Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rene & Atief - The Wedding

Don't we all love weddings! We get to meet relatives and friends near and far, offering a chance to mend fences for some and renew old ties for others. 

Some get to parade new togs and heels. Others less restrained take the opportunity to show off their bling-blings that could put a dimmer on the stars in the Milky Way.

Then there's food, glorious food. I'm sure you love wedding feasts as much as I do. I guess it's not so much what is served, but the whole kenduri atmosphere the occasion affords.

There were makan aplenty at the wedding of my niece, Masyarene Mohd Som (daughter of my sister Zahana), to her beau, Syed Atief Syed Amran, in Shah Alam Saturday last.

("Three down, three to go, plus one," I whispered in half-jest, and the mother of six daughters and one son smiled ruefully!)

With aqad (solemnisation) and bersanding (sitting on the dais) done on the same day - one in the morning, the other in the evening - our meals were kowtimmed for the whole day. And that had not even taken the tapau part into account. See why I love weddings in the family?


Rene, radiant in white, patiently waiting to be led downstairs for the solemnisation ceremony.

 Aqad was undertaken by the bride's father himself, a taciturn former Air Force pilot now flying with a private carrier, whose serious demeanour had caused the nervous groom to slightly flub his nikah acceptance. Can't help it, Atief; he's got 6 daughters on his mind!

Mother of the bride sitting pretty beside her third daughter, soon to be someone's wife. Psst, did I spy some tears behind the smile? (I know I did :-D)

Sarung cincin.. 'With this ring, I thee wed.."

Rene and Atief posing for their first picture together as husband and wife. 


Yours truly with all her sisters but one and sisters-in-law. From left: first sister and mother of the bride Zahana, fourth sister Zanariah, sister-in-law Wan Hanisah (all the way from Kota Bharu), third sister Zaridah (the glamour puss of the family), sister-in-law Sara (from Ipoh), second sister Hanizah and yours truly, the Big Sister (in both rank and size). The missing one is my adik bongsu Norliza, currently working and residing in the US.

A simple pelamin for the aqad ceremony.

Before long, these adorable cucus of my sister Zaridah clambered up to stake a claim on the wrought iron kerusi.

The bride's two elder sisters, Masyareta and Masyarena, both happily married with a child each. Rena's the first medical doctor among her siblings and runs a private clinic in Nilai. 

This heart-shaped cake is one of the hantaran items from bride to groom. I especially like the lavender/blue theme colour.

My eldest brother Megat Yusof with our niece Asma (daughter of Zanariah), yet another doctor in the making, with a couple more years to go before graduation.

Muda, segak, able and available! Not you, Chop (heaven forbids!) but the young man, our nephew Anoh (Mohd Noh), only son of our sister Hanizah. Any takers? :-D

Let it be known that Hanizah has joined my ranks in tearing our hair out for the past few years waiting for our bujang sons to bring home 'potentials' to show us. At this rate, we'll be bald soon, eh Zah?

Pak Abu, with nary a care in the world, menjamu selera with kampung fare (ikan kering, sambal belacan, ulam et al) for lunch.


The wedding reception was held later in the evening at Kelab Shah Alam Selangor, not far from the bride's family residence. There were some 600 guests in attendance.

Nothing fancy really (and it was that way intended), just the usual bersanding, merenjis, makan beradab dan later, cake-cutting. There were no VIPs nor guests-of honour. Everyone was a special guest of the family.

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Pak Syed and wife, parents of the groom; they live in Perlis. Looks like we'll be trudging up to the North soon  for an utara-style kenduri. Looking forward to the trip.

My two orang bujang, Naj and Joe. Any takers? Hehehe..

This is what we in the family affectionately call "Geng Salor" i.e. the children and in-laws of my brother Megat Fouzi and his wife, Wan Hanisah, who hails from Salor, Kelantan.

These 3 cutiepies are the elder granddaughters of my eldest brother Megat Yusof. From left: Tun Nur Syalisa, Tun Nur Ainaa and Tun Nur Syahirah. Aduhai, potential heartbreakers semua ni..

My glam memanjang sis Zaridah with her better half, Radzi. Fuuuh, sapa punya jari tuuu?

Ahem.. merah sangatlah Mak Ngah..!


─╣aptop™ said...

Typical "mandang ke siling" to the suggestion "My two orang bujang, Naj and Joe. Any takers?"
When will they ever learn ¿

Chenon Ishak said...

Daughters of Megat are given given title "Tun" ke? I tot its Puteri ...

Chenon Ishak said...

You were asking if there are takers for your two sons ....well I have a daughter to offer's that...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

cheNon: tun is when maknya puteri tapi bapaknya orang kebanyakan. my children semua tak carry 'tun' sebab i had my eldest abroad so registered him at the malaysian high commission tanpa the tun. lupa. dah balik sini, malaslah berkisah dah.

haaa.. boleh perkenal tu..LOL

Kama At-Tarawis said...

lap: very true la.. the pandang ke siling stance..

─╣aptop™ said...

"the pandang ke siling stance" simply means "siling tu jatuh baru haku nak menikah".... (kang org kta bckp dari xperience pulak) ;-)

Oldstock said...

I seem to remember you posted some time ago that Joe already has a beau in mind...

Orang-orang bujang ni takleh dipaksa, Kak Kama. Diaorang nak pilih yang betul-betul berkenan di hati.

Ezza Muffinbiru said...

kak puteri..your two bujangs tu kena kawin paksa kot...macam cerita dalam novel2 yang saya baca dulu...jangan marah ya...

Kama At-Tarawis said...

lap: lol.. speaking through experience la tu...

Oldstock: they dont last, none of them did, the beaus. the one you mentioned dah takder dah. nak tunggu depa buat pilihan sendiri, takut bujang sampai ke tua aja.. Ya Allah, percepatkanlah jodoh anak2 saya..

Ezza: mana boleh main paksa2 depa ni. semua bijak pandai.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Kak Puteri

AlhmdulLiLAH dpt menantu dri utara Perghleh.Nanti kak rasa lah harum manis n ikan bakar n laksa Kuala Perghleh.Yummylicious..


Kama At-Tarawis said...

wawa: kak kama sangat2 look forward nak gi bertandang up north nih. lama sungguh tak pi belah sana.. berpuluh tahun. the last time kami went up (to penang) rasa2nya 5 tahun yg lalu kot. to kedah & perlis dah sampai tak ingat bila. insyaallah kalau dipanjangkan umur, sampailah tu. nak pi makan laksa teluk kecai.. :-D

Lynn Bergseth said...

wawa: kak kama sangat2 look forward nak gi bertandang up north nih. lama sungguh tak pi belah sana.. berpuluh tahun. the last time kami went up (to penang) rasa2nya 5 tahun yg lalu kot. to kedah & perlis dah sampai tak ingat bila. insyaallah kalau dipanjangkan umur, sampailah tu. nak pi makan laksa teluk kecai.. :-D