Friday, January 29, 2010

No-Panties Promotion

SHAH ALAM: Female students in higher learning institutes here are being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine's Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends.

["Brighter and Breezier!" proclaims The Star headline, no doubt alluding to well-covered albeit dank nether regions that will definitely benefit from such an airing.]

The "no-panties promotion," being held for the first time, has apparently been gaining interest among the students, who are passing the news by word-of-mouth.

Two students in their 20s from Shah Alam, known only as Ummi and Melissa, said they were aware of the "promotion." "I feel it is personal," said Ummi with a smile.

"Valentine's Day is a good time to express one's love. And, what we use, or don't use, is our right, our freedom. But we will do what is right. It's a new world now."

Melissa claimed that there was already a large group who planned to go ahead with it. "We will know how many by Valentine's evening."

(The Star/ Friday 29 January 2010/ N21)

Kama Says: Hmmm... it's a new world indeed. Not only the mind boggles but this one is getting my knickers in a twist as well! I am sitting here trying to figure out how this 'promotion' works.

Ok, so you have a boyfriend. And on Valentine's Day you are persuaded not to wear panties, and so you don't. What's next then? Lift your skirt/sarong/unzip your pants for a sniff so dear boyfriend knows you are indeed 'free and easy' down there?

And why this special promotion? A run-up to a "Peek-a-Boo" session or "Have A Grope" invite? Or perhaps in honour of lowly cockles, in whose image 'da thing' resembles?

And what has pantyless crotch got to do with true love? Unless one is using Valentine's Day as a "Hump Me Quick" excuse...

[This piece with a yukky aftertaste somehow reminds me of a book I had read as a teenager, in which a high school girl was being persuaded to have her cherry popped by her boyfriend on the strength of "You Would If You Loved Me", which eventually became the title of the book. She refused, and was dumped...]


Kak Ezza@makcik Blogger said...

nak kena call anak dara saya kat U ni....

nak jugak tau..mamat/minah mana yang punya idea bangang ni..meh sini saya nak selak kain kat muka dia...Chiss!

Pi Bani said...

Mak aihh... apa la nak jadi dengan bebudak sekarang?! Meh I sunatkan je depa!

This no-panties promotion got free condom offer tak?

mamasita said...

Grotesque! Teruklah..kita kan oghang Islam..janganlah melampau sangat.Kalau ye pun modern minded ini ada bau unsur2 ke arah maksiat untuk anak2 muda kita..bloody hell..siapa kepala tuang karut ni??

Get me the UiTM chancellor!
Tidur ker?

Typhoon Sue said...

going commando is a choice one makes on one's own, usually to avoid VPL (visible panty lines), although now, with G-strings, VPL is no longer an issue.

but going commando on valentine's day is indicative of something else indeed... and it is not at all romantic! it is more like an invitation to some sort of an orgiastic tableau

valentine's day means you should demand roses and presents, not fingers up your skirts!!

Zendra-Maria said...

Well kama, the new adage seems to be "You'll Love Me If You Would...".

In this day and age there's a category of.. shall we say coupling status known as "Friends with Benefits (FWB)" where a couple can kiss or do whatever, and have no obligation to date, be in a relationship, care about each other or even call the other person afterward. (I stumbled upon this revelation in a young person's blog - local, too)

Would this then take the "promotion" a step further? That a FWB relationship is also fine as a pre-requisite for a single day of foolishness.

What happened to the single red rose that cost 10 rgt a stalk on valentine's day?

Aidi-Safuan said...

perghhh...xde kerja.

son of johor said...



sikit sikit nak kembali ke zaman jahiliah

Anonymous said...

...and tell the guys to do the same. And yes, it's all nuts. Tak ada kerja lain. Why don't they all just play tennis on that day with real balls!


Shahieda said...

Oh my word! This sounds just plain ludicrous!!

And like sheep to the slaughter all will just follow??!! Makes one just think where our young folk are headed these days huh?? It's scary!

And to make matters worse, those who don't follow the trend will be scowled at for not being 'brave' enough.

D said...

stupid girls will go for it! i'm sure a man's behind this...

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Selamat datang ke akhir zaman.

Pok Soh... said...

wa'ppe do' ppaka' jadi kambing? ade go' rege..!

Lim Kit Malam said...

What's the fuss maam? I have gone commando looong time ago lah. What's the big deal, bukannya telanjang pun.

I am more concerned with ladies yang pakai tudung kononnya tutup aurat. Pakai tudung dengan t-shirt and jeans. Lama-lama pakai tudung = tutup aurat = bidaah dan diterima-pakai sebagai pakaian Muslimah. At least aku aku pakai tudung katanya.

