Monday, January 16, 2012

The Daily Sniffles

"You can't find peace until you find all the pieces." Troy Dunn

These days, I shed tears almost on a daily basis. Except Sundays. Folks I know don't cry Sundays; they go shopping, or jalan-jalan cari makan.

Personally, I try not to bawl my eyes out Sundays if I can help it, for it might ruin both the family's weekly pasar malam highlight and our weekend karaoke session.

If you are in my part of the woods 6pm to 7pm Monday through Saturday, please stay away from my front door. Neither am I accepting phone calls. Sorry, you have been warned.

Why? Because I'd be getting comfortable for a good half-hour cry come 6.30pm, and you're not welcome to watch or hear me gently sniffling into my padded scatter cushion.

Television and I are not exactly the best of friends. I'd rather bury myself in books than face the box. Had it not been for documentaries and selected reality shows (read "MasterChef" and "American Idol"), you won't find me reaching out for the remote. 

This is not always the case. A few decades back, I was an addict who could not face another day without knowing what went on in "Peyton Place" and "Dallas", and how Anjin-san John Blackthorne fared in yet another "Shogun" episode.

Like millions of others worldwide, I too was engrossed with Kunta Kinte's incredible journeys on  Alex Haley's unforgettable "Roots", arguably the most-watched TV series of all time.

I was equally enamoured by a slew of British offerings, in particular that superb saga set in British India, "The Jewel In The Crown", and controversy-laden "The Thorn Birds", set in the Australian outback, about an illicit love affair between a banished Catholic priest and a young Australian woman. 

Television and I parted company when I left journalism to run my own public relations consultancy, mostly because my time was no longer my own. I hardly had time to breathe, let alone indulge in the convoluted plots of make-believe stories.

These days, however, I find myself slowly picking up where I had left off years earlier, TVwise. Back on the couch you can find me evenings, most times for documentaries and real-life dramas ("Crime & Investigation" is a runaway favourite).

And then there's "The Locator", the source of my daily sniffles. It's the American version of TV3's absolutely heart-wrenching but short-lived Jejak Kasih.

"The Locator", aired at 6.30pm to 7pm from Monday to Saturday on Astro's Bio (channel 731), helps people reunite with long-lost family members and friends.

Troy Dunn, who initiated and helms "The Locator", is a trained private investigator, TV personality, businessman and public speaker rolled into one. Read more about him here.

The half-hour programme before "The Locator" is Emmy-nominated "Sell This House", a how-to reality show that helps homeowners stage their too-long-on-the-market homes for sale.

Prospective buyers are taped by hidden cameras during an open house, and their comments provide the basis for changes in redecorating and staging the house. The prospective buyers return after the transformation to comment on the changes.

I like the programme because it gives ideas about colour schemes and such, and valuable pointers on redecorating and space utilisation.

"Sell This House" is fronted by Tanya Memme, a sexy bootie and former Miss Canada, who has a penchant for showing off her ample cleavage. Check them out folks (the TV series and not just the Memme cleavage, ok....)


pakmat said...

..salam lady..I had a cat named Kunta once, thinking maybe I'd named a female Kinte...but he was happy with his harem of 4 females...or was it 6? I just named them she1, sdhe 2 an so forth..but I can easily identify with the series and movies that you mentioned..and when it come to soaps and dramas, I cried as easily as the next lady..but it was those times when we were much younger..we?..forgive me for including you in my we...:) but I do missed those times...cheers..

pakmat said...

..and yes..I'll check the cleavage..hehehe

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri!!!!! Shocking!!!! Me Mama is not a TV person and we don't subscribe to any cable whatsoever. We just watch National Geographics occasionally....oooh....and loads of DVDs coz we brought the HDTV back in the container. What time is the best time to visit you and the felines then? With cucuq udang and sambal kacang? purrrr.....meow!

Anonymous said...

cuba cuba lah buka channel 119 pulak..., tanyalah ustazah/ustaz/semanis madu....byk hal agama di situ....

Kama At-Tarawis said...

anon 2.03: sebenarnya saya bukan macam sesetengah orang, suka announce yg saya tengok channel agama, baca quran dan sembahyang tak tinggal, buat amal & bersedekah dsbnya.. yg tu semua hanya antara saya dengan Allah swt, bukan untuk diwarwarkan kepada pembaca seperti sdr/sdri..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

pakmat - i am of the opinion it's ok for a man to show the world his tears.. hehehe

cat - anytime is a good time for us. mai la.. lama sungguh tak jumpa..

Kak Teh said...

puteri, i tengok masterChef pun menangis, tengok X-Factor pun menangis...and now Got to Dance...yang tu pun boleh menangis. Ombak Rindu jangan katalah , kan?

Kama At-Tarawis said...

kakteh - dah jadi macam bintang airmata lak eh..i hv that tendency too. mungkin sebab kita ni lembut hati kot.. :-))