Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lethal Embrace & Lunchtime Special

Folks, I honestly don't know whether to laugh or to cry after reading about a 78 year-old man who died (in ecstasy, I presume) while indulging in foreplay with a 31 year-old transvestite, in Kuantan a few days ago.

This bit of news, widely reported in the local media, reminded me of another similarly disconcerting report a few years ago where a man and his mistress, deep in the throes of sex, died when tsunami hit them.

It happened in Acheh; the man was a local bigwig and businessman (a Haji too it was reported) while the woman was a divorcee.

A true case of coitus interruptus this, with disastrous result unfortunately, for not only did they drown in passion but in the onrushing waters as well.

Their bodies, found locked together 'down there' by rescue workers, could not be parted despite several attempts and had to be carted off in that undignified position to the mortuary. [What a sorry spectacle it must have been...].

I am highlighting these two stories not to embarrass anyone, or to make light of these events, but as a reminder of God's absolute will.

I think we need to be constantly reminded of the need to stay true i.e. on the right path, because the Devil will never slacken his efforts to lead us astray, Pak Haji/Mak Haji notwithstanding.

Human beings are so weak, and so easily influenced and induced. For men, the temptation of all things sexual is the hardest to deal with. Not many men can overcome sexual seduction with ease; that's where Satan is at his creative best and man at his defensive worst.

For the 78 year-old Malay man who perished "dalam dakapan mak nyah' in Kuantan three days ago, I feel for his family. Imagine their discomfort and embarrassment, having to face kith and kin, and society at large.

He is dead and gone now; he has to deal with it wherever he is, may Allah swt have mercy on him. But what in heaven's name was he thinking, frolicking, at 78, with a bapok? Words fail me completely.

Just yesterday Pak Abu and I gloomily mulled over the social ills plaguing our society today, especially the influx of prostitutes and hookers of every colour and creed, who seem to think Malaysia is their proverbial Land of Milk and Honey.

I am inclined to think they are the Honeys doing the milking and for a few hard-earned bucks, the men gladly allow themselves to be milked (in more ways than one).

I had recently read about the reported abundance of whorehouses, including a new phenomenon called "rumah syahwat" (literally, House of Lust), now sprouting like taugeh in Kuala Lumpur.

These 'rumahs' operate only at lunchtime and cater to a select clientele. Membership is by word-of-mouth; you need to be referred by a regular. And there is only one dish on the menu - sex.

Servings come in the form of scantily-dressed young women, bearing condoms. A poke, lasting a few brief minutes, costs in the region of RM120 - RM150, so I read.

Apparently, these sessions are not even conducted in private, away from prying eyes. In Rumah Syahwat, the 'all in the family' atmosphere prevails; sofas are strategically placed in darkened corners in a big room.

Just pick a girl and a spot, drop your pants and get going. When "lunch" is over, the patrons presumably wash their "hands", belt up and adjourn to a nearby mamak for teh tarik.

These 'rumah syahwat' will make it even easier for an erring husband to cheat on his wife. No need to be creative with excuses about going out at night anymore.

Just skip the real lunch and go for this 'makanan segera' instead; our local version of fast food, no less ...... Malaysia Boleh!


Tommy Yew said...

Puteri oh Puteri, only u could come out with this society social ill post, in your very own special casual comical way. ‘Fast food joint’ can ‘tah pau’ one or not, LOL. If (note, I said if), I’m really2 that desperate, I’ll probably go for the ‘Heidi Fleiss’ type of service, then again I’m very discerning between love & lust. Where got thrill if there’s no feeling or chemistry involved between the consenting partners, true?

Nah, I’ll just stick to my only vice of sport betting & casino, & the ecstasy of pokie machines going off, bells ringing when it hit the jackpots. Yah what, this weakness of mine doesn’t harm anyone except myself!

Hey, what do u think if the authority could consider legalising this trade & treat it as just another licensed business entity? I meant so that there are better control, containment, rules & regulation. This might help stop such back door type of hanky panky ‘disguised’ business outlets from sprouting. Please don’t shoot me, just my tot, not as if I’m really that keen to see this happened, but let’s face reality, it’s one of those problem that’ll never go away.


Typhoon Sue said...

can order delivery oso....

mozart said...

Tak sure i wanna cry or laugh reading your entry. Most of it tergelak sorang la kot.

The funny thing is, most of these ills involved orang-orang yang dah kahwin, based on the news, articles etc. My hasty generalization je, i might be wrong.

Something should be done to curb these orang kawin dari buat perangai x senonoh ni. The isu is still the basic 'supply and demand'. If no demand, later supply pun xde. Ikat sikit nafsu orang-orang dah kawin ni. Hehe.

Desert Rose said...

Kak Puteri,

Ni malu 18 keturunan anak cucunya, just imagine,

" Eh tu la budak yg moyang dia mati kat katil mak nyah tu kan????""

Once told by an ustaz on IKIM radio , a man died of heart attack while still "adjoined" to his mistress whom he took for a holiday in Jakarta, while his wife was performing Hajj.....

Astagfirullah, i cannot iamgine bila saat2 nyawanya ditarik...

leen @ cik_kembang said...

Assalamualaikum ma,

The moment I saw my mum's body was placed in the liang lahad. I felt turbulence inside, it was an indescribable feeling. I was imagining the life after hard it can be for those yg tak sempat bertaubat...

Best Regards

AuntieYan @ Makcik Blogger said...

Salam Kak Puteri,

Memang menakutkan..donia dah nak kiamat!!.