Setakat tak pakai spender tu, apalah nak kisah sangat. Teringat ada soal jawab ugama, dimana seorang wanita bertanya, "kalau pakai telekong tanpa pakai apa-apa didalam sah ke sembahyang?" Ustad tu jawab, apa pulak tak sah, dah tutup aurat.

Kama said...

LKM - I think you miss the issue in its entirety. I am not talking about 'going commando' per se.. ramai pompuan tak suka dAN TAK pakai panties pun sebab restrictive. the first paragraph of this posting encapsulates all that the article means.

we are talking about girls asked not to wear panties on Valentine's day as an expression of love for their boyfriend. note he connection: no panties=true love=bf. dont you smell a rat?

Kama said...

zah - heheh, jangan main selak2 kain, yang! kita ni makcik! :-P

Pi - ni freedom of expression taken to a new level. i certainly wont be surprised if there is a free condom offer attached to it.

Mamasita - yep, unsur maksiat tu yg tak sedap dengar tu. setakat going commando, nothing to shout aBOUT.

Sue - i couldnt agree with you more. the whole thing smells of sex, or at least a prelude to it.. in today's parlance, ringan2..

Zen - sure looks like red roses on Valentine's Day is a thing of the past, zen.

Aidi, AJ, Indra - stuju. and they should be there to timba ilmu, bukan timba sexual experience.. alaahaii..

Derebar - Testosterone running high, what to to eh..

Shahieda & D - all it takes is just one persuasive person, and the rest will; surely fall in line, any which way.. scary, isnt it?

AS - a sobering thought indeed. dunia dah akhir zaman. seharusnya ta this time kita banyakkan amalan buat bekal akhirat..

Pok Soh - ni hok baso takdok rego diri ataupun low self esteem gamoknyo..

Anonymous said...

I've always said that we should do away with Valentines day altogether. Its got nothing to do with romance... or even love. Its about marketing: helping Hallmark sell as many cards as possible during the post-Christmas slump, giving florists the licence to sell roses at prices that would otherwise be illegal and making it easier for some schmuck out there to get laid.

When will people learn that they do not need a special day in which to celebrate/express their love? As for me, its Valentine's Day everyday.

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Saya tak pakai panties, kata Pak Malim sambil mengunyah Twisties.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Oh dear oh dear, what would they think of next? To be fair to them, we had had our time giving our folks headaches & nightmares too in our growing up years. Let’s hope they all turn out well like us & have a good laugh at this, in their older years.

Puteri, mari kita wargamas have our own Valentine Day by donning tu ‘Bridget Jones’ granny knickers….hahaha…Cuma 50 sen sehelai kat pasar malam. That knickers doesn’t get twisted in a knot mah :)


P/S – Hey folks, one more thing; Never get caught dead in dirty underwears. Make sure u always have a clean pair on at all times!

Ĺaptop™ said...

Valentine's Day = Sin Day, period.
Ini lagi nak suruh anak2 dara san pantiies pi jumpa bf on VD (sound lagu venereal disease, eh?) to declare love. Ishkk! Ishkk!
Kalau si bf tu pun sama2 malaun, sure dia nak tengok proof.
So, londeh seluaq/kain/skirt/tube/ whateber laaa & habaq kat bf dia,"See Yang no panty -- tanda I sayang U laaa. U sayang I dak?"

Nak cakap banyak lagi?
Nak debate lagi?
Hopefully no level headed Muslim couples subscribe to this idea.

Makchik2 & Pakchik2 yang ada anak dara & yang lain sama laa, jom Repot Polis -"The Star promotes indecency".

Lim Kit Malam said...

Yes Maam, point taken. But isn't the whole Valentine's Day celebration is unIslamic in the first place? Why dwell on the "little things"? Probably you yourself do or have celebrated Valentine's Day before.

Soal pokok, menyambut Hari Valentine adalah haram (Ustad cakaplah) period!!!!

Btw, I am meeting my girlfriend later in my sarong, in combat-wear, of course.

Kama said...

LKM - Unfortunately dear, even before this "Valentine Day is haram" issue, saya tak pernah celebrate pun. I am one of the most practical persons alive.. membazir beli bunga RM10/stalk has never been my thing.. hehehe

seriously though.. the call to go around sans panties in celebration of 'true love' on VD is not a small thing (at least not to a conservative muslim makcik like me la.. i can only speak for myself)


salam puteri,

firstly -- ada holes (pun NOT intended) in the report.
what promotion? who is promoting it?

i am sure there is no such thing.

it was probably something some idiot thought out loud...and told someone and then another...

never mind freedom and the new world and so forth. This has nothing to do with freedom. but oh...yes...ada, kot.. freedom to do stupid and idiotic things that will take women back centuries.

some women are confused about what is liberating and what is in fact, domination by men.

now...why would you want to go without panties FOR your BOYfriends?
let's stay detached from this "new world" (as though new means sexual permissiveness) we are living in -- on Valentine's Day, girls are going without panties for their boyfriends as an expression of love?

tak ke bodoh?

mengarut-lah budak-budak sekarang!

pakmat said...

