Tuesday, September 1, 2009


karma chameleon.... Boy George, is that you?

A mere cat among the meerkats.

The solemn, owlish trio..

Wheeeee...! here I come, sliding down the tree...!

Scratch my neck, mamma.... aaahhhhh

"Everybody's kungfu fighting...!"

All aboard now! The bus's leaving soon..!

"Rock-a-bye baby in a farmyard...'

"Wind Beneath My Wings..."

Say Arrggghhh....! Phew, such bad breath!

"Hungry Like A Wolf"

"Baa Baa White Sheep.."

"You Keep Me Hangin' On..."

At a snail's pace...

The Puss and The Cork..

Here comes lunch!

"Ooopss! I Did It Again!"

Ooooh boy! This exercise is hard work!


ray said...

Komen Pak Malim kucing ray yg alim.

Is that a 'mere cat' in between the meercats? Saya rasa amat teruja, kata Pak Malim sambil duduk atas meja.

Kama said...

indeed it is; isn't he cute..?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the laughs.
The meercats and kitty all look like Michael Jackson-wannabes.


Naz said...

I love the praying mantis in the sun salutation pose. Not to mention that sliding down squirrel...haha!

Zendra said...

Do birds really poo like that? what an emission!

jooli said...

I like :0

NanaDJ said...

Puteri, The pictures of the animals are all so cute and of course your clever captions...

─╣aptop™ said...

"Wheeeee...! here I come, sliding down the tree...!"
Teringat zaman dulu. Comes cuti sekolah & time tropical fruits in season, pederaih gheyup pi Kampong Lallang, Baling. Sari suntuk berkampong ataih pokok manggis & langsat.
Do you know how the langsat got it's name?
The crita goes like this. One feller brought back a sack of fruit which he had no name to call it by. After ½ hr of enjoying the fruit with his friends he passed a comment. "Hangpa semua sedaq dak? Buah nie, selang sat aku kupaih sebijik. Selang sat aku kupaih sebijik. Sedap ya amat! Esok aku nak pi cari lagi kat utan".
"Buah apa Mat***?"
"Tak tau. Errrrr.... buahh langsat kot?".

Pak Zawi said...

Professionals at work. They took the best photos because they are very passionate with their work, has a lot of patience and will wait for the best shot. Good equipment helps.

Pp said...

puteri kama :-)

so very nice pictures aptly captioned.
i copy a few of them...boleh kan.
in fact i nak guna salah satu as my blog header photo...hehehe

Kama said...

Pp, as they say in Kelantanese: "sleke, sleke.." hehehe.. I pun copy from somewhere gak..

luahfikiran said...

Blog puan semakin mengancam. Header baru dan gambar-gambar yang menarik. Gambar second last tu -- betul ke macam tu?

Kama said...

derebar, naz, zendra, jooli, nana, lap - the pixs are to relieve the tedium of fasting. my favourite is the shi****g bird..hehehe.. they certainly do, zendra!

pak zawi - i agree and i admire photographers for their patience.

LF - inilah jadinya bila dah bored, LF.. heheh.. gambar tu betul.


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