Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MummyCat & Co II

Awwa's buddy Shaun with one of the kittens while Jason looks on. That's Jo, Shaun's lovely wife, on the left.

Jacque, petite and soft-spoken, cuddling the other kitten..

It has been six days since I last wrote. I don't usually lay off this long between blog posts, but time has not been on my side lately.

Also, the presence of MummyCat and her two kittens took a chunk of my time, especially in keeping peace between the existing feline residents (who else but Awang and Lillie) and the newcomers.

The duo have never taken too kindly to fellow felines and that had given me cause for worry, what with all the uncomfortable feeling all around. The ill-will was quite palpable, if I must say so.

Anyway, I bring good tidings with this posting. Sweet-natured MummyCat and her frisky kittens (one male, one female) have been re-homed, thanks to Awwa's friend Jason Voon and his lovely lady, Jacque.

The young couple, who live in Damansara Kim, PJ, had earlier wanted just a kitten, but had decided to take home all three after meeting MummyCat and brood.

They just didn't have the heart to separate mumsie and kids. Bless their good, loving hearts. It helps that they have ample space for the trio to run around too..

Now that things are a lot more settled, I can continue with my blogging. There are a thousand and one things I want to write about..

PS: Saw pictures of the lucky felines in their new home, put up by Jason on Facebook. Lovely images of them exploring their new surroundings. Alhamdulillah..


Wan Sharif said...

It looks like your wish has been granted and MummyCat and Co have a new owner to take care of them.
May Allah bless us sokmo sokmo..

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Indeed ayohwang. the most important thing is, tak payah hantar SPCA. saya hiba sungguh tengok kucing2 dalam sangkar.. tu yang seboleh2nya takmau hantar kat situ. at the same time i appreciate what SPCA is doing, they hv their own limitations..

HHalem said...

And Load n load of books.

Most of them sapa punya.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

those written by dean koonz and stephen king (about 20 books) belong to pak abu. the rest are mine; dok ada a couple of thousands, including inside the bookcases' almari below. I love them all :-D (including those that don't belong to me.. hehehe)

Wan Sharif said...

Semasa you dok melayan tetamu2 tu.. terkelihatan Pak Abu dok menjamu selera sorang sorang.. he..he

HHalem said...

Aaahaaa a part frm books, Pak Wan manage to spot Pak Abu.

White-hair, slim-young-man.
I don't think Pak Abu jamu selera.

Dengan ada tetamu, like we always do, I think Pak Abu is playing with his hp, smsing away to some friends, girlfriend maybe:-)

Let us make a teka teki, pemenang will be treated like a king by Pak Abu at his favourate teh-tarik corner:-)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Puteri,
Purrrlease convey my (((((HUGS))))) to MummyCat's new family. I love them for their generosity. As for Awang and Lillie, hmmm....hantaq sini Angelina kasi re-training. har har har *evil laughs*

Aishah said...

I love the picture of the background bookshelves too. A homey little home with friends, cats and all;)

Kama At-Tarawis said...

It is a cosy little haven we have here, Aishah; just me, Pak Abu, and two of our three girls (the missing one lives and works in Australia), with the boys living on their own. We have enough to get by, with a little bit to spare for contingencies..syukur for all His blessings.

mamasita said...

Tears of joy for your MummyCat and family..they are a very lucky lot!
Mujurlah you tolong find them a good family for them to live comfortably with.
You're the best!

Kama At-Tarawis said...

Wan & Halem - he's playing one of those computer games on his phone, as usual. kalau ada simpan GF, alamat jodoh tak panjanglah kot.. :-D

Cat - yeah, they need to be coached in finesse.. hehehe

Mamasita - that was the least i could do..

remgold said...

ini title sudah salah. cos i cant see the cat. kasi closeup sikit maam.

Kama At-Tarawis said...

hehe rem., kalau u click on the gambar, it will become besar..