Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kenangan Raya 2009

1st day raya: Lillie nervously waiting for her turn to bersalam bermaaf-maafan. She'd better, after whacking poor Milo recently. No duit raya for you, Lillie, this year..

2nd day raya: Ann and Awwa having tea on the steps of their stepmother's beautifully preserved ancestral home called Rumah Bulat in Rembau. Macam anak dara kampung betul..

2nd day raya: Naj and Ann lepaking, kampung-style, in Rembau. Boleh dirasakan suasana kampung yang aman damai...

2nd day raya: When silat meets kungfu, tak kering gusi dibuatnya.. The boys said depa seronok dapat experience suasana raya kat kampung..

1st day raya: Ann with her Tok Bet, cousin to her late Grandpa, arwah Tan Sri Rahman. Picture taken at Tok's (grandma) house in Section 16, PJ.

2nd day raya: Kids with their dad and his wife, visiting her kampung in Rembau. Check out the classic tangga batu, peculiar to traditional houses in Melaka and Negri Sembulan.

1st day raya: Ann with her beloved grandma, Puan Sri Halimah. This is her 35th raya without arwah Pak Rahman. We love you Mak/Tok!

1st day raya: "The" place where everything happens - Tok's living room. Disinilah kenduri, mesyuarat, sembahyang berjemaah, muzakarah, argue, settle scores, meminang, bertunang, menikah.......all under Tok's watchful eyes..


tireless mom said...

Seronok nya raya. Everyone seems to be having lots of fun. Love the pics and thanks for sharing Kak Puteri.

ray said...

Komen Pak Malim, kucing ray yg alim.

Gambar2 ini semua sangat cantik, kata Pak Malim dengan mata yg lentik. Lillie, nak mintak cium skit, boleh? kata Pak Malim sambil memegang koleh.

MA said...

Salam Aidilfitri Kak Puteri, Maaf Zahir Batin.

Nice pictures!

kay_leeda said...

Beraya di Rembau rupanya iyer, simply beautiful. Glad your girls & boys had a good Raya.

Hope it's not too late to wish you Selamat Hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin to Kak Puteri & family.

MrsNordin said...
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MrsNordin said...

Beautiful shots! Siapa yang ambil gambar2 tu semua?

Zendra said...

Raya sakan nampaknya bebudak ni - mesti banyak collect duit raya....

Tangga batu tu memang the most outstanding feature of the house. I remember at my grandpa's house, they washed the tangga everyday. What's sad is that they no longer build houses like that anymore. They are all detached bungalows now.

Waah lamanya Lillie kena denda, haha

Naz said...

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Truly beautiful!

Kesiannya Lillie...tengok dari jauh. I telek telek memang muka dia guilty pun...hehe!

Kak Teh said...

oh no Tok Bet is also my Tok Bet!!!! How is he? Oh my God this is such a small world.

Yes, I agree with the others - the shots are so artistic. My salam to Tok Bet. He came to London some years back.

Kama said...

TM, MA, Kay - Indeed they were. In fact they said raya tahun ni somehow extra meriah for them, with trips to Rembau and Melaka..

mintak cium si Lillie?
Baik2, Lillie tu kaki buli!
Nanti tak pasal Ray kena uli
kata kama yang dah lali..

MrsN - my son Joe took all the pics. For the ones with him in them, he set up the tripod. Dia memang budding pixman pun, MrsN. Creative fellow that one, he works in an advertising agency anyway.

Zendra - they no longer collect duit raya zendra.. semua dah berkerja. In fact, for years now they have been the ones bagi duit raya to their nieces and nephews ( children of their cousins)..

Naz - Lillie and her muka sposen. I think dia terkedu tengok all the hustle & bustle.. tak pernah rumah sesibuk

Kak Teh - But of course, Kak Teh! Kan my kids and yourself ada pertalian keluarga. Pak Bet and I dok communicate through Facebook. He's an avid Facebooker. he sent me an email recently, mintak your email address. Says he has some pixs of you and Wan that he took some yrs ago (must be masa dia pi London kot)..

_deli said...


Al-kisahnya...where exactly in Rembau?; sajalah ngendeng bertanya. Manalah tahu kalau-kalau terpalit sama...

Memang cecantik gegambar tu.

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hi Puteri, u cracked me up, even the pussy want a piece of the action..hahaha. Why not? Part of the family too mah.

