Thursday, January 28, 2010

Red's In The Air

I'm seeing red everywhere I turn and it's making me dizzy.

No, I'm not on the warpath with anyone or anything; nothing of that sort at all. I'm talking the colour red, vivid and bright and overpowering, now gracing every nook and cranny of every shopping mall in town.

There is no way you can avoid the bold strokes of flaming red (and shimmering gold) on practically everything, from clothing to decorations to household items, at this time of the year.

Understandably so. After all, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and red is de rigueur for this Lunar celebration, just as green is to the Muslim Hari Raya.

I'm not a 'red' person. The colour, fierce and intense, upsets my equilibrium somewhat. Mousy shadewise, I am all gray and black and white, occasionally blue but most times indistinguishable from the furniture. And if not for my bulk, I'm hardly noticeable, for I fade easily.

All the same, I understand the significance of the colour red and gold in Chinese culture. Red means 'good luck' while gold symbolises 'wealth and happiness'. And I rejoice with my Chinese friends and acquaintances in welcoming the Year of the Tiger.

Red, in whatever shades or hues, may not be my thing, but the Chinese peony is something else altogether. I simply adore this exquisite blossom of empresses; it has an exotic, classical feel about it ....


Mrs.A said...

Red. My favourite colour. So, I am loving it right now. So much choices in my blouses, t-shirts etc ;-)

Kama said...

Mrs A, you are one confident lady! I admire people who take to red and revel in it so readily.. :-)

mamasita said...

I love Red too! Even though it clashes with my skin tone..I don't care..Red,orange,purple, green, blue and any bright colours make me feel so dazzling and noticed!!
I can look like a walking garden/flower lady sometimes!

Typhoon Sue said...

i like wearing black, and i like wearing red. Often, i wear them both,like yesterday- black pants, black tee, bright red jacket.
i love red... i see red... i dream red...
if i'm not in red, i'm in blue. but i'm very seldom in green..doesn't suit me well

Zendra-Maria said...

I get to ride in a RED car that goes VROOOOOOM.........


Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri,

I’d always worn something Red on the first day of CNY ever since I can remember that it comes naturally to me up ‘til today. And all clothing MUST be brand spanking new too. Why break the habit lah when it’s all good so far. No, at other time, I’m not a RED person too but I like ‘women in red’…hehehe.

Red’s a happy & lucky colour to the Chinese I supposed. I remembered when my granny died at a ripe old age (80s upwards?), her funeral was more of a celebration, all ‘mourners’ get to wear red instead of the customary black or white attires.

Have a great weekend!


Shahieda said...

Puteri, I actually thought you were going to refer to Valetine's Day :P

On this side of the world the card and gift companies are seeing red! I think it's so over-rated! Just a whole maoney making thing really.

But I do love red! I wear the color all the time! Remember the red shoes I wore to the blogger meeting??? I just love them!

A friend of mine is currently visiting KL at the moment, she just responded on FB, saying that she had bought me a red and black tudung! YAY! Can't wait to wear that one!

pakmat said...

hmm..first the Chinese Adonis, now the peony..looks like the Beijing trip has left a more lasting impression than one would have thought..and this agitation with red..could it be a manifestation of a love affair with things behind the bamboo curtain..?

Kama said...

Mamasita - The way I look at it, you can take any colour. You know why? Because you dazzle.. your 'colgate' smile alone is enough to brighten up one's day..

Sue - red & black, what a lovely combi. I'm not into green myself but my late mother was, the greener the better..

Zen - a very self-assured lady you are. red cars scare

Tommy - true. why change if it has worked for yonks? after all, you are merely following tradition... a good one too..

Shahieda - am sure you will look stunning in that new headcover of yours..

Pakmat - from the time i made my first chinese friends in 1967 (when I entered secondary school) until today, I have never ceased in my admiration of chinese culture. and i love chinese songs to boot although I dont understand a word they say.