Hari Selasa, cerita pasal this girl lemaskan bayi yang baru dia lahirkan, lepas tu, the next day pulak, mayat gadis bersama bayi yang dilahirkan dijumpai di bilik asrama UTM....

Apa nak jadi???

Semoga Allah selamatkan kita semua dari bala bencana....tu pasal lah gamaknya ada wabak itu ini...walahhualam!

CN said...

How about prostitution among the schoolgirls? Dah macam trend sekarang. Sex untuk duit. They choose to sell their bodies utk dapat duit for brand clothes or fashionable gadgets. Kami cikgu.. tak leh tegoq, takut kena saman. Kena saman tak mampu bayaq, pasai gaji kecik.
Seriously speakinglah kan, our society ni banyak yang dah PARAH. Budak muda dan orang tua dah tak tentu arah. Nak cure pun payah.
Mai bagi kami power utk besit (balun) anak-anak sekolah yang jahat berhantu tu dengan rotan. Biaq besaq nanti dia tau mana nak letak "anu" dia kat tempat yang sepatutnya..hehehehehehe

psstt.. akak, plssss tulungg simpankan selendang Mekah saya dulu baik-baik..nanti InsyaAllah ada masa saya mai rumah you bawak tempoyak.LOL..


Oldstock said...

Salam Kak Kama,

You are so right. Sexual temptation is the most difficult thing to handle. That is why we (guys) need the constant reminder. Terima kasih kerana mengingatkan.

Kama said...

Hehehe Tommy, you are one classy 'john'. it's either 'Heidi Fleiss' type of service or nothing, eh.. I totally agree with you that prostitution is one of those issues that will never go away, but legalising brothels doesn't gel with our moral values, maah..

Sue - it's too true; nowadays (high class) hookers are a phone call away.. macam order takeaway pulak..

Mozart - I couldn't agree with you more. yang dah kawin menjadi2 pulak.. dunia dah nak kiamat la tu..

DR - Astagaa..wife pi haji hubby pi sexoliday with GF?

Leen - that's one of my greatest fears, takut tak sempat taubat..

Yan - i always feel sad bila baca pasal budak2 perempuan (esp pelajar) buang anak ni.. we need this 'baby hatch' system where kalau takmoh budak tu, pi letak kat hatch.. apadah jadi dengan dunia sekarang..

Cikgu N - we miss you.. comelah to kl before posa..

Oldstock - seharusnya kita saling ingat mengingati..

afah said...

..sign of the times, lady..the geezer cannot help it..symptoms of a decaying society..look around you..there's nothing of quality..across the board, we are going down the drain..from sports- politics..virtue is a long lost word..chaos is the legacy we are leaving to our children and,don't blame the ole man too much..he's just acting out a part..

Kak Teh said...

They went with not a stitch on them but certainly a smile on their faces.That's what we call sticking through thick and thin.

Kama said...

afah - hehe, perhaps I'm a bit too harsh on the poor geezer..

Kak Teh - Glad you can see the humour in it ..

MA said...

Seeing kids growing up in this kind of society memang menyeramkan. I have to constantly remind my children that whatever they do will affect not only my good name, but of their Atok, Wan, Pak Long, Mak Ngah, Pak Chu etc etc

Just the other day I tegur one girl who was walking in the street with her butt sticking out in the name of fashion.

Bak kata SM Salim...Apa nak jadi..??!

Pak Zawi said...

Dulu kat Golok ada satu kes orang Mesia mati atas perut pelacur disana. Lepas tu kurang la sikit orang tua tua pergi sana takut perkara yang sama berulang lagi. Malunya keluarga dan warith yang terpaksa pergi ambik mayat untuk di kebumikan.
The way you tell it was so much fun despite the seriousness of the story.

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Saya masih ingat, seorang ustaz, pernah berkata, kaki kita jangan menuju ke tempat2 maksiat, kata Pak Malim yg kena siat. Ia kerana, ditakdirkan Allah menurunkan bala, kita tiada di sana.

mamasita said...

Hehehe..Puteri, you ni very kelakar..I hope the 'lunchtime' special will be detected quickly when the men go home for the 'dinner' special..lets see the 'dayaness'..hahaha

Kama said...

MA - me too, MA, always reminding the kids of same. too much negative influence out there..

Pak Zawi - Aibnya... kesian kluarga. they hv to live with it forever and more..

Ray - very true pak malim. lucky you are a cat, no need to worry about rumah syahwat. if you jenguk there pun, it's because you cari the real meal, bukan a sexy meow.. hehehe

Mamasita - i think dinner special simpan for another day la jawabnya.. lol ..

reporter not so qualified fr Jedah said...

puteri kama,

breaking news from Jeddah!!!! I overheard a conversation - such 'services' oso available here..and of international menu some more...pakistani, egyptian, filipina, sri lanka...semua ada. wooooo!! unbelievable and I simply don not want to believe oso!!

errr...that 78 yr old, why lah go die like that!!! ermmmm....

luah fikiran said...

Totally agree with u. Nice posting and best advice to everybody (especially me as a man). Saya berpegang kepada kata-kata berikut:


─╣aptop™ said...

CN, I can see that "They choose to sell their bodies utk dapat duit for brand clothes or fashionable gadgets." because they envied you cikgis dressed up nicely and sexily. Hahahaha.

Kama said...

Pp - I heard abt 'em hookers in Jeddah. Seriau dengar..Jeddah is only an hour drive away from Makkah..!

LF - if only ppl sentiasa ingat yg seronok tu sekejap, yg seksa tu lama.. they wont do for sure.. tapi manusia ni mudah lupa..

lap - CN anggun gituu..!