Kak Kama & Abg Mizi, still not too late to say "Congratulations & happy Anniversary"! Busy la,lepas wedding tu imran & afwan demam, pastu keje lak masuk, tak sempat nak baca your blog until today.
I still remember that phone call from you,lovely night 8 years ago...heheheh.
Moga-moga many more happy years to come.

CN said...

Happy belated anniversary to a wonderful couple, Cage & Ash. Have a great day and a happy and healthy year ahead. Aminnnn..
Love n best wishes,
Cikgu Teluk Intan :)

Kama said...

serene - tq dear for the wishes. makan free? boleh aja.. hehehe.. nanti kita jumpa before posa..

rose - tq for the wishes. sorry we didn't get the opportunity to chitchat at the wedding the other day. hope the kids are ok now. eh, your other half is very bulatlah now.. kasi slow sikit makan.. dont be montel like me

cikgu - i dono what to say oredi cikgu nora. your selindang mekah merindui you la..