Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's Your Problem Again?

Whatever issues I may have in my life seem incredibly lame after looking at all these iconic photographs (a few of which have won the Pulitzer).

1957: Dorothy Counts, the first black girl to attend an all-white school, being mercilessly taunted and jeered by her white male peers.

Tokyo, January 12, 1960: This picture was snapped just seconds before Japanese Socialist Party leader Inojiro Asanuma was murdered by a right-wing 17 year-old student.

Saigon, South Vietnam, 1963: The self-immolation of Buddhist priest Thich Quang Duc, in protest of the government's torture policy against priests. Incredibly, Thich never made a sound while he was burning.

Loc Thuong, Binh Dinh, South Vietnam, September 1965. Mother and children wade across river to escape US bombing.

South  Vietnam 1966:  US troops dragging a dead Vietcong soldier.

Saigon, South Vietnam, February 1, 1968, South Vietnam police chief Nguyen Ngoc Loan shoots a young man suspected to be a Vietcong soldier.

Uganda, 1980: A missionary holding the emaciated hand of a starving boy in Uganda. The boy died soon after.

Beirut, 1982: Massacre of Palestinian refugees in camps Sabra and Shatila.

Beijing, 4 June 1989. A demonstrator confronts a line of People’s Liberation Army tanks during Tianannmen Square demonstrations for democratic reform.

Somalia, 1992: A Somali mother holds the body of her child who had died of hunger.

Rwanda, 1994: A Hutu man mutilated by the Hutu ‘Interahamwe’ militia, who suspected him of sympathizing with the Tutsi rebels.

Iran, 2002: Soldiers and villagers digging graves for the victims of an earthquake in northern Iran. A tearful child clings to his dead father’s pants before burial.


Wan Sharif said...

Some people said if you are down go and visit people in ICU or hospital's wards.. Then you would feel thankful that your problem is not as serious..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Yohwang: very very true. i suppose that's why kita disaran selalu2 ziarah orang sakit, supaya kita sentiasa bersyukur dengan apa nikmat yg Allah bagi kat diri kita..

edelweiss said...

Kak Puteri,

Thanks di atas perkongsian yang menginsafkan nih...

i tersedar...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

edelweiss - betul kan? kita tak kebulur, makanan pakai melimpah ruah, negara aman takder perang, takder pembunuhan beramai2, takder tribal conflicts, bebas berugama, tidur malam lena, orang lain pulak datang cari rezeki di negara kita.. tu pun ramai yg tak bersyukur, asyik komplen tak abeh2..

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the My Lai girl running naked from the bombings. Turned out that she was adopted by the Americans and turned out to be a somebody. What fate has in store we never know.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Indeed, anon 4.04. i recall her being featured in the media some years back.