Monday, October 18, 2010

A McD Wedding Kenduri, Anyone?

This bit of news from Hongkong, in the papers Monday, highlights an interesting take on old McDonalds (the junk food maestro and not 'yer ole Scot'). Read on:-

HONGKONG: Fast food giant McDonald's Corp is finding a new role for itself in Hongkong - as a wedding planner.

McDonald's, whose Golden Arches emblem is identified as an American cultural symbol, will offer a new "McWedding" service for couples in Hongkong next year, local media reported.

McDonald's will offer "McWeddings" at three restaurants in Hongkong, and will also host anniversary events, according to the Chinese-language Oriental Daily.

"Traditional weddings use cherries for the newlyweds to eat together and kiss. We will have French fries for them to kiss," the English-language newspaper South China Morning Post quoted Helen Cheung at McDonald's as saying.

[Phew! Thank goodness it's French fries to kiss and not the other way around!]

"People said they'd dated here (McDonald's restaurants), or met here, and wanted to get married here ... We see this as a business chance," said Cheung, McDonald's director of corporate communications and relations in Hongkong.

McDonald's started to accept reservation last week, Oriental Daily reported., adding that at least one Hongkong couple planned to take the chance as they often dated at McDonald's before they were engaged recently.

No price tag is mentioned in local media reports for the new "McWedding" service.

The traditional big Chinese wedding plan has become a growing burden for many young Hongkongers.

A table for 10 persons at a five-star hotel restaurant in Hongkong can easily cost more than HK$10,000 (RM4,030) and traditional Hongkong families usually like to host a dozen or more tables.


Kama Says: Honestly, I don't know what to make of this. I mean, it's fine and dandy if you want to cut down on expenses, but inviting one's guests to dine at McDonald's in celebration of one's wedding is really breaking with convention.

I do wonder what the menu constitutes in McWedding's scheme of things; Happy Meals? Big Mac & Fries?

I found out that for the cake-cutting ceremony, they offer that old dessert standby, baked apple pie. It's soft drinks for toast and guests are given kiddie favours as gifts.

Personally, I have nothing against McDonald's. I'm not a regular simply because I'm not a fan of hamburgers.

Also, it has been a while since the family weaned itself off McD (read junk food); the kids would rather buy burgers from Ramly Burger's stalls, by the way.

Still, having a 'walimatul urus' feast at a McDonald's outlet is not an impossibility, given today's inclination to shove and shelve tradition in the name of modernisation.....


wanie_kashfi said...

tak berbaloi rasanya, 1 Mcvalue meal pun dah RM6, tambah RM2 lagi dah dapat 1 nasi+2 lauk+ 1 sayur + 1 jenis air dengan katering biasa...lagi kenyang & sedap

Kama At-Tarawis said...

wanie - waaa, bagus punya perkiraan.. kak puteri stuju!hehehe