Thursday, February 26, 2009

Awwa & The Pregnant Cat

Two Weeks Ago

Awwa: Ma, guess what. Karen and I were at 'Maulana' just now and we saw this pregnant stray cat dragging its leg. It looked broken, Ma, kesian sangat.

Me: And..?

Awwa: We were discussing what to do about it, Ma. I know we can’t have cats living in condo and Karen’s aunt can’t take any more cats either.

Me: What’s the plan then?

Awwa: We want to go back there and take it to the vet. I hope it’s still there. Is it ok, Ma? I asked the mamak guy and he told us some car backed into it a few days ago and it has been limping since. I don't know how bad is the injury. What do you think?

Me: I think it’s a very good idea.

Last week Pak Abu and I were in Singapore. No update from Awwa about the cat. This whole week Awwa was busy with her client shoot, photography and stuff, leaving the house 8am and coming home well past midnight. We hardly had time to talk; it was ‘g'morning’ and ‘bye’ for the past 4 days.

This Morning

Awwa: Guess what, Ma! Karen and I went to vet to check on the cat yesterday. It has been adopted by a family from Shah Alam! I am so happy! The vet said the cat was healing well and the family fell in love with it, so she gave it to them.

Me: I’m happy for you too. God bless that Christina (the vet)!

Maulana - mamak joint in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL
Karen - Awwa's bestfriend, galpal and occasional 'agony aunt'


Raden Galoh said...

Salam Kak... Cats and kittens... hmmm I have a heart as soft as silk kak for them... anytime, anywhere sure mudah kesian... and with that, like the people in my kg know it, whenver they want to 'buang' cats and kittens, it will be my front yard...

I have at one time 12 cats, then when they grow up one by one is gone, the males become heroes and will comeback once a while... the females if keje dia bunting je (nak keje apalagi ye kak?) MH sure give them away...

Now we have Simba, Nur, Kontot, kasih, Oren, Kelabu and Kacut.

Haihhh... me and my cat talks... therapy kak!

Will call you soon... watch out! Hehehe

Kak Teh said...

Puteri, that's a wonderful thing to do. Whenever i go back to Malaysia, tak termakan saya kalau tengok kucing stray tak makan.

anyway, a similiar awwa and the pregnant cat story. We went to Damansara some years ago to have dinner with friends at a steak house. We heard meowing coming from the direction fo the drain and then we say several newborn kittens. My husband tak termakan dok teringat kittens ni. We brought some stuff down to feed them. Then when we went back to Gombak, we couldnt sleep thinking about the poor kittens in the drain, so drove back to Damansara, went down the drain and took all the kittens back to Gombak. Throughout the night he was trying to feed milk to the kittens.

sigh, another me and cat talk.

Pi Bani said...

Kata sahibul hikayat, maka tersebutlah kisah suatu ketika dahulu (sorry, teringin nak pakai bahasa lama le pulak), zaman I dok rumah anak-anak dara di KL with my friends, adalah sekor kucing ni datang rumah we all dok meowing away like trying to tell us something. She kept coming to our front door and walked to the gate, then datang balik and walked back to the gate - like asking us to follow her. So one of my friends ni ikut le dia keluar. True enough, memang kucing tu suruh ikut dia. Ikut sampai end of the road, dia masuk pagar another house, tuanrumah we all tak kenal. My friend ni stopped outside the gate, but the cat macam panggil dia masuk. Laaa... so how? Takkan my friend nak ceroboh masuk pulak. Nanti kalau tuanrumah tanya, takkan nak kata kucing tu yang ajak dia masuk. Gila apa?? So my friend balik ajelah although the cat kept meowing and meowing and meowing. Sorrylah, cerita ni takde ending, sampai sudah we all tak tau why the cat suruh ikut dia...

Kama said...

Dalilah - Awww, such a sweet voice you have! TQ for the call :) Memang kucing is therapy.. I miss them everyday I am in this condo.

Kak Teh - I dah agak dah, you would go back to angkut the kittens, because we would do just the same. Tak sampai hati kan?

Pi - Hahaha, Pi aparaaaa.. cerita yang tersangkut takda kesudahan..:)

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing yg alim.

Saya suka cerita2 kucing yg berakhir dengan 'happy ending', kata Pak Malim sambil cuba nak landing. By the way, kata Pak Malim sambil mengunyah biskut Amway, remember the story of Minah Gayat on the SPCA News a couple of weeks ago, asks the cat who dances the ago go. My sister saw her and Malim dancing away in front of our neighbor's house this evening. Mereka nampak gembira, kata kera.

mekyam said...

love love a tearierama with happy ending. esp when it's a real story.

God bless awwa, karen, christina and the cat and her new family!

Kama said...

Ray -
i like that Minah Gayat
kata kama yg tak pandai 'mengayat'
wah, menari dengan ray pulak!
kata kama sambil pakai celak
(celak mekah

Mekyam - Aaah, ltns, madam! welcome back to my sphere. Indeed, I too feel blessed to be surrounded by such animal-loving folks..

awais khan said...
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