..which brings a new twist to the saying 'no holes barred' or is it 'no holds barred' confused an old man, lady..anyway, if it is VPL (very prominent lu...) than this old man doesn't mind...cheers..

Kama said...

Aina - you couldn't hv put it more succinctly.. 'mengarutlah' indeed! Entah apa2 diorang ni. with the benefit of hindsight, however, terfikir jugak i, entah ya entah tidak this Star story. could very well be the result of a fertile but mischievous mind...

Bangkai, ray, tommy, lap - Valentine Day is pure commercialisation lah.. a day to hawk roses at exhorbitant prices in the name of 'love'..

Pakmat - you should never be confused where panties are concerned.. LOL

Ĺaptop™ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ĺaptop™ said...

If it is the "result of a fertile but mischievous mind...", what is The Star editor dok buat?
Dia tak dak sosial responsibility ka nak check sampai benda nie got printed? Kalau dia keluaq just sblom bulan April, boleh la kita agak April Fool - nie pun satu lagi masalah, bendaka'lah April Fool nih!
Di jaman meliniem nie memang "The Palanting Day" is pure commercialisation.

boo said...

this campaign is really insane..though i hav a girlfriend, i'll not allow her to do this kind of stuff..its not show about our loves but show how insane we r if we follow them..lets make campaign to stop this!

Cik Puan Kamil said...

Ooh... Aunty since I live in Shah Alam and the said uni is sepelaung je dari rumah I, I will lock my husband at home come Val's Day...

Merepek apa depa ni... Tak malu ka ?

atanjamilselamat said...

Don't wear panties ... meaning they're telling girls to wear nothing underneath on that day!

3yearshousewife said...


What I don't understand is why is it always a woman thing to be promoted. Why don't they do the man thing, promote cawat sapa plg besar as an example. Balik2 pompuan gak yg kena jual...Liberation indeed.

The other thing I don't understand is why small wrongdoing is being taken as trivial. Bukan ke sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit. Esok lusa dah jadi gunung, sapa nak jawab?

One last thing I don't understand which I have been observing for quite sometime, why UiTM is usually at the centre of bad publicity as compared to other U. There are so many good & high achiever students in UiTM . They do suffer from this bad publicity. There are also many 'hampeh' students in other U too ,it's just that they didn't get reported like UiTM's 'hampeh' students did.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Kak Puteri, I bet if it's true, the idea came fr a man. Like 3yrshsewife cakap, kenapa asyik perempuan aje yg kena buat and some pulak dgn rela hati ikut. To me, kalau sesiapa nak buat biar dia sendiri yg decide and not because some men wants it so they can tepuk dada.

Kama said...

lap - depa takdak kerja, lap. that's why it is said 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop!'

boo - unfortunately there aren't many level-headed young people out there. many would bow to peer pressure rather than take an unpopular stand.

myra - how very true that old saying: jaga lembu sekandang is easier than jaga anak dara sorang..

atan - betul tuh, depa suruh pelajar pompuan 'go commando' sempena valentine's day.. atas nama cinta suci youuuuu!..LOL

3yh & Farina - I think so too. another thing, UiTM selalu jadi target ... I don't know apasal.

Anonymous said...

sy as pelajar uitm,sedey la,kenapa apsal mention psl IPT kt shah alam,sume tunding jari kt uitm shah alam.macam la uitm shah alam satu2nye IPT kt shah alam tu..banyak lagi institusi lain,lagi2 IPTS..n mamasita,our canselor is YDP AGONG

Kama At-Tarawis said...

anon - secara kebetulan aja kot, detelinenya shah alam. saya juga seorang lulusan UiTM (masa tu masih lagi ITM, belum naiktaraf kepada universiti) and am very proud of my alma mater. tapi hakikatnya, saya pernah berjumpa seorang student UiTM (umur baru 23) yg jadi 'girlfriend' golfer buddy suami saya (sudah pencen dan bercucu) kat satu kelab golf. selamba aja dia diangkut oleh pakwenya. saya yang tumpang malu dengan perangainya sebab budak tu lebih muda dari anak saya.