Hey, I like the black & white shots (so retro one), gee oso got Silat v Kung Fu too. I recognised that crane stance from ‘Karate Kid’ after all I’m abit like Pat Morita ‘wax on, wax off’, yeah my ‘Iron Palm’ technique was & still is awesome ;);)

Must agree with Zen, sad that they don’t built character houses (built with TLC love) like that anymore, so much so I think it’s vital, all existing houses like that should be heritage listed.


Kama said...

deli - Kampung Pedas, according to my daughter. Kalau tersangkut, alangkah bagusnya, ya.. bertambah lagi keluarga kita..

Tommy - hehehe, which pussy doesn't la!(a piece of the action, I mean)..LOL

Yeah, I too like the b&w ones. like you said, very retro. Joe is always experimenting with photography. The two fellas also kid around a lot, they seem to enjoy each other's company. As for the house, I have always liked what is called Rumah Tangga Melaka. I think it has character.

Pi Bani said...

Gambar Ann & Awwa having tea tu macam model iklan je? Iklan tea/coffee lah...

Tommy Yewfigure said...

Hahaha Puteri, don’t u know curiosity kills the cat. Your Lillie’s so territorial one for giving Milo the boot! But then again doesn’t all pussies do that, piss off competition; I’m hogging all the attention to myself! Milo tu da jadi history ‘Puss in Boots’…..ROTFLMAO


jaflam said...

Salam P3 Kama,
Happy that you have great raya and thanks for sharing the moments on pics.

My open house will be on 10 Oct from 12.30 to 4.30 pm, you, Pak Abu and family are kindly invited. You can get my add at jaffpoint.

Awang Goneng said...

Salaam Putri Kama,

Here's to our six degrees: Tok Bet was the photographer at our walimah aeons ago. He was such a keen lensman that he leant hard on an unlocked toilet door to get that extra depth. Of course the door gave way, and he fell gguling bating into the toilet.

That added some gaiety to our walimah.

PS This was when 'gay' meant happy.

YANG GAMBI said...

Salam 'Idil Fitri,

Seronok juga kalau beraya di kampung sendiri, lebih-lebih lagi kalau masih ada kedua-dua ibu bapa......

Macam kawan sudah tiada sesiapa di kampung, baik sebelah kawan atau sebelah isteri, maka berayalah di temapy sendiri....

─╣aptop™ said...

Iri hati tengok orang yang berfamili berhari raya.
Foto sana sini.
Keceriaan terpancar.
Keberkatan terserlah.

Pp said...

MashaAllah...beautiful pictures...!!!
I was brought back to kampung halaman just by looking at your pictures...thanks for sharing.

Kama said...

Pi - ala-ala Nescafe Moment

Tommy - You are in your element heh. Must be the holidays..

Jaflam - Insyaallah kami akan datang.

AG - Ooo gitu ceritanya! Pak Bet tak pernah sebut pong jatoh dalang jambang.. hehehe

YG - teman pun sama, YG. Orang tua dua2 belah pihak pun dah takder. KL nilah kampung buat kami sekeluarga sekarang. Lagipun adik beradik teman kebanyakan kat sini.

Lap - Tu la.. cage nak pi meminang you takmoh. habaq mai la nak yg mana, I pi tolong tanya.. :)

Kama said...

Pp - hujan emas dinegeri orang.. kan gitu?

Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Hai Aunty, this is Myra kawan Ina and Tati, anak Mutalib and Norli... Been reading your blog silently.. Ha ha...

Your entry reminded me that I should visit Aunty Nah and Tok. Selamat Hari Raya.

Kama said...

hello sweetie.. this is such a pleasant surprise :) tq for dropping by and please send my regards to your mom and dad. how are they keepng? just in case you don't know, your dad was my head of school when i was a student in (then) ITM eons ago.. pi la visit depa.. both still at the same old place in section 16, PJ.

Ahmad said...

This "tangga batu" - I've seen many advertisements that feature these houses. I'm wondering why it didn't make it elsewhere. Can't remember having seen any house with this in Kedah/Perlis; and certainly not in Kelantan.

Ahmad said...
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Myra Abdul Mutalib said...

Mummy knows that I have been reading your blog, and she was the one urging me to drop a line or two ! Ha ha... Mum sends her salam.. She is doing fine, thank you for asking.

Kama said...

Ahmad - indeed. In the east coast, all tanggas leading up to the main door of the house are made of wood. but i certainly like this 'tangga melaka'. classic betul.

Myra - your mum is a wonderful woman. rajin teramat..

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